My sons and their best friend have made over $300 in ticket sales the past few weekends holding private showings from our basement for their just released “The b0z0 Movie”. We can hear kids laughing and screaming with glee as they are subject to the creation of our boy’s imagination and hard work over a year’s worth of filming, editing, and pushing their own limits, and it is unbelievable to know this is the response.
With much pride I will let you in on a little secret: This movie is a work of art and completely made by middle school boys. It is wowing youth, adults, and the harshest of critics: teenagers and family members. To me, as an artist, it is stunning to realize this level of moviemaking can be accomplished by anyone this age, yet to know it’s been made by my sons and their friends working…
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If you have participated in my Anticipatory Leader System, it is likely clear to you: sales is an Anticipatory career. No matter what industry a salesperson works in, they should be easily one of the most Anticipatory individuals in the contemporary working world!
Let’s think about that for a second. You are in a very customer-facing business, facilitating the connection between an individual, department, or organization and a product or service that they need. In many cases, your career itself is only successful if this connection between someone and their needs are met and maintained. Therefore, being able to anticipate what a customer needs and any troubles they face long before those troubles take place would be beneficial, right? Absolutely! Yet the unfortunate reality is most in sales simply preserve the customer’s status quo as long as possible and too often, lose customers when fully predictable problems disrupt the…
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With all kinds of pressure of mortgage rates and housing prices, it would seem all potential home buyers could use a little luck of the Irish in pursuit of their next home. Since I don’t have access to a Leprechaun or the Blarney Stone, we are going to have to manufacture some luck of our own. Nobody likes higher prices, and nobody wants to see higher mortgage rates. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding the fact that these are things we must deal with and if we don’t, what are to options? We could not buy a house, but that means paying higher rents as rental increases are significant across the country; or continue to live in our current house, one we would rather not live because it doesn’t function as we need it to. The choice is to bite the bullet and move forward. Mostly because the houses are continuing…
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"Oh, yes, Ray, they will definitely come,” said Terence Mann (played by Janes Earl Jones) to Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) in the 1989 movie ‘Field of Dreams’ (yes, folks that was 30+ years ago). Ray was debating whether building this baseball diamond was worth sacrificing his precious cornfields. “Yes, Ray, they (meaning baseball fans) will hand over their $20 without even knowing what they will be getting.” Mann continues, because “besball” (as Mann pronounced it) is America’s game. The “they” is later adjusted to “he” as in “If you build, he will come” meaning Ray’s father, John Kinsella, will come. And, of course, he does. However, we’re not sure the 2022 MLB fans will see baseball this year. Stay tuned!
‘Field of Dreams’ was made for me. My dad, Jim, Sr. and I played “catch” (“have a catch” as Ray said it) many times in our family’s front…
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Posted On Friday, 18 March 2022 00:00 Written by
Last week I posed the dilemma: 2 good choices, only one solution, which promise do I keep?  Here’s a LINK back to the article. As my Dad had an event he wanted me to attend, and my Son had a basketball game, you (the Reader) were kind enough to send along your thoughts, suggestions, wisdom, and advice on what I should do.
Your recommendations were about 50/50.  So, this proves it was a true dilemma! What did I end up doing?  I absolutely could not attend both, nor could I watch a video online of the speaker, my Dad could not attend the game with my son, and so all bets were off. Here’s what I did: I called my Dad and asked him about his event. As he was a sponsor of it, this was a very important moment for him and he was hoping I’d attend. When…
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If you are in business, you have to make money. That’s not a question; it’s a fact. It is also a future certainty. Whether digital or physical, so long as currency exists, you will need to work to make it, use it to pay for things and save it for the stability of your business and employees. After all, a popular quote in business books and often referenced by Kevin O’Leary on TV’s Shark Tank is, “If a business doesn’t make you money, it’s a hobby.”
However, money should not be the stand-alone measurement for how you weigh out the success of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a small- to medium-sized business or a massive corporation, chasing money alone will only strand you on a plateau of worry. But if you need to make money, why shouldn’t you classify “success” as “making a lot of it”? What else can be…
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Some people are looking at poor fourth quarter results and first quarter projections that are downright abysmal. You have a choice to make, you can complain about interest rates and inventory, or you can work with what is winning! It’s easy to complain, it takes work to win! If you are busy complaining, you aren’t committed to working the plan that WINS! All across the country I have originators that are just doing their jobs and ignoring the complaining. Those are the people that are winning business and closing loans. The more people complain, the less competition they face to capture business by using the winning move! Now, what wins the deal in one market, doesn’t always work in other markets; so, it’s important to look and see what is winning! And before you say something stupid like “they lost to an all-cash offer” or “someone else offered more money”,…
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Confidence left the building, in your mind’s eye, you despise how you look – even though it’s a brand-new outfit and you thought it was great until…. Something happened and your self-talk went into witness protection.  Nowhere to be found is the real life you – you know…the successful, attractive badass that you really are.
So, what’s the deal? Maybe you ran into your ex with his new love, and she looks gorgeous Or you run into a past old friend on the same day your power went out (for days) and you feel like you looked like  a complete wreck… Or maybe this scenario happens – You’ve been waiting for this date with a new great guy and as the day gets closer, your image of yourself slides so far down you can’t even scrape it off the floor? What is this really about? Imposter Syndrome?  Maybe…
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