If you are in business, you have to make money. That’s not a question; it’s a fact. It is also a future certainty. Whether digital or physical, so long as currency exists, you will need to work to make it, use it to pay for things and save it for the stability of your business and employees. After all, a popular quote in business books and often referenced by Kevin O’Leary on TV’s Shark Tank is, “If a business doesn’t make you money, it’s a hobby.”
However, money should not be the stand-alone measurement for how you weigh out the success of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a small- to medium-sized business or a massive corporation, chasing money alone will only strand you on a plateau of worry. But if you need to make money, why shouldn’t you classify “success” as “making a lot of it”? What else can be…
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Some people are looking at poor fourth quarter results and first quarter projections that are downright abysmal. You have a choice to make, you can complain about interest rates and inventory, or you can work with what is winning! It’s easy to complain, it takes work to win! If you are busy complaining, you aren’t committed to working the plan that WINS! All across the country I have originators that are just doing their jobs and ignoring the complaining. Those are the people that are winning business and closing loans. The more people complain, the less competition they face to capture business by using the winning move! Now, what wins the deal in one market, doesn’t always work in other markets; so, it’s important to look and see what is winning! And before you say something stupid like “they lost to an all-cash offer” or “someone else offered more money”,…
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Confidence left the building, in your mind’s eye, you despise how you look – even though it’s a brand-new outfit and you thought it was great until…. Something happened and your self-talk went into witness protection.  Nowhere to be found is the real life you – you know…the successful, attractive badass that you really are.
So, what’s the deal? Maybe you ran into your ex with his new love, and she looks gorgeous Or you run into a past old friend on the same day your power went out (for days) and you feel like you looked like  a complete wreck… Or maybe this scenario happens – You’ve been waiting for this date with a new great guy and as the day gets closer, your image of yourself slides so far down you can’t even scrape it off the floor? What is this really about? Imposter Syndrome?  Maybe…
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As I watched the Big 10 basketball game a couple of weeks ago between the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin played in Madison, Wisconsin the Badgers won the game 77-63. With Wisconsin leading and the game seemingly in hand, Coach Greg Gard, the Wisconsin coach called a time out. As a fan at home, I was not sure why, but maybe he just wanted to insert some of his bench players. This is only a guess on my part. No matter the reason, Gard is entitled to do that. Juwan Howard, the Michigan coach, took it as an insult, saying it’s an unwritten rule – not to be done.
As customary, both teams and coaches line up to shake the hand (some hug) of every member of the opposing team. Coach Howard, angry at the fact that Coach Gard had called that “late” time out did not…
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Tomorrow night I have a serious dilemma: 1 – My Dad invited me to attend a seminar of a powerful speaker he feels is the smartest man he’s ever heard, it starts at 7 PM, an hour’s drive from my home; 2 – My son’s basketball coach organized a one-time only Fathers vs. Sons game and pizza party to celebrate our boys having just gone undefeated for the season, starting at 7 PM, a 5 minute drive from my home.
Herein lies the great Promise Dilemma – which promise outweighs the other? I have not committed to either at this point.  I have no true obligation in terms of what I have agreed to do.  Unfortunately there is no way I can make it logistically to both due to travel distance. So, what is the dilemma? As a SON: I Promise to be a support, good son, and honor my…
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Now that Facebook has changed their name to Meta to stake their claim on the personal and business use of Virtual Reality (VR) environments — the Metaverse – will this finally establish VR and/or Augmented Reality (AR) as commonplace technologies?
Despite many advancements in the past decade, VR and AR applications seemingly have not taken hold in the same way as our devices and other technologies like new 2D video game platforms or your tablet, or streaming services and social media, have. Why? To understand why and see its potential, let’s start with understanding the difference between VR and AR. Understanding VR Virtual reality requires the user to close themselves off from the real world by entering a specialized room filled with 360-degree high-definition screens, by entering a VR simulator like a professional flight simulator or by wearing a VR headset, so the user can be fully immersed in a…
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Boy, you can really get a bad case of whiplash given the market volatility and the revisions to numbers around job creation. It almost is too much to handle when the MBS market bounces around fifty or sixty points a day in either direction, job revisions are in the hundreds of thousands of jobs, then add to it oil going crazy, and it can be a real challenge. All you can do is live in the day! Don’t dwell in the past or try to predict the future; just take it one step at a time while moving forward! Unemployment numbers this morning and the jobs report Friday morning we add yet more to the pile of potential market movers. So, keep your focus and prepare yourself, your team, and your clients to expect that things can change on any or all the information. The next thing I wanted to…
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Just last week the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission (KHRC) declared Mandaloun owned by Juddmonte, an international horse racing enterprise founded by Prince Khalid bin Abdullah, Mandaloun the Kentucky Derby winner just as they had declared Medina Spirit, who tested positive in the 2021 Kentucky Derby, ineligible. Mandaloun had finished second. Medina Spirit was found to have Betamethasone, an illegal substance banned on race day in Kentucky. Medina Spirit died in December 2021 following a workout at the Santa Anita racetrack.
Medina Spirit was trained by Bob Baffert who has been suspended for two years by KHRC This would have been Baffert’s seventh Kentucky Derby win. And, of course, Baffert’s lawyer will appeal. Baffert is a hall of fame trainer and if you read his horse racing accomplishments, it is easy to see why. Unfortunately, if you look more closely and were to compare Baffert’s total career wins and suspensions it is obvious it is…
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After she fell asleep for her final evening as a 45-year old, I snuck out of the bedroom to get to work on setting up the kitchen table for her “surprise” in the morning. I was up quite late, and woke up extra early to get things ready, kids up and dressed, cake and treats set out, balloons and lights ready, snow shoveled outside, so when she entered the kitchen all would be perfect as planned for her special birthday.
At 7 AM we turned on the tunes, cranked to 11, playing The Beatles “Birthday”  song (“They say it’s your birthday!  It’s my birthday, too yeah!”) as the kids and I danced around while Mommy was welcomed to the kitchen & thrilled to see the “surprise” – the table set all pretty for her birthday.   Tami was shocked at how great the table looked this time. She is the…
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