We have covered the first three elements of business planning; Assessment, Destination, and How we get there; now we have to pull it all together and create the SCHEDULE by which we actually implement and accomplish the things we have set out for ourselves to do. Much of this can be found on the website in the Personal Development section. You can use the basic “Referral Triangle” information and the “Schedule Advantage” to put together the task list, focus, day and time you are going to execute and track your activities and your results! Questions you will need to ask yourself are: Is my Referral Triangle in balance? Have I created the task list for each section? Do I have specific focus for each day of the week? Do I have a preference as to when I do what I do? Have I put tasks in order? When do I prefer to manage the three areas…
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Jack Kemp and I were strangely connected during his lifetime. He died on May 2, 2009, some 23 years ago. “Strangely” is an interesting word to use in our relationship. Kemp attended Fairfax High School in West Hollywood playing football as well as being the student body president. When he graduated, he attended Occidental College, located in northeast Los Angeles. He was a physical education major. But he was much more than that.
Jack was an excellent quarterback at Oxy and was drafted by the Los Angeles Chargers of the American Football League – yes, the San Diego Chargers, which is now the Los Angeles Chargers. In 1960 he was selected as All-Pro. That same year I was invited to join the National Football League -as an official. My brother, Peter, was a freshman running back at OXY when Jack was a senior. Kemp once told me that Pete would have been on the same…
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Many across the United States are uneasy about what is in front of us economically in terms of the economic downturn. At the end of 2019, everything was on an upward trajectory that many business leaders and C-suite executives thought they had a perfect handle on. Then, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 thwarted it all. From the moment the world closed its doors for the safety of the general public, we were not going to be the same as a society. 2019 was a completely different world in comparison to 2020 and beyond, and even as we have weathered the storm in one way or another, every day has become a question mark for many across all industries.
Many employees and executives alike experienced and vividly remember the recession following the housing market crash in the mid to late 2000s. As a result, many grasped desperately for a “status quo” of professional…
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We have gone over making the determination as to where we are. Then, we thought through and established where we wanted to go. Now it is time to figure out “HOW WE GET THERE!” The journey is the piece of the puzzle that can take some time to look at and may require a few adjustments along the way. The good news is, it doesn’t matter as long as we have forward and measurable progress! Here are a few questions we need to be asking.  What is my market? Do I know the market share breakdown of transactions? What are the geographic divides, and do they matter? Who or what is my competition? Do we have obvious focal points of opportunity? How can I best communicate within the community? Who or what can I support to help diversify my connections? Are there niche markets, properties, companies, or organizations? What can I build…
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Since Steve Young, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former All-Pro Quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers is prominent on the ESPN Monday Night Football pre-game show each and every Monday night I thought you might like to see a story that he sent me. “I have often been told that I am a quarterback with the mindset of a running back. People always commented on my ability to scramble, yet that wasn’t always my style. All professional athletes retain vivid memories of events that helped mold them into the players they turn out to be. Here’s the story that marks the beginning of my scrambling career.
“I was nine years old and playing in a competitive game of Pop Warner football. I played running back for the north Mianus (Riverside, Connecticut). We were playing against the Belle Haven Buzzards and our quarterback tossed me the ball. I took…
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Sara Guldi is a 15-year veteran of Real Estate. She lives in Florida and has a team in Maryland that consistently exceeds $20 Million in production annually, with an average sales price of approximately $165K. Sara Guldi, has been a licensed Realtor since 2004. She lives in Florida and for 15 years co-owned a real estate team in Maryland that consistently exceeded $20 million in production annually, with an average sales price of approximately $165K. In their best year, her team did $64 million in production, and they attributed their long-term success to a strong commitment to systems and coaching. Guldi loves helping others build amazing business using the performance coaching systems developed by Workman Success Systems. Guldi is passionate about coaching and in addition to being a Master Coach with Workman Success Systems, she is also Board-Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, as well as Hypnotherapy and MER.…
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Joshua Kagan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bonfire. Bonfire’s mission is to democratize access to real estate and enable anyone to get on the property-ownership ladder. We do this by transforming income-producing real estate assets into tokens that get owned by everyday folks in a DAO. 
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The second step of the plan is to project where you want to be in 2023! The destination is target, this plan is going to be focused on how you go from where you are to where you want to go; the destination is what happens if it all goes according to the plan! In order to do it, we must define it! Success isn’t the same for everyone. You have choices on what to do, how to do it, and whom to do it with! Results matter! The key questions for the DESTINATION STAGE are: What do the numbers look like? Is it dollar volume or is it deals? In either case, what are those numbers? Was my conversion rate (opportunity to closing) something I am happy with? If you don’t know it, you need to begin tracking it! Where are the opportunities coming from? Once again, if you aren’t tracking,…
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“They will come, daddy,” said Karen Kinsella in the movie “Field of Dreams” to her father, Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner. “Who will come”? Her father questioned. “The people will come to see the baseball game,” said Karen. This was a moment in the movie when some could see players on the field, e.g., Shoeless Joe Jackson, Mel Ott, but others could not see those players. Ray had plowed under his cornfield in Iowa to build this field. He was facing the likelihood of bankruptcy on his farm.
“Bezbawl“, as Terrance Mann, played superbly by James Earl Jones, pronounced it, “is America’s game. People will come to this field, Ray, and ask if they could look around. And you (speaking to Kinsella) would say sure it’s only $20, and they don’t even know why they came.” Field of dreams was built and two major teams played a real major league game…
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