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I have made my career looking at information and trying to see how that information could be used to create positive outcomes. No matter how bad the circumstance, however bleak things may seem; it has been about how does this set of facts lead us to a positive outcome or create a positive direction. The markets recently have been rocked with volatility and with social media always angling for clicks, the fastest way to a headline has always been negativity. What can make people fear the most, and they will click to see how much worse things can get! You see, most people respond more to fear than they do opportunity! So, I have made it a point to look and access each situation as unique, while being surrounded common themes. Sort of the same way each market, branch, and individual fit into the national news, rates, or guidelines. You…
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"Don’t do that!” With the preseason now out of the way and the 2022 NFL regular season going strong, you hear coaches still screaming to their players to NOT tackle or block leading with the crown of their helmet. Too many players still drop their heads when they prepare to tackle or block. Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula – 33 years in the NFL – always coached his players to “see what you hit.” Helmet-to-helmet contact is often called “targeting” and is subject to disqualification. Runners will often lower their heads when about to be tackled thereby bracing themselves for the impending blow. This makes it difficult for the oncoming tackler to avoid head-to-head contact.
Many players have suffered life-threatening cervical spine injuries with helmet-to-helmet contact.  For many, playing football becomes out of the question. Football at all levels is full of physical — some say brutal — contact.…
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Rick began his career as a part-time agent in 1976, quickly becoming full-time and eventually buying the company in his fifth year.  He grew it from 34 to 193 agents and lead the U.S. in agent productivity.  His personal sales production saw him sell 200+ homes per year during his sales career.  He was honored to be both Renos Salesperson of the Year, as well as the Nevadas Realtor of the Year.  Upon selling his company, Rick has shared his successful strategies worldwide ever since.  He has spoken in all 50 states, for every real estate franchise and has been recognized as one of the most popular trainers within the real estate industry. In 2014 Rick became the Regional Director for an Australian based franchise and grew it to 7 offices with 125 agents in Oregon and Washington. With over 40 years of experience Ive seen every real estate model…
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I know full well that people are generally averse to change of any kind. Life would just be simpler if everything that is working stayed the same, and these individuals also tend to abide by the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The problem is that “broke” in that phrase too often implies that a current system that is in place at a business or organization is unshakable solely because it works. Just because something “works” doesn’t mean it will work forever, and more often than not, a business leader using agility alone to innovate and operate will wait until a stronger, more efficient system disrupts the organization’s process before they take action. I have written at length about how disruptive change happens from the outside-in if you operate with an agile mindset alone. What I want all business leaders and c-Suite executives to transition to is an…
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We have seen extreme amounts of volatility in the rate market, and it becomes increasing difficult for clients and referral partners to deal with it. Nobody has a crystal ball, and despite all the charts, graphs, and trend lines, it is still impossible to know what is going to happen in the rate market in a particular time frame. That is why for the last year or so I have shared with everyone I speak with the philosophy of “if you like it and the payment works, LOCK IT and move on!” You can always refinance later down the road if the rate market relaxes, and you are protected against the market moving against you. One of the things we can control is about how interest rates are only one piece of the payment puzzle, and that there are other considerations to think about beyond just the interest rate of…
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As we begin this school year with our young people back in their seats, the question becomes can we as parents and teachers be more tolerant and understanding of their emotional needs after the long years of pandemic causing such havoc? As a school principal, I have often reminded classroom teachers that they are coaches as well as teachers. I raised four young people in my early days as a parent – well, I should say their mother did most of the day-to-day teaching as I was all too often in the classroom or on the field raising/teaching other people’s children. I’ve had to remind myself that all children are not the same.
While the coach on the field/gym may have one or two assistants to divide up the teaching responsibilities, the classroom teacher is often left to herself to deal with 30-40 in that classroom. How do…
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How do you work at home when your 2 young daughters have hijacked the Lucky Charms cereal to make a swimming pool for their Barbie Dolls all over your kitchen and still get work done? Super Mom and Co-Founder of Workman Success Systems, Brianne Workman Ika, shares how she really does get it done, carve out a little quiet time and still have some balance while smiling through it all.  A bit about Brianne: Brianne is committed to the success of WSS coaches, clients, and an amazing team. She has spent the last 8 years working as Verl's right hand, and the last 5 years as the Co-Founder and VP of Strategy and Growth helping to build Workman Success Systems. She loves working alongside her brothers, and dad, every day and excited about the future of WSS.
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From healthcare and manufacturing to marketing and engineering, we are still seeing nearly five different generations share the workforce across all industries. While the average age of any level employee is certainly decreasing, there is no question that many individuals 55 and older are not only staying in their positions but are also emerging from retirement in a part-time fashion. Generational differences and an often unspoken “Generational War” are topics touched on by many, but few have a solution to. This is due to the anthropological complexities of how humans interact, especially those varying in age by years and, more often than not, decades.
However, the most common assumption has been that the real obstacle facing business leaders and the Generational War is technology. Even further, educators and leaders have set this benchmark on the younger generation as being well-versed in technology and the older ones being inept. But this is no…
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