The back-to-school process has begun and parents are focused on getting their kids ready for school, or are trying to deal with the new school schedules and how that puts pressure on their housing situation. Back to school is hectic, but the challenges of the possible functional obsolescence of their homes can be a bigger issue. Parents with children starting school, starting different schools, sharing bedrooms, the issues with bathrooms, and even the physical location of their house may now be best served by moving into a home than functions more effectively for the entire family. Despite higher home prices and interest rates, the value of addition space, bedrooms/bathrooms, and even location can be well worth the price! Ask anyone that has kids and only one bathroom on a school day! Inflation data shows inflation has come down a little, but still over 8%, which is well beyond acceptable, and…
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Purchase applications picked up last week and we are seeing many people coming back into the market as preapprovals remain about the same as we saw this time last year. The largest number of returnees are those that were working with FHA, VA, USDA, and bond program loans, as they are seeing sellers becoming more open to accepting offers from these qualified buyers! I can’t stress enough the benefits of staying connected to your preapprovals, even the people who choose to stop looking because they grew tired of the hunt. The first week of August begins the next seven weeks of “back to school” around the country for my clients. It becomes a critical time to understand your specific market because many of the national numbers will not be reflective of local realities. Often, the weekend prior and the weekend after school starts, we see a slight slowdown in activity…
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Whilst being a mom is one of the most fantastic jobs in the world, it is also one of the most challenging. Being organised, making time for activities, cleaning and feeding everyone can be extremely difficult, especially when you are trying to juggle it with your career. Finding time to keep everything in order and be on time can be testing, however there are a few things you can do to help get ahead as a mom and in your career! Share Roles With Other Parents Every parent will understand the pressure you feel when you can’t quite get on top of things, so speaking to other parents and sharing roles is a great option to make your life easier. Organise for your children to go to the same after school sports club or weekend dance class and take it in turns to take them and pick them up. This…
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The National Football League consistently promotes the theme “Football is family.” This has been of significance to my family since the NFL has fulfilled that role for me for 62 years after I joined in 1960. With me on the field for 31 seasons, my family has watched with great interest my involvement. I’m not convinced too many families had the same interest. However, I have noticed many times that families do attend their home games. Thus, ‘team’ brings us all in the family together.
The NFL officiating family comprises crews whose lives are interwoven both in the season and after. The seven members in each crew know each other’s personal families and develop their own group culture. In each crew is a referee – the crew chief – who sets guidelines for each member of the crew. Each member of the crew has his/her own style but…
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Marketing is a world that is always evolving, always busy, and constantly filled with Anticipatory opportunities for all those who work in the industry and who leverage marketing for their organizations.  If you are an executive or working professional in the marketing industry, this is likely music to your ears. Having new opportunities and unique ways to tell the story of an organization, product, or service demonstrates longevity in a career and exciting ways to live out your career passions. However, if you are a small or large business owner or executive in an industry looking to market a product or service, it likely drives you a bit insane trying to keep track of how to target customers, marketing effectively to them, and convert sales leads. Even the act of hiring an external marketing agency that provides you with the ROI you are looking for can be stressful.
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The FED raised short term rates by 75bps as expected and the mortgage bond market approved of the measure by closing up by 47bps today. This move was “leaked” last week and was just a formality of hearing the official word today. In Jerome Powell’s remarks he signaled there would be a “slower pace” of further increases, likely meaning he thinks dropping down to 50bps at the next meeting and seeing what things look like moving forward. This is only half the story. Unemployment data and the first look at GDP numbers for the second quarter are this morning. Despite Janet Yellen’s repeated attempts to avoid the “R” word, it is likely we will have a negative growth number for the second quarter and that signals recession. Now, it’s only the Atlanta Fed forecasting a negative growth number and the official number will be only a first look this morning,…
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You cave to peer pressure and put your name in a contest to ride a bull. Suddenly – you win! What was a joke and dare moments before, you now see your name on the rodeo board, everyone is freaking out with excitement because you were chosen, and the exhilaration quickly turns to dread.
This is what happened to my son, 10-year old Royal Hewlett, the other day at the world-famous Oakley Rodeo.  When I say “riding the bull”, it was actually a young neutered steer who will eventually grow up to be an ox, but that doesn’t make it any less intimidating to get on the bareback of a wild animal with longhorns trying to buck you off. The Hewlett’s are city folk who proudly wear our country cowboy hats, belt buckles and boots whenever we get the chance.  Having grown up spending summers in beautiful Pine Valley, just outside…
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Mindset is absolutely everything in this world we live in, and having a specific mindset in the professional world is a quantifiable asset. How we think on a daily basis determines our professional output, whether we are an entry-level employee, middle manager, or a C-suite business executive. Out of those categories, having a positive mindset about your industry as a business leader is perhaps one of the most critical, as business leaders make integral decisions that trickle down through an organization, directly impacting employees at all levels.
Technological Factors That Impact Your Business Mindset Of course, maintaining a positive and even transformative professional mindset as a business leader is not as simple as motivational videos and literature may make it seem. The world both inside and outside of your industry has a direct impact on your mindset. Common factors that may impact your professional mindset may include organizational culture,…
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