The goal was to design the house to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. You’ve done that. The emotional roller coaster is back at the station and you are ready to unbuckle and jump off the ride. Oh, and by the way, you’re exhausted, both physically and emotionally and not sure what comes next. 
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You have a license with your name on it proudly hanging on your office wall proclaiming that you are a real estate agent. You’ve passed all the tests and requirements, ordered your business cards, and are now ready for business. Congratulations!
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It’s go-time, the decision has been made to sell the house… now what? Any Realtor® will tell you that people are passionate about their homes, their style, their things, so trying to objectively decide what needs to be done before a house gets listed can be fraught with emotion and push back. 
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Do you catch yourself saying things like “I’m sorry!  Can you repeat that?” or “What did you say?”  If you’re like most people, you say this more often than you want to admit.  The reality is we live in a very noisy world with distractions like text messages, emails, social media notifications, and more demanding our attention 24/7. 
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Just when you think you’ve laid out the best marketing plan to get a property sold, and everyone is ready to sign on the dotted line, that dreaded request comes from the seller: “We’ll give you the listing, but we want you to reduce your commission.”
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‘Love & Listings’ star Samantha Barretto is all about giving back! The top real estate star with Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills is also a popular television personality, and philanthropist.
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What is your default uniform? You know, that one pair of slacks that is your “go to” first choice, or that favorite sweater that looked really good a few years back and well today…not so much! It’s really a challenge to get out of a comfort rut when it comes to what we choose to wear every day. But what if you could get a little help to re-imagine how to use what you already have to pump up your look, to feel more confident, and look great?
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It’s hard to believe we’re heading into the final quarter of the year! Your focus needs to be all about rocking your numbers as you cross the finish line. This is the time to maximize your efforts to meet or exceed those goals you set many months ago. 
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Transitioning a principal residence is an emotional, financial and physical challenge. While the journey is different for everyone, the home transition process is the same and needs to be anchored in hope, humility and humor.
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Ask any entrepreneur what they need to make more sales, and no matter their profession, they will most likely say leads. But the reality is, you don’t need more leads! Just like referrals, they’re simply one part of your business and without a plan to convert those leads, you’re not going to see your sales increase. That’s right! What really counts is your conversion rate, which explains a great deal about the quality of the lead and the quality of the system used to convert that lead into a closed transaction.
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What if you experienced an EPIC response from your marketing message? You know, just a boatload of prospects contacting you to serve their real estate needs? Are you rolling your eyes right now saying that’s just not possible?
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Have you ever received a thank you note after making a purchase? If so, I’ll bet it caught you by surprise, and increased your opinion of the company, especially if it was truly sincere and not tied to a gimmick or upsell. Just like you, your customers and past clients enjoy the gift of appreciation.
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