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Nora Crosthwaite spent years in software development and left to do something meaningful and positively impact the world around her. With no sales, marketing or real estate experience, 

After showing hundreds of homes since 2015, Nora realized there was a need for helping sellers prepare their homes for the sale and make them shine. Nora wanted a convenient online staging consultation but couldn't find the right fit. So, she created it: Stagerie. 

Nora runs a real estate team of three agents at Home Sweet Des Moines (brokered by RE/MAX Precision) and is growing Stagerie, available nationwide. Stagerie launched in 2020 and was one of six companies chosen for the Iowa Startup Accelerator program in spring 2021. Now, Nora has worked to make Stagerie the only occupied staging company that is a RE/MAX approved supplier and is actively looking for other partnerships. Stagerie has stagers in five different states, with more coming later this year. 

Outside of Stagerie and real estate, Nora continues to build the Des Moines community. She was a finalist for the Inspiring Women of Iowa Character award in 2021, completed the Greater Des Moines Community Leadership Program in 2020, and is a member of the Iowa Association of Realtors Diversity Committee. She focuses efforts on several nonprofits, such as Pi 515, Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, and the upcoming KIAP Foundation. In her free time, Nora spends time with her husband Paul, teenage daughter Layla, and three cats, usually catching up on the latest Star Wars or cooking shows. She is a live music fan, martial arts practitioner, and loves to travel. 

Nora can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow her on Twitter at @NoraCrosthwaite. 

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“Financial independence is the ability to live from the income of your own personal resources.” Jim Rohn

It’s a secure feeling, owning your own home with an affordable payment so you and your family can enjoy living life together.  It’s a feeling of satisfaction knowing that as the value on your home goes up, and the balance on the mortgage gradually gets paid down, you are building wealth for yourself and those you love. 

1. Know your comfort level for a payment and down payment. 

Experts on podcasts and financial posts suggest keeping your total house payment under 33% of your gross income.   They recommend keeping your total house payment and payments on other debt no more than 43% of your gross income.   Keep enough savings in the emergency fund to get your family through an emergency.  Don’t rely on the mortgage loan officer to tell you what you can afford.  Mortgage software often approves borrowers for up to 50% or more for their total income-to-debt ratio. How can you enjoy life if you are tied down with over 50% debt?

2. Create multiple profitable exit strategies.   

Susan was trying to decide to rent or buy a home.  “I don’t feel like I can afford a mortgage. What if I want to move?”  Susan put together a team consisting of a reputable realtor, a lender, and her financial advisor.  Susan’s realtor found her a home in a neighborhood with a long-term track record of going up in value. Rents were going up too.  The FHA mortgage that Susan was getting had a qualifying assumable clause in it.  

Susan felt more secure and comfortable with her decision to buy a home instead of renting. If the market was not good for selling a home when she was ready to sell, she could always rent the house to tenants and make a profit.  A future buyer might pay her a large chunk of money one day to qualify with the mortgage company for assuming the payments on a lower interest rate loan. 

Looking at the real estate market today

The lack of homes for sale, lots of money floating around the country, and Millennials nearing their peak homebuying years, are all stoking the housing boom. As a result, home prices continue to rise, construction costs are higher, and investors are grabbing up starter homes for rentals. 

How long will the real estate boom market last?

Emerging groups of future home buyers look like they will keep the housing demand high for many years. However, the Federal Reserve is watching the employment reports, inflation, and the pandemic situation. The Fed will decide if they will taper off buying mortgage-backed securities later this fall.  If they pull back their buying, mortgage rates are predicted to go up. 

Real estate has historically been an excellent hedge against inflation.   Locking into a low fixed mortgage rate can add a layer of financial security.  Renters’ pocketbooks are squeezed as rents move up over time.   With a fixed-rate mortgage, the principal and interest payment stay the same, giving the homeowner more discretionary funds as his income goes up. 

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It’s the middle of August, which means you have 90 days to get in front of everything you are going to close and get paid for this year. Silly as that sounds; it is the reality. We really need to get ready for the sprint to the wire that is the next 90 days and we can start with knowing where we are.

By now you know what is going to close in August, or pretty close to it. You also have a good idea of what September is going to look like. This will get you ¾ of the way to your annual numbers. It also sets the parameters of what you need to do to get to where you want to go the rest of this year.

Key questions:

• Are you tracking ahead or behind your business plan?
• Are you off your blend of loans purchase/refinance?
• Are your referral partners on target to meet your projections?
• Who in your pipeline of pre-approvals is looking?
• What is the number of obvious refinance targets you are going to try and convert?
• What are the other targets in your business plan and are you on track to meet or exceed those numbers?
• Is what I am doing now sustainable?

Some people are worried about their numbers. Those that are behind last year or who are overly refinance heavy in their loan mix are starting to wonder how to stay on top of generating new opportunities?

If your plan is working well, keep working the plan. If you have any issues with the above questions, it’s time to focus on getting the answers! Before you know it, you will be looking at Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the end of 2021 with a pipeline that is empty isn’t a lot of fun going into 2022!

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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