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You have made the decision to sell… now what?  

The life changing event of selling one home and moving to the next is an emotional, financial and physical roller coaster for most sellers. This event ranks among the top five most stressful events along with death, divorce, illness and loss of a job.

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Have you ever had a friend, relative, or past client list their home with another agent? Ouch! That hurts. Seeing another agent’s sign in your past client’s or friend’s front yard can be bone-crushing! Why didn’t they call you?

The truth is, most agents don’t deploy a consistent system of staying front of mind among friends and neighbors. Most sales professionals don’t like to prospect, even though they know that is the one habit that when done consistently, yields measurable, impressive results.

If you want to overcome your prospecting reluctance, you need to read the eBook “86-50-1: The Ultimate Marketing Handbook for Real Estate Agents That Want to Close 86 Deals or More a Year”. You’ll learn about a very simple formula called “86-50-1”. The eBook, authored by mega top producer Mike Parker and noted success coach Verl Workman, outlines a strategy that can generate more than one lead from each contact in your elite group of Top 50. This proven strategy works to save money, leverages your brand and reputation, and packs a fun factor.

This program generates 86 referrals a year working with only 50 people in your database for one hour a day. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Here’s how it works:

1. Go through your database and identify the top 50 people you believe will give you a referral this year. Once your list is complete, schedule a personal touch once a month for the next 12 months. This isn’t about phoning your top 50 group every month and asking for a referral; instead it’s a way to provide a personal “touch” to each contact monthly.

2. Each touch must be recorded in your CRM, and after each touch you schedule the next touch for the upcoming month. Scheduling one call per week to your top 50 will get you through your list annually.

3. Deploy a monthly “touch” system that invites connection—like phone calls, meeting for coffee, a pop-by or sharing invitations to local community events. Schedule exclusive face-to-face events each quarter, such as a wine and cheese tasting or ice cream social, for your top 50 only. Target inviting 12-15 of your top 50 to each of these quarterly events, which will get you through your list by year-end. You want to be sure you’re face-to-face with each member of your elite group at least 2-3 times a year for best results. Be sure to send a handwritten note with your touches, whether it be a “thank you for attending” or “sorry we missed you."

4. Once you’ve had several touches with each contact, you’ve earned the right to ask if you can count on them for at least one referral this year. The dialogue is simple: “Can I count on you for one referral for my services this year? I know you have lots of other people you know in real estate, but you can be sure I’m going to wow anyone you refer to me.”

5. If the year rolls through and you haven’t received a referral from any one contact, replace them with another contact whom you believe would refer one prospect to you annually.

The power of leveraging your relationships with your raving fans pays off when you diligently and consistently schedule connections that get more referrals more easily.

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