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There is always an opportunity to be had in each situation. Rising interest rates are no different. It’s ironic that people aren’t as excited about 3.25% or 3.5% or 3.99% on the way higher than they were as they were when rates were falling to those numbers. It wasn’t that long ago when these numbers were very exciting to our clients. 

The solution to finding the opportunity in rising rates is to remind people that rates are just a number, and it’s the PAYMENT that people need to focus on. I get it, people are emotionally attached to rates but rarely tie that to the difference in the payment. It’s your job to tie it together for them. Do the math and run the numbers! It’s also important to share the facts of the market.

Pull up a two-year chart of the UMBS 2.5% coupon show where we are and where we have been. We are still closer to the bottom then the top. In fact, rates were higher as recently as June, before that, April, March, and February. If we go back prior to March of 2020, people would be thrilled with today’s rates! Besides, people need a place to live, and the cost of ALL housing is still going higher! The rental market can even be more challenging and more costly than buying, even given the incredible amount of appreciation in property values lately, a trend that may not slow down any time soon!

Take advantage of the opportunity by calling all your preapprovals and share with them the market realities we are facing and recalculate the payments they would have with the higher rates. Also, reach out to your referral partners and make sure that anyone they are showing property to has an updated preapproval within the last week, so the client is aware of rising rates and aren’t shocked to find out this news after going into contract. Be sure you offer all your agents the opportunity to offer you as a resource to help any of their buyers who haven’t been updated yet or hasn’t heard from their original loan officer!

Rising rates can equal another opportunity to share your expertise, especially when we are facing a potential unpleasant conversation about rising rates!

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TeresaBailey 1Teresa Bailey is a Wealth Strategist. She orchestrates the financial affairs of executives, entrepreneurs and other driven individuals. In addition to growing her clients’ financial worlds, Teresa builds the W&A brand through coordinating brand development, client events, and educational content development.

Teresa is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® practitioner. She was named one of Memphis Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2016 and in 2018 began splitting her time between W&A’s Memphis and Nashville offices.

It’s Teresa’s mission to stay involved with her community and speak on the importance of financial planning and connecting industry professionals. She is the former Chair of the Greater Memphis Chapter of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), and previously served on the Economic Club of Memphis Board of Directors. Under the National CFP® Board, she’s an advocate for women entering the field of financial planning. Teresa graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in corporate finance

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 Coni HeadshotConi Meyers, LMC, CBLC, CDC, Crisis Management Specialist, and Leadership Clarity Strategist has spent over 40 years supporting thousands of individuals and businesses.

She is passionate about helping and creating mindful, visionary leaders that can overcome any crisis and disaster. Her unique background combined with her experience as a FEMA inspector and trainer ​gives her an all encompassing perspective for creating this certification. She saw a need to educate and prepare as many individuals as possible for all disasters. And so CKM was born!

Coni has helped taken the National Home Inspection Company​, now known as WIN Home Inspections, and OnlineEd from the local market to having a national presence. Additionally, she has owned four consulting companies and has earned three prestigious life and leadership coaching credentials.

Coni is the founder of CKM Solutions Group, as well as Crystalline Moment Success Movement and Kickbutt Leadership. 

She is an international best-selling author, speaker and trainer. Her current work includes her new books, 

When the Unthinkable Happens and 

Leadership in Trying Times. Coni is the author in the soon to be released, 

Crystalline Voices: Women Leaders in Real Estate.

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Lily Tomlin  “The road to success is always under construction.”

Are you preparing to get a mortgage on a home you are about to buy or refinance?  If the mortgage company requires an appraisal on the house, it is good to investigate, inspect, and innovate if needed before spending your money on the appraisal. For example, what needed repairs can you see with the home?  Will the seller agree to pay for getting all the repairs completed?  How much will you need to pay for the repairs? 


The home condition can create obstacles to getting the value needed or getting approval from the mortgage company’s underwriting department. For example, appraisers notate repairs that affect the structure, security, and sanitation of the home. Mortgage companies require these types of repairs to be completed before closing.


Repairs that affect the structure include rotted wood; foundation problems; roof leaks or missing shingles; peeling paint (especially if the home was built prior to 1978); broken siding; electrical, plumbing, or heating problems; or issues with the air and duct systems.  

Repairs affecting the security of the home include doors that do not operate correctly, broken locks, or open access to the house from outside. 

Repairs pertaining to the home's sanitation include drainage problems, faulty water supply, septic issues; mold; and more.

Most underwriters want the trouble areas corrected before closing, but there are some workarounds when items can be fixed after closing, too.


When the repairs must be fixed before closing, the buyer and seller negotiate who will pay for which repairs. If the buyer pays, the mortgage company will have to verify in the borrower’s asset accounts that they have the funds to cover closing and repair costs. If the seller pays, then he or she cannot pay the buyer with a “repair allowance.” Most traditional mortgage programs no longer allow repair allowances or “carpet and paint allowances.” 

In cases like this, the seller could put the money in escrow to be paid to the repair vendor after closing. Some loan programs require the seller to pay one-and-a-half times the amount of the contractor’s bid into the repair escrow account. The extra fifty percent is simply a cushion to make sure, if the repair bill ended up higher than estimated, the seller would have the money to complete repairs. If unused, the extra fifty percent can be paid back to the seller when all the work is complete.

Should weather prevent the job’s completion before closing, the mortgage underwriting guidelines permit certain repair items to be completed after closing. These include landscaping and outdoor painting. In addition, in some locations, the mortgage company can allow the heating and air conditioning to be installed after closing to prevent them from being stolen before the new homeowners move into the property. 

Martin and Maria Miller

Call on resources to repair and get the second home they need

Martin and Maria moved more than a thousand miles from the place where they had lived and built a life with their children. After the kids were older, the couple had an opportunity to take over a business on the other side of the country, and they took it. Later, their children got jobs in different areas of the country. The Martins yearned to have a central rallying place where their family could get together for the holidays and gatherings.

A close family friend from their hometown knew of their desire for a second home in the old neighborhood. This close friend set them up with a realtor who found them a house close to where they once lived. It was beaten up and needed a good cleaning, some carpentry, and a bit of new sheetrock.

Halfway through the loan process, the appraisal came in with a mile-long list of items that could affect the structure, safety, and sanitation on the house. Due to the types of repairs needed, the lender required these repairs to be completed BEFORE closing. 

The Millers realized with a sinking feeling that they had just spent hundreds of dollars on an appraisal and now seemed to be in a catch-22. They could not close on the home until repairs were done, but the seller did not have the money for repairs until after the closing. In so many cases, this is where the bargain deal dies. 

Nevertheless, good friends can be valuable, especially when their trade is fixing and building houses. Their hometown friend got the list of needed repairs and whistled up his construction buddies. Everyone agreed to work for just about free just to help the Millers.  

They put together an itemized agreement to start work when the loan was approved for all but the repairs. The seller signed the agreement that he would pay the hometown friend and his pals on closing day when he got the funds. Once the loan was preapproved by the lender’s underwriter, hometown friend and his pals went to work. The appraiser went back to the house to verify the completed repairs so the Millers could quickly close on their home, where they and the rest of their family could gather together in their former hometown … all thanks to their good-hearted hometown friend … whom they now looked forward to having over for their celebratory dinner!

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