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Nate Martinez is the owner of RE/MAX Professionals, a multi-office franchise located in the greater Phoenix area. He passionately believes in the value of education, having trained hundreds of real estate professionals across the globe as a speaker and a coach. With nearly 35 years in the real estate industry, he has been recognized with the Lifetime Achievement, Titan Team, Circle of Legends and the Luminary of Distinction from RE/MAX. One thing he is most proud of is the charitable contribution of his agents, and their support of the Children’s Miracle Network. In addition, he is also proud to be ranked the number one brokerage in Arizona when it comes to production per agent. The highlight of running his team is getting to work in the trenches every day with his fiancé Tonya, his oldest daughter Brandi and his son Nate Jr. Nate is an avid golfer, foodie, loves to…
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Question for all who read this: to succeed at any business venture, you merely need to have huge resources, dedicated personnel, and a quality product or service, right? From there, it’s just collecting money and living a good life. This presumption is more common than you realize, and could not be more wrong and misguided. In a world where exponential change and digital disruptions abound, you simply cannot rest on your laurels and merely rely on what you’ve already built. Because of the rapidly accelerating rate of change, your business is only ever as strong as its next innovation. The goal should be longevity and significance over success, not merely one big payout and coasting down a hill, using reactionary mindsets and agility as needed to dodge obstacles while you coast. So if this aforementioned mindset is not the key to a successful and, more important, significant business, what is? An Anticipatory mindset is the…
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Will the different generations of home buyers get what they want during the changing real estate market trends?  Homebuyers are welcoming in a positive shift because more houses are becoming available for sale with even more coming before the end of 2021.  The extra supply of homes for sale is slowing the still-rising prices of homes across the country. The median home price in June 2021 was up 12.7% --down from 15.2% in May 2021.  The measure of median home prices over the last year have been skewed because most of the homes sold were in prices above $500,000 to over 1,000,000 dollars.  Aspiring home buyers had to work harder to find homes in the lower price ranges.  That trend is making a turnaround.  More newly listed properties are smaller and less expensive compared to last year.  Younger homebuyers have a better chance of snapping these homes up.
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