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Many professionals profess that cold calling is outdated and no longer works. In real estate and other professions, sales calls are powerful. The idea is to turn cold calls into warm conversations. You’ve got to start somewhere. What are you supposed to do if you are just starting out in business and have exhausted your current connections? I’ll tell you what to do – amplify your cold outreach methods. Cold Calling works. Yes, there is the do-not-call-list. But when done using common sense, sales calls can get your sales process in gear.

By asking for permission to speak in a friendly way, having fun, and keeping the conversation short, individuals will be more receptive to hearing you out. No, not every single person will greet you with warmth, but don’t let this scare you. You can always test the waters and excuse yourself politely should the first call go wrong. IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU HANDLE YOURSELF.

In my older days in real estate, I remember getting told to leave an office tower because of a simple conversation with the receptionist! Did I let that bother me? No way! I simply went door-knocking somewhere else. I left smiling and with grace. I wasn’t upset. NOTHING CRAZY HAPPENED.

I am not suggesting to break the law. I am only suggesting that not every situation is the same. If you don’t take a risk, you’ll never know. If it’s a first call, typically, a warning will take place at worst. You will know where you stand. You will know to back off.

However, many great outcomes can happen after multiple first conversations that you thought of as a waste of time. Work on developing new fresh leads on a regular basis. Track your efforts. Follow up. Close the sale! Again, the idea is to turn cold calls into warm conversations over time. The process should be fun, not painful.

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Did you get what you wanted out of your day?  If not, Terri shares time-blocking baby steps to get you back on track!

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