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What the heck is happening to your energy level? You know you are getting the required sleep, doing okay with diet and exercise, and yet you feel so bogged down!

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How do you work at home when your 2 young daughters have hijacked the Lucky Charms cereal to make a swimming pool for their Barbie Dolls all over your kitchen and still get work done? Super Mom and Co-Founder of Workman Success Systems, Brianne Workman Ika, shares how she really does get it done, carve out a little quiet time and still have some balance while smiling through it all.

 A bit about Brianne:

ValerieMorrisBrianne is committed to the success of WSS coaches, clients, and an amazing team. She has spent the last 8 years working as Verl's right hand, and the last 5 years as the Co-Founder and VP of Strategy and Growth helping to build Workman Success Systems. She loves working alongside her brothers, and dad, every day and excited about the future of WSS.

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Did you know that your success, your happiness and your personal power may be tied to a simple decision, made in 5 seconds or less? According to bestselling author Mel Robbins, it’s within the five seconds of making a decision that you will either go forward on the idea or your brain will talk you out of it….that fast! 

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The future is uncertain, so be happy now, regardless of your bad day, week or year. Next time you can't find a parking spot, or miss a plane, or have your plans hindered, before you get mad, remember that this could be the best thing that ever happens to you.

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Valerie Morris has only one speed - FLAT OUT! As the owner of Morris Marketing Group located in Memphis, Tennessee, this blonde powerhouse knows how to market to drive REAL results with great TEAM collaboration. Take a minute to listen to her short podcast on keeping your team in HIGH gear! 

 A bit about Valerie:

ValerieMorrisKnown for her creative and effective problem-solving skills, Valerie specializes in working with businesses to launch or implement solutions which enable significant growth. Spanning 30 years as a seasoned professional with a passion for communications, Valerie has a unique background of insights and experience to bring to each client. Valerie has experience as a financial analyst, executive chef, specialization in hospitality sales, and served as Vice President of corporate communications and sales for Caesars Entertainment, a Fortune 500 company for over ten years.

Valerie’s track record of setting goals and delivering to meet and often exceed those goals is second to none, whether she is tasked with increasing sales, increasing brand recognition, building a world-class team, or creating a one-of-a-kind event. Valerie’s ability to assess a situation, build and implement a highly focused strategic plan, and deliver targeted, measurable, desired results has served the organizations and teams she has been a part of well.

As a seasoned, award-winning communications professional, Valerie has directed teams and large organizations through stressful, tragic, and high-profile crises and media situations with calm and effective precision. Valerie has the proven ability to connect with organizations and their stakeholders effectively delivering desired messaging and outcomes to senior management through specialized teams to thousands of line-level employees and a broad customer base.

MMG has received countless awards and recognition for its accomplishments over the years, including most recently being named one of the 2018 Top 10 Companies to Watch by the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Valerie was recently recognized as a Memphis Business Journal 2018 Executive Leader and named to such groups as Delta Magazine’s “Super Business Women,” RSVP Magazine’s “Women with Drive,”Casino Management Magazine’s “Great Women of Gaming Rising Star,” the Memphis Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, and the Jeff Piselli Media Support Award. The prestigious American Culinary Federation named Valerie their first-ever female “Chef of the Year.”  

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How does a full-time mother of three, author of 34 books (and counting) go on to become the founder and godmother of the Russian Mafia Romance Genre? Meet the audaciously creative best-selling author whose stories were created in an effort to eradicate stigmas around African-American women as heroines, interracial dating and having multicultural children. Her quest is to entertain women with fun books that take their minds off the woes of everyday life. With fans in over 125 countries and over 750,000 copies of her books sold worldwide, we are pleased to introduce you to this amazing woman!

 A bit about Latrivia: 

LatriviaWelchBased in Memphis, TN, Latrivia Welch divides her time between her three passions: business, writing and community. 

As the Principal of Welch PR, a boutique public relations firm, her days are spent working with various clients to strengthen and spread their messages. 

As the President and CEO of RiverHouse Publishing, LLC, an indie publishing house for self-published authors, she spends her time helping people realize their artistic dreams through literature.

And as a USA TODAY bestselling author, Welch has penned of over 20 novels about interracial romance  in an effort to eradicate stigmas around African-American women as heroines, interracial dating and multicultural children. 

Having graduated from LeMoyne-Owen College and worked for some of the most impactful contemporary figures in the city of Memphis, Welch is committed to using her experience (over 17 years in public relations and marketing) and her passion to serve the community through volunteerism  to help the city progress in issues regarding women in leadership, politics, economic development, reproductive health, domestic abuse and education.

Welch is now the President of the Memphis Women’s Political Caucus and a board member on the Tennessee Women's Political Caucus and sits on the Executive Committee of the Memphis Branch NAACP as the Chair of Communications.  She is a member of Mothers of the NILE, a former board member for the Boys and Girls Club (Samelson) and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  

Welch is also the proud mother of 3.5 children and the wife of Bruce Welch, III.   They spend their evenings watching cooking shows while creating awesome dishes in the kitchen, drinking wine and enjoying being a family. 

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