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It should happen everyday that we thank a veteran for their service and acknowledge if not for those sacrifices, we wouldn’t have the liberty and freedom we enjoy without paying much attention to it. To all the veterans, and their families that support them; THANK YOU!

In other news, inflation data has really exceeded most estimates and came in at a HOT 6.2%! The FED can say what they want, but prices don’t lie! Since inflation is the arch enemy of interest rates, pay close attention to the bond market please be sure not to let your rate locks expire; it may be very expensive to extend those locks, if possible, at all.

Thirty days or so left to get your deals in so they can close by the end of the year, although some may have even smaller windows than that. Please be sure you know where your cutoff date is and that of your referral partners. You are not alone in this transaction, your title closers, insurance professionals, and even buyers and sellers might not be able, or want to close on 12/24 or 12/31. So, keep that in mind!

 Beware of misinformation and correct it when you can. Social media can be a great value, but it is also a place where misinformation can explode quickly and put you in jeopardy! In just the past few days I have seen people making claims that are flat out untrue. It takes but a few seconds to look before you share, so don’t forward on misinformation. Just FYI: Conforming loans limits are set by the FHFA, and is not owned by NAR, but by MOVE Inc, a subsidiary of News Corp.

As local experts, you need to look at information and verify as best you can. Most of the time a quick Google search will help clarify things. Opinions are fine and facts are facts. Please make sure you, your referral partners, and your clients are sure which is which.

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MARK SEIDEN 732x1024Mark Seiden was born to become a real estate leader and professional coach. As a graduate of Cornell University with post-graduate credentials from the University of California-Berkley, he began his career in 1993 at Lois Seiden Real Estate of Westchester County, New York, and was the agency's top agent each year until it was sold in 1997. 

He continued his ascent by earning a position as the Number 1 Agent for all of Westchester County at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage for five consecutive years (1997-2002). In 2003, he founded Mark J. Seiden Real Estate, Inc., rebranding it as the Mark Seiden Real Estate Team in 2008. 

Since 2004, Mark was and continues to be ranked among the Top 3 Agents for selling single-family homes in all of Westchester/Putnam Counties (over 10,000 agents) - ranking Number 1 in 2008, 2014 and 2015. 

A natural mentor and gifted communicator, Mark and his work have been featured in articles in the New York Times, New York Post, Real Estate In-Depth, Westchester Magazine and numerous other publications. Most recently, Mark was recruited in 2016 by Verl Workman of Workman Success Systems, who is recognized by Inman as one of the top 25 coaches. Mark's role is to coach other Realtors®l, sharing his own experiences so that others may benefit. In his spare time, Mark loves to cook, spend time with his family and play tennis. 

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It’s the first week of November and we are in the final days of 2021. There are a few things that we must get taken care of before we lose the ability to control these final days. It’s a simple check list, but important none the less.

1. Complete your business plan for 2022! If you don’t have this done and begin working your new schedule and processes, you won’t be able to hit the ground running on January 3rd! You can’t afford to give up such a competitive advantage.

2. Finish all required continuing education classes. While I always suggest this is done in February, some push it off. You can’t be without your license! Get it done!

3. Check the calendar. How many days left for you to take in a loan and close it for 2021? Remember to allow for your personal time off, vacations, or possible business closings on certain days. While both Christmas and New Years fall on a Saturday this year; it doesn’t mean everyone will be available to close on the 24th or 31st!

4. What are your final targets for either units, dollar volume, or income for 2021 and what are you going to do about it? Some people have emotional attachments to some numbers. 200 closings, $50M in production, $500K in income. Whatever your attachment or target, now is the time to look at your numbers and see if there is something worth targeting!

5. Remember your referral partners have the same calendar as you do! Have you worked with them to help them navigate the last days of 2021?

Do not let the year run out on you! Don’t let yourself run out of year! We need to accomplish what we need and want to accomplish, while paving the way into 2022 with a clear vision of what it looks like to us! 

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