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Some are already gone. Others will follow shortly. Some will be back on Monday or Tuesday, while others won’t be found until some time in January. The point is, if you have your plans all set and you are taking off until next year, have a great time and I will see you next year. However, if you are planning on working next week, you might just be the only game in town! If you are working; then WORK! Show up and personally connect with everyone you can, letting them know you are working and are there to serve those who are actively looking! Believe me, there will be people looking!

So, spend some time coming up with your contact plan for Tuesday through Friday, you know, make your list, and check it twice kind of thing! Thoughts on what to do:

  • Call every one of your preapprovals and ask if they plan on looking at homes this week. (Also remember to wish them holiday cheer!)
  • If they are looking, be sure to connect with their agent to be sure they know your availability, some people will assume you aren’t around, you must let them know you are!
  • Some agents may be going away, so who is covering for them? Then speak to them as well.
  • Double check all of your deals that are scheduled to close next week, the 26thto 30th. 27th if nobody is open in your market on the 26th.
  • Schedule your other professional calls to share a holiday message (by phone or in person, email is useless)


These things won’t take long, but they may find you an opportunity while others are gone! Also, lots of economic news today and tomorrow that may move the markets. Don’t forget, we have the December monthly call next Tuesday which will be posted to the website late Tuesday afternoon, you won’t want to miss it!

If you have questions or comments, it’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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