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Being Anticipatory as a leader or an organization is not necessarily a sole act of seeing the future, although paying attention to Hard Trend future certainties and seeing disruptions of any kind before they occur may make it seem so. An Anticipatory mindset that embodies an entire organization or specific leader within an organization means they have also embraced the reality that change is always occurring.

Anticipation gives the right individual the opportunity to get in front of that change and turn it into a transformation within their industry and the world! The beauty of my Anticipatory Organization® Model is that any and every organization in any and every industry can leverage it to their advantage.

To do so, it helps to first read about how certain organizations changed their mindset before creating positive disruptions and transformations in and outside of their operation. Their level of pushing the envelope all relates in some way or another to the common principles of my Anticipatory Organization Model.

Three Case Studies of Contemporary Anticipatory Organizations

Chipotle – Known for assembly line-style customization of entrees, this fast-food chain took advantage of the disruptive pandemic of 2020 to more efficiently incorporate the digital technology that has already been in motion long before COVID-19: online ordering.

Instead of having to run food out to customers who ordered online like curbside delivery, Chipotle has restructured many of its restaurants to have what they call “Chipotlanes,” or designated drive-thru areas that service only mobile orders.

Anticipatory Organization Principle: Skip It Principle

Chipotle identified a Hard Trend future certainty in mobile applications that they already implemented. Instead of having to deal with both the COVID-19 pandemic and a potential buildup of online orders inside their restaurant, they simply skipped that problem and created a system to double a location’s revenue and operational efficiency!

IBM – IBM is a textbook example of a trailblazing organization, one that frequently utilizes my Anticipatory Organization Model in reinventing the computer software industry time and time again. However, around the early 1990s, IBM saw a massive downturn in their main source of income in building computer hardware as the industry became immensely saturated.

Thinking quickly about the future of their organization, executives and business leaders at IBM shifted to an Anticipatory mindset and pivoted their focus to the software side of the business. In addition to programming software, this era brought them into the realm of IT consultancy and computing research to continue servicing customers in technology.

Anticipatory Organization Principle: Going Opposite

Even if you think that your cash cow cannot possibly be disrupted, it will. IBM did not let their massive organization crash and burn when hardware became less profitable for them. They went in the opposite direction and promptly got involved in the other side of the computer technology industry, finding success and other opportunities in software.

Corning – The name of this organization may not immediately ring a bell to you; however, their place in the glass and ceramic world has undoubtedly impacted your kitchen at one point or another. Their inception started when this glass manufacturer had a contract to produce the glass for Thomas Edison’s light bulbs.

When that cash cow eventually began to dry up, the leaders at Corning looked more openly at what they were capable of producing with glass. The focus became using their same manufacturing process to eventually create durable cookware, and from there evolved into a virtually indestructible glass utilized in today’s iPhones, Apple Watches, and other smart devices.

Anticipatory Organization Principle: Exponential Thinking

Corning noticed quickly that they were not a light bulb manufacturing company — they were a glass production organization. Their exponential thinking around what was possible with the glass and ceramic materials they were capable of producing led them to a level of business longevity most of us cannot fathom, being founded in the mid-1800s.

Steps to Take Toward Becoming an Anticipatory Organization

Those three Anticipatory Organization examples highlight just a few of the many principles of my Anticipatory Organization Model. While they may help you home in on how you might leverage any one of those principles for a specific product, service, or business process at your organization, taking the following steps is more applicable for making a holistic switch to an organization-wide Anticipatory mindset.

Master Hard Trends – Most critical thinking techniques are easier said than done; however, this one is easier than you think! Hard Trends are trends we are certain will happen, or will continue. One example that we can be certain of is that adaptive technology (artificial intelligence, for instance) will get smarter. How might that impact your industry in the future? Identifying the Hard Trend and its influence on your industry helps you in the next step

Pre-Solve Future Problems – Hard Trends are unavoidable, and you will have to deal with the problems they may bring eventually. In identifying Hard Trends, suddenly anything that may disrupt your organization in the future comes into focus and becomes solvable and predictable. Develop a solution for these issues firsthand, no matter if they impact your product, service, or process.

Become the Positive Disruptor – Future problems may not only affect your organization; in many cases, but disruptions also interrupt the lives of your customers. By pre-solving a problem that your organization will eventually have, you may also be pre-solving problems your customers are unaware they will ever have, putting you in the driver’s seat of the industry in a remarkable way.

Starting with these three steps builds a good foundation for the ability for your organization to skip over problems that aren’t really problems, go opposite on products and services, or think exponentially about your place in your industry. By having a handle on the future in an Anticipatory way, you also establish a united Futureview within your organization, creating an environment of innovation and measurable productivity.

Become an Anticipatory Organization with Daniel Burrus’ transformation acceleration business model that transforms planning and accelerates innovation and growth.

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It appears that cold calling Realtors is back front and center with those mortgage people who never learned how to establish and build relationships. The ads and clips on social media hyping the possible rewards of making “100 calls a day” to agents in your market trying to establish a contact and a potential relationship are enough to give anyone pause to ask a few questions, like:
  1. 1. Are there even 100 Realtors in your market worth talking too?
  2. 2. Do you know who these people are and what their production is?
  3. 3. Do they control any business you would be interested in?
  4. 4. Are they more focused on listings or buyers?
  5. 5. Do they have a team or are they part of a team?
  6. 6. Does their company or branch already have a committed relationship?
  7. 7. How many other lenders are doing the exact same thing?
  8. 8. What are you possibly going to say in the first 10 seconds of that call that is going to provide instant value to that agent?

This is just the beginning. There are so many other issues beyond just these questions. For example,

  1. 1. How long did it take for you to compile the list of targets?
  2. 2. How long will it take to call?
  3. 3. How many calls will you make to each agent and when will you make them?
  4. 4. What is the total percentage of my business I expect to gain from cold calling Realtors?
  5. 5. Is this the highest and best use of my time?
  6. 6. What is my expected cost in time and treasure for this effort?


Realtors can be a solid source of loan opportunities. Unfortunately, there are not many solid sources out of the total number of agents in your market. You can check the stats yourself, about 10% of the agents do about 90% of the business. Those top flight people are already likely to have relationships they are happy with. So, before you go down the path, you should really get clear on what you are doing and why. Are making those 100 calls a day really worth it? Maybe, but not likely. As always, if you want help creating your plan, it’s This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“Mortgage rates dropped even further this week as two main factors affecting today’s mortgage market became more favorable. Inflation continued to ease while the Federal Reserve switched to a smaller interest rate hike. As a result, according to Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate fell to 6.31% from 6.33% the previous week. The monthly mortgage payment for a home loan of $400,000 is currently $2,480 compared to $2,680 five weeks ago when rates were above the 7% threshold. Although mortgage rates are more than double those of a year ago, home prices continue to be higher than the previous year due to limited inventory. Looking at the housing supply by income level, buyers earning $75,000 face the most significant housing shortage compared to any other income group. In a balanced market, these buyers should be able to afford half of the homes listed for sale. However, these middle-income buyers can afford to buy only 20% of all available listings. As a result, even though there are fewer middle-income buyers in the market, there are still not enough homes for them to purchase.”

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Today’s buzz is all about the “new” real estate market. Given the rise in interest rates, the recent and ongoing scarcity of housing inventory and the skyrocketing costs for new construction impacted by the pandemic, for most of the industry this is a “new” and changing market

When the market tightens up, it’s the perfect time to refresh and replace old, tired tools with exciting new options that allow immediate service connections with simplicity and effectiveness

And with change comes opportunity!  These new resources and platforms that connect are now seamlessly directed to provide the ultimate customer connection and are far easier, faster and economical than the historically useful but dated platforms that give smart agents the competitive edge.

So, what’s old that is now new? Let’s review a few oldies that have been “kicked up a notch” to better serve your customers and clients:

  1. Video Connection – Remember in the early zoom days how complicated it was to be face to face on a video connection”? You needed special cameras, accounts, passwords, options for waiting rooms, codes, etc. Imagine immediate connection with a prospect at the height of their interest at the first inquiry?  Today with “one click” you can easily connect with anyone anywhere without the hassle of loading and executing a download, having to send out a link, and hoping for compatibility of both the user and the guest….and the list goes on.   Check out 1-Click connection to connect interested parties with one simple “click”!   There are no delays as you establish a real time connection with face-to-face interface that accelerates the connection and provides a truly differentiated experience.  So instead of settling for the ever-popular automated text responses, you can now be the star of your own “direct channel”.   This Zoom-like video conferencing app with potential lead generations is available for only $9.95 per month, no contracts, and no setup fee. 
  1. How about ramping up those open houses with a new twist? Virtual open houses gained immediate popularity when the pandemic hit. But what if you could engage more effectively online with the same 1-click option for a cutting-edge video connection with exceptional extra services?

Using the simple “1-click” option, you use your cell phone or tablet and can do the following with as simple as one click:  

  • Schedule an open house: 1-Click provides a calendar app to schedule your open house.
  • The system assists promotion of the time and day of your event as it generates a registration form for the home shopper to fill out and then automatically and sends a text and email with the meeting list.
  • The 1-Click system then promotes your virtual open house through email, social posts, print ads, or a sign rider. 1-Click also offers social advertising that will include social community ads directed to buyers.
  • This special platform allows you to do a walkthrough of the new listing explaining the special nuances, the facts and benefits of the listing.
  • Take advantage of the 1-Click Marketing promoting your open house in a Facebook Promotion and Lead Generation 2-week campaign with a targeted add round your listing to generate 5-10 warm leads
  • When your virtual walk-through has ended, 1-Click will forward a list of attendees.

That’s 1 Click easy!  Get your 1-Click Open House users guide video and see the extra benefits to take your open houses from dull to dynamic!

  1. It’s SHOWTIME! Establish real celebrity authority in your local marketplace with an agent interview designed to be easily uploaded to all your online channels. Realty Times TV offers professionally designed interviews with a broadcasting professional to highlight the special services you provide. Video is king when it comes to establishing star power and having a video interview of you showcasing what you do and how you do it is the key to getting more recognition in a crowded market.  Click here for details:
  1. Need more leads? Everybody wants more leads, and there are several ways to engage with potential buyers and sellers without cutting into your profits. And what if you had a “jump” on hot properties prior to offering through the marketplace? It’s here!  Before They List offers opportunities to pre-market a property to buyers who are already in the marketplace to find specific properties.
  1. Now how about helping a seller prior to the official listing process? Discover the benefits of Before YOU list! This service offers home buyer prospecting solutions with properties that match their needs without the stress, time and inconvenience for those sellers who want a jump on the market before the actual listing is launched.
  1. Newsletters… An oldie in marketing for sure, but how about a newsletter that provides real RELEVANT value both electronically and with a video component? Contact creates Contracts and the RealtyTimes Newsletter has custom options to keep you connected to your past clients to get more referrals. It’s one of the best ways to stay in touch with your clients and includes the “1-Click” connection with the affordable monthly subscription. Click here to get in touch with the most turnkey, relevant and rich info to maintain and retain your clients and customers.

  1. How about adding a fun component to your website to get more views? It is reported that in 2021 over 105 BILLION dollars was generated by the lottery and now you too can incorporate a little Lotto fun on your own marketing. The Players Edge is a simple “widget” designed to build your website traffic. It’s a FREE app that when added to your website generates a onetime popup image displaying recommended lottery picks for the next Powerball or Mega Millions Drawing.  It’s fun, innovative and a real ice breaker to introduce you to new clients and to reignite past clients in a fun but engaging way.  Click here to join the fun:

These are just a few of the many new and innovative ways for you to get a jump on the market with cutting edge options to help you stand out in your marketplace.

Another compelling reason to check out center to grab a bundle of these new innovations to get a jump on 2023 and launch right now!

The bottom line is this:  technology, social marketing, lead generation and community engagement need a system of products and deliverables to be proven profit generators.  Make a real decision to be the rock star of your market with the help of Realty Times resources made just for you! 

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