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Major League Baseball season is now in full swing. Fans are back in the seats, although limited in some states as some powers-that-be are convinced that the COVID-19 is not over! The players are aware of the possible coronavirus dangers but go about their business as usual.

The key to our  “America’s national pastime” is the ball itself, which is not made in America!

That regulation baseball is 9-9 1/4 inches, weighs 5-5 1/4 ounces. It is bound together by 108 handwoven stitches through cowhide leather and manufactured by Rawlings with their plant in Costa Rica. Recently those balls were considered “hot” so MLB ordered Rawlings this year (2021) that they had to adjust their manufacturing process to reduce the bounce of the ball. They have! Batters didn’t like it!

The pitchers did! For them that wasn’t enough – never is! Every pitcher wants to throw a no-hitter! They don’t like seeing Rawlings sail over the fence. So, they invent ways that Rawlings couldn’t/wouldn’t do. The battle between pitchers and batters has always been a ”mind-game.” Pitchers have a variety of pitches at their disposal: fastball, curveball, slider, etc. Plus, a variety of velocities with speeds exceeding 100 plus MPH — from 60-feet to 6-inches away!

However, that’s not enough for some pitchers. Thus, came techniques such as using sandpaper, files, grease, etc. to “doctor” that Rawlings ball. These illegal devices make the ball jump or move during that 60-6 journey to the plate in an attempt to fool the hitter. Now comes Spider Tack that some of today’s MLB pitchers are being accused of using. It is a sticky substance illegally applied to a ball that can change the ball’s spin rate. Garret Cole, New York Yankees pitcher, was being accused of using Spider Tack and responded saying he “didn’t know how to answer that question.”

Cole continued “There are customs and practices that have been passed down from older players to younger players and there are certain things that are out of bounds,” (No, we don’t think he answered that question either). Cole continued and flipped those accusations over to the offensive side of the game, saying “batters are using gloves and pine tar and base-runners are using stickum on their gloves so when  sliding into a base their hand will stick to the bag.” While the Spider Tack question has yet to be answered, umpires are now being ordered to “examine” every pitcher’s glove and hat when he exits.

MLB recently issued the warning that any “doctoring” of the baseball will lead to a 10-game suspension!

Stay tuned for the MLB Ball Mudder Machine!

Will you log-in about who should control illegal substances that pitchers may be using?

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Tammie Slay 1Tammie is a native Texan and has been a resident of Frisco, Tx for over 20 years.  Currently, she is the Broker/Owner of two real estate companies and the team leader of Hip Realty Group. Tammie has earned her CRS, GRI and SRS.

She is a wife, mother of four children, dog owner, multi-million dollar producer, team leader, entrepreneur, community volunteer and seven year awardee of the Five Star Professional Award. Words clients have used to describe Tammie are tenacious, engaging, the slayer, hip, dedicated, bold, loyal, protective, knowledgeable, MommaSlay, candid and trustworthy. 

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For the past 15 months I have not been able to rely on audience feedback to confirm if I did a job well or not from my Virtual Zoom Home Studio.

For the first 3 months of the pandemic, every event planner wanted no Chat feature open, nor the cameras on attendees, so I had the pleasure of performing comedy, singing and entertaining, along with teaching The Promise, to the wall.

No laughs.  No applause.  No response.

Some clients even wanted a pre-recorded video which allowed me the opportunity to not only record 74 takes over a 12 hour day, in order to reach perfection, but then to receive an email a day later asking me to add an extra 10 minutes because it was so good, and that they needed it inserted in the middle of my video and to not appear recorded later…

The lengths to which I have gone to merely survive are beyond what I ever thought would be required of me, and yet, I am not alone:

All of us have had to Keep The Promise in our own way. 

And yet, even once the Chat feature opened, pre-records essentially done away with, engagement the name of the Zoom Virtual presentation game, and I pretty much began nailing every Virtual experience for my clients…I still missed the applause.

And so, over the past few weeks I have had the blessed opportunity of being in front of humans again in real life.

This week I found myself in a HYBRID situation: 80 attendees In-Person and 200+ online.  

My excitement for applause and laughs quickly was dashed when I stood on stage and began into some great funny routines, lines, and parody – and realized:

This is a group of Accountants! 

Silence as deafening as a Zoom call from my Home Studio.

Oh my heavens to betsy, I just flew across the country to speak and make people laugh, only to hear the breathing of accountants computing my humor as they laughed hysterically inside their bodies! 

As I came off stage and ran to the hall to catch my breath, assuming they would have been laughing their guts out with a cathartic “We are back doing LIVE events!” euphoria, instead met with a resolute silence of the laughs, the horror of my reality came full circle –

I need an Audience that gives me some FEEDBACK!

Tearing into my Journal, I resolved to redo my entire Keynote, to switch this story and this musical piece, to find a way somehow to connect with the ever-elusive reception I have so enjoyed in the past.

After my writing was finished, I returned to the room to clean off my table and grab all of my gear.

Suddenly I felt the presence of a human next to me.

Looking up as I wrapped up the cords to my computer, I jumped up to greet the hand extended in post-COVID friendly warmth, no fist bump offered, just a full open hand I prayed was washed completely ready to shake my over-washed sanitized hands in greeting.

It was then a most surreal experience, as person after person appeared, like little angels of acknowledgment, to reassure me that not only was it the best keynote they’d ever seen, and the most unique, but that it touched each heart and mind with a perspective I hadn’t anticipated or assumed due to their silent response from stage.

One proclaimed their Promise to go after better clients;

One proclaimed their Promise to be a better Father;

One proclaimed to have just texted a co-worker a list of strengths and gifts they had noticed and never acknowledged;

One proclaimed to commit to keeping The Promise to self and eat healthier from that moment forward;

One proclaimed he had called his Mentor to say Thank You;

One proclaimed to have deleted all social media apps off the phone to be a more Present parent…

Every single person said something different touched them after listening to The Promise.  

Person after person filled me back up.  In my despair they were there.  An Audience letting me know the message not only was a business home run, but had made them want to run home – to their families, to keep better Promises to loved ones, to do their job better and at a higher level.

The experience knocked me out and lifted me back up.

I need an Audience.  I used to be used to that kind of positive feedback from a standing ovation, encore shouting crowd.  That still happens in most settings, but this time it did not.

Instead, there they were, one by one, telling me how The Promise had just inspired them, changed their lives, changed their business.  Whoa.

Back in Business. 


Upon reading this post, my brother, Josh, reminded me of one of the most powerful scenes in movie history.  In one of my favorite movies ever, Oscar-winning Best Picture, “A Beautiful Mind”, the story of genius John Nash (played masterfully by Russell Crowe), who suffers from schizophrenia, yet uses his mind to control it, is told he’s to receive the Nobel Prize.  While being asked if he can appear at the important ceremony and not embarrass anyone, suddenly a room full of peers from his university pay him an even greater honor: The Private Pen Ceremony. 


Your Promise Prompt for This Week: 

We live in a post-Pandemic world that is still kind of not completely in the “post”.

How can you acknowledge someone at a higher level for their service, their performance, their greatness?  Are you making it a point to do so? 

In the past I have spoken about the Promise you have to YOUR Audience.

Now we reverse the roles.

YOU are The Audience.  How are you showing the love to those keeping The Promise to YOU? 

Because as masks, elbow bumps, and a general lack of socialization has become the norm, there has possibly never been a time and place more essential in our lifetime to NOT only leave reviews and feedback when there is a job poorly done…

Now is the most ESSENTIAL time to keep The Promise and give favorable feedback to those doing a job well done, which very well may provide the lifeline for them to literally hang on.

For a few people, being the best person in The Audience very well may become one of your greatest Signature Moves.  That’s a learned SKILL, not a natural gift!

That is The Promise of The Audience. 

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A bit about Verl: 

Verl WorkmanVerl makes it his personal mission to develop amazing coaches. It takes thorough vetting and intense training. But it all starts with being a master coach himself, who leads by example.

Verl brings deep real-estate, leadership and coaching experience to every business relationship. His coaching clients represent the elite agents, teams and brokers in the world. But they didn’t necessarily start out that way. By identifying the “why” behind each goal, he is able to help his clients achieve greatness.

Verl is also an accomplished speaker and presenter—one of just a handful of presenters to earn the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association. His experience and expertise in all aspects of sales, marketing, promotion, management and technology have enlightened and empowered helped thousands of professionals to expand their knowledge and achieve their goals.

Verl’s contagious style and sales and management mastery make him not just an ideal coach, but the consummate coach’s coach.

Verl's credentials and accomplishments include:

• Founder & CEO of Workman Success Systems
• Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from NSA
• President of RIS Media's Top 5 in Real Estate Network
• Co-founder of Pinnacle Quest Consulting and Verl Workman Seminars
• Co-founder of Automation Quest (acquired by in 1999)
• DISC Training Certified
• Successful, active real estate agent & business owner

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The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 affected how both individuals and organizations had to operate professionally like never before. Many workers went remote, while others were unfortunately laid off for the time being. Brick-and-mortar organizations had to close their doors with no real certainty as to when “business as usual” would return.

The reality is that nobody accurately predicted the novel coronavirus would disrupt us as it did, shutting down the global economy and leaving a sea of uncertainty in its wake. All were left with no other option than agility, whether we realized it or not.

In my Anticipatory Leader System, I teach the importance of having an Anticipatory mindset, where we use the future certainties of Hard Trends to our advantage as a way to see disruption coming before it disrupts. This allows us to become positive disruptors and stay ahead of the curve.

Agility Was Everything to Start

But when COVID-19 swept the world, many turned to agility. In hindsight, I’ll bet many wish they could’ve anticipated the devastating effects a pandemic would have on the world in an effort to prevent widespread disruption.

Hindsight is 20/20, making that hope merely a pipe dream. While anticipation is a vital competency for the success of any business in any industry during pre-pandemic days, the reality we faced and lesson we learned from a global pandemic is that agility is a supplementary competency needed as well.

Mere days into the pandemic and global lockdown, organizations of all different industries had undoubtedly already begun their implementation of an organization-wide agile mindset. This was a necessity, but soon after, a shift to anticipation was equally as imperative.

Where was the world outside of their industry heading, and in what ways could the Hard Trends of these transformative times be beneficial to our ability to grow as a leader within and outside of said industry?

The Perfect Combination

It is not evident at this moment, but in the near future, we will see which businesses decided to use both agility and anticipation during the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, and which merely used agility as a way to pivot until the world went “back to normal.”

I’m not only referring to the basic disruption of closed doors and excessive video meetings with employees and business leaders. I’m talking about the exponential technological change COVID-19 accelerated in only a few short months.

Everything from video conferencing to artificial intelligence (AI) applications became as essential for a multitude of organizations as a grocery store was to a family of four. These trends will only continue to increase in value as we navigate our way further into the post-pandemic world.

Let’s take video conferencing via Zoom, for example. This software existed prior to the pandemic and was gaining popularity in the remote workforce. When nearly every industry had to go remote, especially K-12 education, Zoom’s value went through the roof, helping every classroom and every student stay connected and continue to be in school virtually.

That was agility at play, and it worked, but now going forward we must implement anticipation in determining how this technology will shape the future of our industries. 

Think Exponentially About Exponential Change

Another competency I teach in my Anticipatory Leader System is exponential thinking about these exponential technological advancements. Zoom being a medium on which an organization can continue to have meetings is great, but there are a multitude of features and out-of-the-box applications the software can help with as well.

The presenter has the ability to film the class or meeting for reference later is an exponential use of the software, with nothing becoming permanently missed, and perhaps the old way of note taking that might not work for everyone is now replaced by audio and video recordings and screen captures of literal examples from a class or meeting.

This simple capability doesn’t stop there. More exponential usage of the functionality of Zoom could be beneficial in the freelance economy. Several individuals will respond to the economic uncertainty following COVID-19 with a side skill, such as graphic design.

Instead of logging hours with clients with meager descriptions about the project, what if you used Zoom to film your screen while you design their marketing materials, so they have a log of the hours worked and you provide them with a detailed visual of what you created for them?

Agility and Anticipation Is for Everyone

One thing is for sure: whether you are a business leader, an entrepreneur, or a working professional, having an Anticipatory mindset coupled with agility is necessary in all of our lives.

Both digital and physical disruptions do not stop at the organization level; as individuals, our personal lives can be disrupted as well, as was most evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. How we operated as individuals in public was completely uprooted, sending many into a tailspin of uncertainty.

Enrolling in my Anticipatory Leader System can greatly benefit you both professionally and personally, bringing real-world examples of how you can turn disruption and change into opportunity and advantage in all aspects of your life while discovering how anticipation and agility creates a well-rounded plan for you, your family, or your business.

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June is coming to an end and with it the first half of 2021. Now is the time to spend an hour or so to review your year-to-date numbers against your business plan and see where the data takes us. Things to look for:

• Purchase/refinance numbers
• Referral partner closed referrals
• Sources of opportunities
• Marketing/prospecting response
• Reality (including those currently in your pipeline and preapproved) compared to projections 

Once we have this data, we can also see who was involved in our purchase transactions on the listing side of our deals and see who we enjoyed working with and check their numbers to see if it is worth investing time and energy to make an approach? Remember, we aren't looking to grow numbers, we are looking to grow quality!

We also must check our systems to be sure everything is working as intended and make changes as needed. No system is perfect forever! Last, we must be sure our vacations/time off is scheduled! After a year of COVID-19 we all can benefit from vacations more than ever! 

If you need any help in setting any of these items up, just go to the website and use the "Business Planning Module" to guide you. You are also welcome to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”  Jimmy Dean

Listening to the financial news during the day sometimes reminds me of being out in a sailboat when storms are approaching.   You have to pay attention, with one hand on the tiller and the other ready to adjust the sail to ensure you don’t end up being blown into the drink. 

The Federal Reserve has been buying billions of dollars in mortgage-backed securities.  This committed action by the Fed has been artificially keeping mortgage rates low.  The Fed has hinted that they may taper off on this activity sooner rather than later, which would pressure mortgage rates higher. No one knows when the winds will turn, though.   Currently, rates are still hanging around the 2’s and 3’s, generally speaking. 

No matter which way the wind is blowing, most financial gurus tout in their publications and podcasts that increasing your income or reducing your debt or both will build a stable infrastructure financially. Thanks to a perfect storm, we now have insanely low mortgage rates and an unprecedented rise in home values.  

How are some of my savvy mortgage clients handling their boats in the windstorm?

1. Reduce debt at a cheaper, stable, fixed interest rate.  

“Money’s cheap. You might as well borrow it,” said Dessie Danforth (not her real name.)  Dessie explored a couple of refinance options to reduce the interest rate she was paying on her mortgage and lower the interest cost on other debt by rolling the other debt into her new mortgage.  This refinance scenario saved Dessie several hundred dollars per month in overall debt that she committed to using to make extra payments to get rid of all of her debt sooner. 

2. Buy a house. Start building personal wealth. 

Byron’s lease was about to expire on the apartment, and his neighbors had already told him to get ready for a hefty rent increase.  
“Not this time,” Byron vowed.   He got his real estate team of professionals together to get preapproved for the mortgage to give him the terms he wanted.   His realtor worked with him, and we put together some winning strategies so his home purchase offer would sail on through to acceptance

3. Use a cash-out refinance to upgrade and modify the home.

The Franklin’s decided it would save a lot of money to bring her mother home to live with them.  The cash out to a low fixed-rate mortgage gave them the funds they needed to modify the home so her mother and the Franklins could live together but enjoy the privacy of their own space.  


Some of the best clients we can have as real estate professionals are those clients who know what they want and why they want it.  These customers have consulted with their financial advisors, and they have a vision for the life they want to achieve. 

When we asked the right questions, these clients tell us what we need to know. We can use our knowledge and resources to help them get the house and the financing terms that will put them on course to the life they want.

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As the pandemic winds down it has certainly changed the way we live life and do business. A majority have spent an entire year from home, buying, working, and surfing the web. Certain trends have emerged during this time that show no signs of slowing down. Concerning us in the sales and marketing space, we’ve seen that more prospects than not, currently prefer digital self-serve & remote human engagement over face-to-face selling.
Although it began as a way to ensure safety from COVID-19, this affinity for online selling and purchasing is based primarily on buyer convenience, ease of exploration, and speed of ordering. In fact, I’ve identified three major shifts in our field that are now on the rise.

1. Carvana experience: In 2017, Carvana went public with its car vending machine idea. This marked the beginning of a new wave of self-service selling. Most seller interactions have moved to remote or digital platforms utilizing what companies now refer to as “The Carvana Experience”.

2. Customer Journey: Businesses in every field have had a common thread. As the customer progresses from prospect to customer to client, the use of digital communication increases respectively. Additionally, video calls are preferred to phone calls in everything from internal team meetings to customer or vendor connections. This will change the selling dynamic in most sales organizations either to total adoption or to a blended strategy going forward.

2. High-End ECommerce: The final major trend in the selling and marketing space is the propensity for prospects to make digital purchases at ever-rising price points. I’m talking ($50k+)! As referenced by Carvana, even the large purchases made by the middle-class across the globe, like cars, houses, etc., are being made online, without meeting in person.
The facts speak for themselves… the companies that adapt their processes to meet these new trends will, without a doubt, thrive. Those that don’t will likely be phased out of the mainstream. It’s that simple.
But not everything is subject to change. At U. S. Learning we are striving for excellence in every arena, with a large focus on finding the newest ways to stay ahead of the pack. However, the bar is being continually raised on us in sales as we see the standards of operation in customer contact are constantly changing. 
We must study newly created principles, not just methods and old habits to provide a solid foundation for our team to build on. Despite what's been shouting at you in Facebook and YouTube ads, there are things you can learn to build your business without re-defining your entire infrastructure every week. This means you can devote your time, resources, and money to strategic fine-tuning, evolving processes that improve on your status quo of recent years and improve your bottom line in the process.
We will need to adopt a constantly sharpened eye for new opportunities to make thoughtful changes or solidify some time-honored principles that are still working.
Since we are all in the business of solving people’s problems, those who can do this most efficiently will beat out their competitors time and time again. This will require some creativity in the way you get your message out there but, in order to do that, we must be better than ever at understanding our customer and their needs.
One such area is in defining VALUE. As you’ve read in this newsletter before, the best definition of value is not from the dictionary, or from your CEO or your marketing department. It is from your customer. And if you have six hot prospects you may have six different definitions of value in play. We can successfully strategize for positive results only when we know what they value and how we can go about solving their problem. 

We can best utilize this information during our needs analysis. This needs the human touch, when possible, but can be facilitated with technology. The growing popularity of digital selling makes the need for sound and personalized needs analysis more vital than ever. Think about it for a second. If you aren’t there to ask them, then how do you find out? This has a myriad of potential solutions, but one of the simplest is by implementing surveys. This can work in synch with your personal needs analysis. Only when we have gathered sufficient information and crafted a solid solution will we be in a position to win their business.
Our survival needs have not changed, although our interests and expectations have. The amazing thing about selling today is that YOUR innovations can impact THEIR expectations. We know that people change when the pain not to change exceeds the pain to change. People also buy when you remove all doubt that they will be better off with your product/service and worse off without it. A company that is more well-known, more efficient, and more creative will win out over those who are simply trying to keep up.
What are you doing to ensure your sales success in our ever-changing marketplace? There will always be new ways to do business, and, like it or not, that determination IS a popularity contest. Be known for the innovations you have embraced and the problems you solve and you will stand out from the crowd!

Sales is not only about our deliverables. It's about the service model in which you deliver them. Make it personal. Don’t overlook the “human element” to selling, even in a digital world. And lastly, make it purposeful. Get out there on the bleeding edge and leave the following edge for those who hope to emulate you!

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While Jon Rahm was listed as the favorite for the 121st U.S. Open that concluded at  Torrey Pines in La Jolla (San Diego) California yesterday, this column went to press before that tournament was concluded.

Rahm is a professional golfer who was leading the 2021 Memorial Golf tournament earlier this month by 6 strokes. However, as he walked off the 18th green – he lost! How did that happen? Rahm had tied the 54-hole scoring record and could have tied Tiger Woods as the only repeating champion, but the tournament committee disqualified him. Did he record a score on his card incorrectly? Had his ball moved as he approached it? Did he ground his club in the bunker prior to hitting? Nope, he couldn’t even get as far as tournament HQ. The disqualification happened right on the 18th.

As soon as Rahm had putted out, he was informed that he tested positive for COVID-19 and thereby was disqualified!  Rahm had evidently come in contact with someone who either had the virus or was asymptomatic, which sent many to their Funk and Wagnalls to find out what that is. Rahm had tested negative in previous Covid-19 exams, but his latest test came back positive.

What to do now? Some suggested he should be allowed to play his final round in a foursome with masks. Others suggested letting him play this final round by himself. Neither of these were acceptable in the game of golf. This COVID-19 rule, as unnatural as it may seem, was a policy that was understood by all and, thus, was the only course to follow. Rahm was exasperated. He then had to spend 10 days in quarantine.

The monetary reward for this Memorial Golf Tournament, played at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, was $9,300,00 with the winner earning $1,675,000. What did Rahm get? Unfortunately, zip-nothing. Being disqualified doesn’t entitle one to any compensation. No wonder Rahm was seen doubled over on the 18th green after hearing the news.

Jon, a 26-year-old Spaniard, born in the Basque Country, Spain, now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Kelley Cahill. He states that growing up he held golfers Sergio Garcia and Seve Ballesteros is high esteem. With a 10-day quarantine at home, Jon spent time practicing on a golf simulator even though he had shot 16-under at Memorial and played some of the best golf of his life. That’s a good remedy and an important lesson following a tragic mishap.  Got back to work!

What is your best remedy when a setback, expected or not, occurs in your life?

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39F63F3B 096B 4B2B 8D14 41F6E0CD21B0Occupi is a real estate technology company

That designed Fully integrated, self-showings technology inside your Listing and Brokerage  platforms

 Occupi enhances clients’ ability to attract, retain and convert prospects for residential rentals and sales.

We do this through: Startup firm that is the that aims to fundamentally disrupt the global residential real estate rental market. We are the B2B-B2C PropTech.

Fully integrated, self-guided tours under your brand
Empowerment of your technology and platforms
Guiding prospects seamlessly through your digital marketplace

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AustinAllisonAustin Allison is the founder and CEO of dotloop, the fastest growing real estate software. After studying Real Estate Development at the University of Cincinnati and Corporate Law at The University of Cincinnati College of Law, Austin co-founded dotloop in 2009. He describes what he does as "surrounding the company with great people and keeping us aligned around our vision and goals." What little free time Austin has is spent with his wife Angela and their Yorkshire terrier Paris. He is an avid endurance sport fanatic, which includes: marathons, triathlons, and wakeboarding. Austin was named to the 2012 Forbes 30 Under 30 class, Inman News Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders, and was 1 of 10 CEOs featured as "Ohio's Most Talented Entrepreneurs" by CEOMagazine. Most recently, Austin made the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine and was named Inman News' 2012 Innovator of the Year.

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Heidi Kuhn As the Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk, I understand that public service has never faced as stern a test as it does today. People are watching our government, and with this challenge comes opportunity. They want to be reminded of that distinctly American feeling that theirs is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, a government that works for them and it is my goal to serve the public by standing up for them and making the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office stand out by being effective and efficient in our service.”

Heidi Kuhn started her career with Shelby County Government in January 2001 as the Executive Director of the Crime Victims Center, advocating for victims and fighting for their rights. She was then appointed as the Deputy Director of Community Services, where she was responsible for all victim and offender services, as well community support divisions, such as the Aging Commission, the Community Services Agency and Veterans Affairs. Ms. Kuhn then became the Director of Training where she developed a Training Center for the County from concept to fully operational status. Prior to being elected Criminal Court Clerk in August 2018, she served as the Special Assistant and Lead Strategist to Sheriff Bill Oldham, researching, strategizing and implementing innovative policies to enhance law enforcement and jail operations.

Ms. Kuhn believes in giving back to the community and thus has served and continues to serve on several boards and is active within the community. She is a member of Leadership Memphis, an Adjunct Professor for Christian Brothers University, she held a position on the Advisory Board for COMEC (Commission on Missing and Exploited Children), a Foundation Board Member for the Shelby County Drug Court, Past Vice-Chairman of the Lakeland City Economic Development Commission and the Lakeland City Design and Review Commission, Past President of the Domestic Violence Council, a Board Member of Greater Memphis Media, Inc., an active member of the County Officials Association of Tennessee (COAT), and a member of the International Association of Government Officials.

Ms. Kuhn holds a Master’s degree from Christian Brothers University Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of New Mexico. She also holds certifications in Leadership, Management and Ethics.

Clerk Kuhn is committed to serving the people of Shelby County to the best of her ability and she is dedicated to making sure the Criminal Court Clerk’s office strives towards effective and efficient government operations. 

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Whether we swipe our finger or ask Siri using our voice, smartphones have become a window to the world of information and knowledge sitting in our front pockets and purses. Nearly all of us and our customers have access to this miraculous device that allows for constant connection to and communication with the rest of the world, and in the rare case that we are not with these smartphones or other digital devices, we are probably asking the person next to us to use theirs to check something for you, as commonplace as we used to ask someone to check their wristwatch for the time.

A Paradigm Shift

As soon as businesspeople and consumers alike moved away from using devices like the BlackBerry and instead picked up a Samsung or iPhone, a behavioral paradigm shift occurred.

We can now send a text or make a call with flawless precision, send high-resolution photos and videos, use an Internet browser to search for whatever we may need, and listen to an unlimited collection of music on Spotify or even stream television via YouTube TV, which caused us to become obsessed with using our time as efficiently as possible. This limits our patience for arduous or mundane tasks, making us frustrated with people who cannot move as quickly as our devices.

Does this make technology good or evil? To tell you the truth, it is neither. A smartphone is a tool, much like a hammer to a carpenter. It’s not the tool; it’s how we make use of it. So how can we use it to shape a better future for the world?

Thinking Exponentially About Smartphones

A smartphone’s ability to reach into the cloud and give you access to these aforementioned virtual products and services is only one piece of the puzzle. As I teach c-suite executives and business leaders with my Anticipatory Organization® Model, we must think exponentially about both software and hardware to stay ahead of disruption.

For example, the ability for our smartphones to function as a supercomputer has begun to facilitate unlimited business possibilities. Think about the location services of a smartphone for a moment. How often do you consider what goes into the functionality and reliability of Google Maps? I’ll bet you think of the mechanics of GPS navigation on your smartphone as frequently as you consider how you’d go somewhere without it: almost never.

With voice commands on smartphones and comparable features in our vehicles, many of us even skip typing an address altogether and simply say where we want to go. The app gives us the best route and even an ETA using AI and in a matter of seconds, you are on your way.

As a consumer, this feature does its job perfectly; the point is for us as consumers to take it for granted. But to bring exponential thinking to this, as entrepreneurs and business leaders, understanding the functionality behind GPS and location services you so easily have access to, we can see an amazing abundance of new opportunities.

A small component in your phone facilitates the access you have to a large network of Global Positioning System Satellites, which provide the device coordinates of where the phone or tablet is located at any given time. This is a pretty large-scale usage of both software and hardware, combined with geographic information systems (GIS) in the cloud to instantly capture and present spatial data that provides users with the ability to not only locate themselves, but their surroundings as well.

So understanding this process, how can we look at this technology exponentially and as business leaders or entrepreneurs, start to solve a problem? Likewise, what industry has a problem needing to be solved by a smaller-scale version of a smartphone GPS app? 

GPS-Powered Grocery Stores

Grocery shopping transformed dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, where not only were customers required to plan ahead a little better when making their weekly trip for groceries, but just as many opted to use curbside pickup or grocery delivery where possible.

Following COVID-19, how will grocery shopping transform? For those customers returning to in-person shopping after using pickup or delivery, which was easily facilitated by using an online shopping cart and searching for a specific brand of product, it is likely that their patience for walking the aisles will be paper-thin.

Organizations are already harnessing our obsession with instant gratification delivered by our usage of smartphones and tablets in many other ways, especially online shopping. But how do we get customers back in the door of brick-and-mortar locations and, better yet, combat the negatives of instant gratification and make it a desirable experience for them?

With this information, coupled with an understanding of GPS at play in our phones, it should be easy to find a way for a grocery store to both tap into the location setting industry and combine it with the inventory technology already at play on their online store. Essentially, create a real-world user experience similar to an online store, where the shopper creates their list, and perhaps as they walk through the store, has the grocery store’s app active where it pings when you get close to a specific product you’re looking for, helping you find its exact location.

This Is a Both/And World

Individual consumers’ desire for instant gratification increasing as a Hard Trend does not mean grocery stores, necessity stores, and in-person retailers are going to abandon all of their past operations. The level of connectivity this world boasts and the exponential increase in virtualization thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic has also created a desire in many to get out of their homes and physically shop.

Implementing an enhanced location awareness app in a grocery store merely improves the part of the grocery shopping equation that, prior to COVID-19, many found frustrating. Another exponential opportunity with this app idea is to build in a feature where it suggests to said customer another brand that may be more health conscious, perhaps tied in with stats from an individual’s wearable like an Apple Watch.

Enhanced location awareness provided by in-building systems allows customers to take their time and enjoy something as tedious as in-person grocery shopping with the arduous part having been solved for them. It also brings the inventory of an online grocery store to the in-person shopping experience, as the app could also let the customer know if something is out of stock and that another brand is available.

Using Anticipation to Expand

Remember, the Hard Trend is people’s desire for instant gratification in all situations of life, spurred about by the instant gratification of our smartphones. Knowing this, your opportunity antenna should be up as an entrepreneur.

Consumers want what they want, when they want it, and enhanced location awareness is increasingly being utilized by retailers large and small to fit these desires. By embracing this powerful tool and using it in an anticipatory way to pre-solve problems before they become problems, businesses can meet the needs of their customers in new and powerful ways.

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We have talked about inflation and the fact you can’t fight the FED. More and more information show prices climbing, and the FED keeps buying and buying keeping rates low. They called it “transitory.” It was a supply chain issue and once everyone goes back to work, prices will return to “normal”. But today the FED had to acknowledge that indeed, inflation is real, and much hotter than they would like despite all their efforts. So, as it would be today, they admitted inflation is real but still clung to the “transitory” argument, at least for now.

Prior to the FED announcement, the 30yr MBS 2.5% coupon stood at 103.38 and up .02 on the day. Right after the word came out, that coupon was down 44bps at 102.92; and we closed down 59bps at 102.77. The 10yr was also on the move; before the announcement it was down .01 on the day at 1.4870. After, it moved higher to +6bps to 1.56; and closed at +8 for the day and 1.510. Some saw repricing quickly and expect those that did not, will certainly see it today. It is certainly worth watching, but before you panic, remember these numbers are the same levels we saw in early April, and we all survived, and there is a strong floor of support at 102.65. In any case, none of you should have been surprised or stuck with loans floating.

The good news is, and there is good news, mortgage applications were up last week by more than 4%, with purchases up by 2% and refinances up by 6%. Despite higher home prices, people are still hunting for a home and see ownership as a great value. The main reason could be rents are up 5.3% year over year; but 2% in May alone! Rents on SF detached properties were up by more than 7%! Which could be the reason that in places like my state of Florida, home ownership rates are at 68%!

Keep focused on the markets and your mission! The cost to shelter yourself and your family is going up, and many people are still seeing the value in BUYING that shelter. Rates are still great, and refinances still make sense for many people.

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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