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 Coni HeadshotConi Meyers, LMC, CBLC, CDC, Crisis Management Specialist, and Leadership Clarity Strategist has spent over 40 years supporting thousands of individuals and businesses.

She is passionate about helping and creating mindful, visionary leaders that can overcome any crisis and disaster. Her unique background combined with her experience as a FEMA inspector and trainer ​gives her an all encompassing perspective for creating this certification. She saw a need to educate and prepare as many individuals as possible for all disasters. And so CKM was born!

Coni has helped taken the National Home Inspection Company​, now known as WIN Home Inspections, and OnlineEd from the local market to having a national presence. Additionally, she has owned four consulting companies and has earned three prestigious life and leadership coaching credentials.

Coni is the founder of CKM Solutions Group, as well as Crystalline Moment Success Movement and Kickbutt Leadership. 

She is an international best-selling author, speaker and trainer. Her current work includes her new books, 

When the Unthinkable Happens and 

Leadership in Trying Times. Coni is the author in the soon to be released, 

Crystalline Voices: Women Leaders in Real Estate.

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 Michael Combs Portrait smallMichael F. Combs is a literary fiction and non-fiction writer on a mission to help people find hope, build meaningful relationships and live with no regrets through his uplifting books. His life changed in 2003 after dying and coming back, not once but twice. Deprived of oxygen for too long, he lost his memory which provided a full “mental reset” that restored his childlike wonder of life. After nearly two years in recovery, Michael was more determined than ever to live life to the fullest.

With his renewed purpose in life, he went on to defy all odds becoming a prolific fine artist, multi-book author, music and meditation composer and he even achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot. Starting with nothing more than a dream, he earned a spot in aviation history with the The Flight for the Human Spirit, setting six world records and reaching 30 million people with his message that ‘It’s never, ever, too late to follow your dreams’. The plane now resides in a prestigious aviation museum in Denver, Colorado.

Combs lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Michele. They have four grown children, all successful, motivated entrepreneurs whose help made The Flight for the Human Spirit possible.

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I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving last week. This week we need to talk about December and the fact that we need to really focus on our people. Our clients, our teams, our support staff, and most of all our families all require our attention. The steps are pretty simple:

• Every current file in process that closes this month needs to be smooth and swift. Take care that any file scheduled to close the last two weeks of the month be clear to close no later than Friday the 18th.
• All pre-approvals need to be contacted this week to determine their intentions. Are we looking every week at homes, are we looking occasionally for homes, or are we waiting until January to resume looking?
• Those with files to close in January need to stay on top of information and timelines so we don’t start 2021 in a train wreck! Timelines make for smooth and happy closings!
• Each of our referral partners needs a conversation week one! Are they working and what are they seeing? Gauge activity levels and be supportive with winning strategies. If they want to take off, support that as well and connect with them next year and move on to those who are working.
• Take the time to listen to your team and their stories about the holiday schedule. It’s been a long year and many are over tired. Be supportive. You can prevent most of their challenges by being engaged and being sure everyone is following the plan.
• Your database of closed clients’ needs a holiday message from you!
• Your other professionals need to be up to speed on the new FNMA limit and how it is a huge benefit! Share the strategies!
• Last but not least is to be available for your friends and families. You have had a great year and have been working really hard. So let’s schedule plenty of uninterrupted fun time with those that are most important to us!

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Debra TrappenDebra Trappen (tray-pen) is a sought-after strategist, best-selling author, podcaster, professional keynote speaker, and respected voice of women’s empowerment movements. She is known for her signature “truth, wrapped in grace, with sides of sass, moxie, and fire” way of communicating and engaging her beloved communities.

When she is not idea-storming her next adventure, reading-writing-recording in her Fire Up! studio, or sprinkling moxie from the stage – you will find her walking Lizzie her JackChi pup along the water’s edge, editing photos, watching Sci-Fi and 80’s flicks, or traveling and wine tasting with her husband and besties!

Her first book, Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11 and the Fire Up! Podcast are both accessible on her website. When you are ready to live your best life out loud, on purpose, and on your own terms – reach out and connect.

She dares you.

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Dr. Jim Tunney Jim Tunney had an exemplary career in sports. A former high school coach, teacher, principal and district superintendent, he had a 40-year career in officiating football and basketball.

Thirty-one of those years he was an NFL Referee working a record twenty-nine post-season games including four Super Bowls, ten NFC/AFC Championship games, six Pro Bowls and twenty-five Monday Night Games.

He officiated some of the most memorable games in NFL history. His book Impartial Judgment: “The Dean of NFL Referees” Calls Pro Football As He Sees It, chronicles his NFL career.

As a Professional Speaker, he is Past President of The National Speakers Association and a Charter Member of its most prestigious group – The CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame. Jim holds every professional designation of the NSA, including the Oscar of Professional Speaking – The Cavett. NSA named him Philanthropist of the Year in 2007.

Dr. Tunney (a doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California) continues to serve his community as  Trustee Emeritus of both Monterey Peninsula College and York School; where he once served as Headmaster. In 1993, he founded the Jim Tunney Youth Foundation to support local community programs that develop leadership, work skills, wellness and self-esteem in youth. He and his wife Linda live in Pebble Beach, California. They have six children and sixteen grandchildren.

As an author he has written and/or co-authored thirteen books: Impartial Judgment, Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan’s Soul, Speaking Secrets of the Masters, You Can Do It!, Super Bowl Sunday, Insights into Excellence, Lessons in Leadership, Build a Better You and his most recent book, It’s the Will, Not the Skill.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker who educates, motivates and entertains with a lifetime of stories about leadership, team building and sports 831-595-3258.

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HS18 RachelWayte FullRes 3She is a formerly trained classical & opera singer, who for many years hid her healing and spiritual gifts for fear of being seem, being heard and fear of her own light. Back in March 2018 she felt stuck ,weighed down by the feelings that she wasn’t fulfilled and that there was more she should be doing with her life. She knew things had to change and she made the brave decision to stop hiding and really step into her power and capabilities as a healer. She now uses her powerful singing voice for what it was meant for - helping others to heal.

Rachel uses sound, energy & intuition to help purpose-driven women get unstuck so they can fulfil their deepest desires & make a lasting impact She works with clients from across the globe to help them free themselves from their past, release heavy emotions & deep pains so they too can find the strength to step into their truth & power.

Rachel lives in the Manchester UK with her composer husband Gavin and their 8 year old daughter Annie.

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