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The PGA tour is underway now with the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am scheduled for Feb 3-6 and the PGA Championship taking place MAY 19 – 22, 2022 at Southern Hills CC,  Tulsa, OK. Eager golf fans are ready to be a part of the game be it live on the course or watching via streaming apps.

I have long been a Pebble Beach resident and have spent many enjoyable days on the course with friends and well-known sports names. My dear friend the late actor James Garner and I were regular players there and he really wasn’t someone you wanted to make much noise around when he was concentrating! As you know, Pebble Beach isn’t just the No. 1 public course in America. Pebble Beach is the No. 1 Golf Resort in America. Reminiscing about old friends and neighbors and a stunningly beautiful course led me to revisit the change in months for the PGA Championship.

Not all that long ago, the PGA Championship was always in August. Why is it now in May?

The PGA Championship is one of the PGA Tour’s 4 annual major championships. Each major is put on by a different entity. This major is put on by the PGA of America, the teaching arm of professional golf. It had traditionally been put on in the fall for many years, but now has moved to May to help with the Tour’s wraparound scheduling and to get it out of the way of the Olympics, the FedEx Cup run to the Tour Championship. And let’s not forget that by August, MLB is in full swing and the NFL is playing preseason games which takes away some interest in golf.

Back to the original question… why was the tournament moved to May?

In August of 2017 Pete Bevacqua, CEO of the PGA of America announced that the PGA Championship would be moving from August to May and that they had been discussing it for four years at that point.

From Golf Digest:

Our analysis quickly proved to us that with a late May date:

  • We would be able to continue to conduct the PGA Championship at many of the great historic courses in the Northeast with the likelihood of more temperate weather and certainly healthier turf conditions.
  • Some of our more Southern venues would be even more appealing with less heat and more challenging playing conditions.
  • Other great areas and sites around the country suddenly become far more attractive in May as opposed to August.
  • Television and media consumption are as healthy or healthier during that time of year.
  • We would welcome the opportunity to be the second of the four majors in the annual major golf chronology.
  • It makes sense for an organization whose members serve as the tangible connection between the game and just about all of us who play it here in the United States, to have our major championship occur earlier in the golf season so we can more effectively promote along with our broadcast partners our grow-the-game initiatives that our members bring to life.


I believe we can all agree that golf is a recreational force of nature, played in some of the most beautiful locations in the world no matter what season.

Will you login with your favorite course and your favorite professional golf tournaments?

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