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Too many people lose business because they don’t pay attention to their connections! Absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder; it makes it look in new directions. Loan officers are notorious for “assuming” relationships instead of nurturing them! Prime example is that many originators loose touch with their contacts, preapproved borrowers, and closed clients at an alarming rate. I have seen firsthand that very few people schedule the follow-up or even have a written follow-up procedure for each stage of their relationships. The lost income from those lost relationships is often far more than what that originator makes each year! Imagine that you could double your income if you had a follow-up procedure you followed?

I just ran into a group in the past few weeks that literally would DELETE follow-up tasks that were scheduled, just to clear the schedule! Yup! Just delete the task instead of doing the work, absolutely a sure-fire way to quickly clear your task list at the same time you shrink your bank account! You want to double your business? How about you just do the work?

News from the street is that we are seeing solid success with our back-to-school strategy and the housing obsolescence plan that it is rewarding to see such great feedback! These strategies work if you work them! Helping your realtor referral partners generate new listings and double side transactions goes a long way to keeping you in new referral opportunities!

It's time to work the accountant plan! For those of you who have been collecting and connecting with your accountants, NOW is the time to pick up the phone and execute the plan! It won’t work with everyone, but it will work with a few of them, and that is all you ever need!

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For more than 40 years I’ve looked forward to this time of year as schools were starting after a long -- sometimes it seemed short -- hot southern California summer and that meant football season and Friday night lights were back. After graduating from Occidental College and beginning a high school teaching career, I began a football officiating career as well which concluded in 1991 when I retired from the NFL. When I started, I never thought of professional football, let alone college officiating. For me, high school officiating was exciting and financially rewarding - even though it was low-paying. ($12.50 per game).

Today, every week in our local newspaper, yes - we still have those, there are high school football results as well as other high school sports scores. I am sure in your community it’s the same. Unfortunately, following these scores is an article titled “Officials Needed.” NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) reports that this is happening in most communities in our country. The reasons given are “low pay” and “abuse of the officials.” Understandable but not acceptable.

Being in the school business as a teacher/coach as well as a principal, I understood that the officials’ paychecks came from the school’s budget. That money had to be raised from somewhere. There were not many “donations” from community organizations -- especially in the inner-city where I was teaching. Also, we had to pay 4 officials for football games each week as well as junior varsity and lower-level games. Today the pay, as well as the officiating crews are larger – 6 officials (and more like $60-75 per official) The complaint from officials on low pay is that they find other ways to supplement ones pay.
The abuse issue is understandable as society is much different in today’s world than in the 1950s and 1960s. I don’t think that needs explanation since we see on our nightly news how a lack of respect for authority has dissipated in today’s times. Further, it is not just fan disrespect of game officials but also disrespect from coaches and game personnel. Unfortunately, it is widely known that disrespect of officials happens from school personnel and not just fans. There has always been some of that but far more today than ever before. A security force today is needed for everyone’s safety.

Sports is a great teacher of respect. Coaches and parents can get respect for authority across perhaps better than anywhere else– and they do. I want to leave you with the thought that most do. It’s only a few exceptions that seem to fail in this regard.

Will you “stand tall” with your moral compass to enforce respect for authority?

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