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So much information about how bad the market is or how interest rates are going higher and that is going to kill the market. Well, those are EXCUSES made by the many who refuse to do what is needed to WIN! And believe me, people out there are WINNING every single day!

Higher home prices are not stopping buyers from buying. Higher interest rates are not stopping people from buying. Inventory, or the supposed lack of inventory, is not stopping people from buying houses. Those that are winning are working, while those that aren’t are whining! You can make excuses, but they won’t help you win.

We have talked to this point over and over, and yet it seems some have missed it. You must find what is winning in your market and share the strategy so they can win, and YOU can win! Every day there is incredible opportunity to share winning strategies and secure your deals. What has been winning?

  • • Focus on the quality of the pre-approval and the speed with which you can close! Being ready and turning a file quickly can win deals!


• Have your buyers ready to make their best offer, and it isn’t always about the most money, it can be how confident they are in the closing and how quickly you can get it done.


• Teaching your people that life isn’t about rates, its about PAYMENTS! There are many ways you can lower your borrowers’ total payments, it’s not just about the rate!


• Credit scores can lower more than just the cost of the loan, PMI and homeowners’ insurance benefit as well. Don’t forget the possibility of your PMI Representative helping you explain how to lower that cost while people are shopping or preparing to buy a house.

You can whine or you can WIN! To learn more about winning:

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“Protecting the integrity of the game” has been one of the stalwarts of the National Football League. I’m sure it is the same in every pro sport as well as college and scholastic games. Every fan wants to see an honest game. Even games in your living room need to be played with integrity. If the opponent is cheating, it makes it not a game but an unfair contest.

During my 31 years as a referee in the NFL, I was overly cautious to avoid conversations with strangers who wanted to ask me about a certain player or a player injury in order for them to have an advantage if they were betting on games. The officials on the NFL field today need to be just as cautious. I am proud to say that in my 62-year association (I started in 1960) with the NFL, there has never — I mean never — been an on-field NFL official accused of bribery or supplying inside information to gamblers.

I am sure the NBA, NHL, and MLB have the same creed of “protecting the integrity” of their sports. Yet less than two decades ago the NBA fired a 13-year veteran referee, Tim Donaghy, who was found guilty of not only betting on his own games but also found guilty of providing inside information to gamblers. Donaghy refereed 13 seasons in the NBA. Evidence proved that he was the rogue culprit.

The concern here is that gambling is addictive and while it has become legal in many states, it has caused many to be guilty of death and loss of liberty. Yet the NFL and other professional sports have partnered with several online betting sites such as DraftKings, FanDuel, and the Fox Bet app and it continues to grow — now in 21 states. Even the dynamic, retired quarterback duo of the Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli) has partnered with Caesars Sportsbook to encourage fans to bet on games. And you don’t have to leave home to place your bets! Yes, our internet advancement had made all that possible.

It was sure different in my NFL time when game officials were denied visiting Las Vegas during the football season in fear that gamblers would contact them. Now not only are officials in Vegas to work games in Allegiant Stadium but there are also hockey officials there to work Golden Knights games. Progress may lead to trouble. Stay tuned.

Will you log in your concerns (if any) about the relationship between gambling sites and sports leagues?

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