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The 2021 Major League Baseball regular season began on April 1 and ended on Oct. 3. This is the final season of the Cleveland Indians competing with that 106-year-old nickname, a name they have used since 1915. Going into the 2022 season they will be known as the Cleveland Guardians. It’s a new era for Cleveland baseball and we wish them well.

Recently I went back through my TunneySide archives and came across what is probably my favorite baseball memory in “A Classic Baseball Story” where I unabashedly share my lifelong loyalty to the New York Yankees. As a kid, I would listen on the radio to the Yankee broadcasts each night before going to bed.

This column was so important to me then, and now, that I am going to beg your indulgence as I share it again.  There are some men and sports figures who are just bigger than life and the role model they provided us then, and now, should never be forgotten. For me, one of those men is the inestimable Lou Gehrig, known as “The Iron Horse”

My admiration for Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, and that team still stands tall in my mind. Gehrig, the Yankee’s first baseman played 17 years – his entire career – for New York. Why would he want to play elsewhere? He was nicknamed “The Iron Horse” for his strength and durability. However, what separated Gehrig may be his retirement speech as death was approaching, due to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) – now called “Lou Gehrig Disease.”

It was 1937, Gehrig was in Chicago where the Yankees were to play the White Sox. A friend asked Lou to pay a visit to a 10-year boy, named Tim, who was in the hospital stricken with polio. Tim was refusing to try therapy. Gehrig was Tim’s hero and Tim’s parents hoped a visit would encourage Tim to go to therapy. Gehrig made that visit and said to Tim, “I want you to get well. Go to therapy and learn to walk again.” Tim said, “Lou, if you will knock a homer for me today, I will go to therapy and learn to walk again.” Lou promised.

Although Gehrig had a career 493 home runs, this request came during the last two years of his career and home runs were not as easy to come by as they are in today’s game. The pressure was mounting as Gehrig rode to the ballpark, yet he felt a deep sense of obligation along with his apprehension. Well, Lou didn’t knock one home run that day. He knocked two!

A short two years later when ALS was taking the life out of the old iron horse the Yankees held a Lou Gehrig Day on July 4, 1939. Yankee Stadium was packed with every dignitary possible. As Lou stepped to the microphone, Tim, now 12, walked out of the Yankees dugout, dropped his crutches, and, with leg braces, walked toward Lou at home plate and hugged him.

That’s what Gehrig meant when he said those immortal words. “Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

Who will you be a role model to?

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NBC Reminder Media HighRes copyWith both a law degree from Marquette University and 20 years real estate experience, Nicole offers her clients the benefit of working with an agent who really understands the intricacies of the complex real estate contracts along with the practical experience of what it really takes to list and sell a home in the shortest amount of time while maximizing the seller's proceeds.

The Real Estate Center – Pewaukee WI

Starting her real estate career in 1999, Nicole has had the opportunity to grow with and learn from the real estate market over the past twenty years. She understands the value of an education holding a law degree from Marquette University. As a licensed attorney in the State of Wisconsin and a real estate broker with the firm she founded, The Real Estate Center, Nicole sees her role as not only an advocate but also an educator. Education is empowering and whether it is assisting a client in a real estate transaction, being a mentor to agents in her firm or coaching other real estate agents and brokers around the country through Workman Success, few things bring her more joy than helping others fulfill their dreams.

A mom to her adorable and funny daughter Kate, an avid traveler with a love of the mountains and the water and always up for a challenge card and board game player, Nicole lives her life by finding joy in every day and bringing joy to others.

Details on Momentous Gift:

Momentous Gift is a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of helping other women become mothers and men become fathers. Momentous Gift was created because founders struggled with having a child and were turned down or failed so many times and then through God, someone came into their lives and offered to be a gestational carrier for them which resulted in their daughter being born.

When their daughter was four years old, recognizing the impact she had made already made on their lives, their families lives and seeing the ripple of love that has flowed from one drop, one decision to help someone, they wanted to pay that gift forward but how?

Through prayer the idea to help other women become mothers was created. Infertility is a real struggle. It is often a silent heartbreaking battle when you want to be a mom or dad but there are obstacles to overcome which may seem impossible but through God all things are possible.

Momentous Gift is here to help facilitate the creation of families because when you help a person become a parent, you also make grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and a ripple of love in the world.

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Kirk WeislerWith over eighteen years of executive coaching, speaking, research, and professional experience, Kirk’s perspective is simple and unpretentious, and his suggestions are applicable and undiluted. Kirk understands that your work life is more than a commute and a paycheck. You will spend most of your conscious week at work, thinking about work, or driving to work.

Therefore Kirk believes in seeing your work life as your life’s work (outside of your home and family). With that in mind, how can you make your life’s work more meaningful, fulfilling, and rewarding?

IT Professionals have awarded Kirk with “The Speaker of Highest Merit Award” and organizations tweet him as the “People Whisperer” for his exceptional way of connecting with people individually and collectively wherever he goes. Kirk is known for his ability to share personal life stories, converse with his audience, and offer coaching that builds trust and inspires action.

Kirk is currently the Chief Morale Officer for companies and organizations around the globe. He offers coaching, keynote addresses, and workshops for companies of all services and sizes. Kirk is a past leader of the National Speakers Association, a master team builder, and a professional storyteller. He has been a part of 7 start ups, 4 of which were widely successful. One of these startups created over 1,000 jobs for aspiring IT professionals.

One hundred percent of Kirk’s consulting and speaking engagements have come from word-of-mouth-referrals from delighted clients and customers. In 2014 Kirk was invited to give over 50 presentations on leadership in other countries, visiting every continent. He continues to work with the best and brightest teams from dude ranches to medical institutions such as MAYO and John Hopkins to help them on their journey of building a more engaged and positive culture.

Kirk’s book “The Dog Poop Initiative” has sold over 80,000 copies. It has been translated into German, Spanish, and Hebrew. While this book is written for all ages and can be found in many public school libraries, the #1 buyer of the book is Boeing Aircraft who use it for their Six Sigma Lean program. Managers often use this book for their morning huddles or weekly kick-off meetings. Kirk’s second book “The Cookie Thief” is another metaphorical story that teaches a powerful lesson. Kirk’s popular T4D (Thought for the Day) blog reaches thousands of individuals on a weekly basis. He is also featured in the book “Speaking on Success” with other famous authors such as Stephen Covey.

Some of Kirk’s successes include: DELTA, Yum!, General Mills, America Express, FedEx, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Enfamil, ChemDry, Johns Hopkins, Emory University, Anthem, BlueCross, Cargill, Discover Network, Carestream Dental, ALPAC, CUNA, Panasonic, Altra, Pink Elephant, HDI, and ATT&T to name a few.

Prior to Kirk’s career as a CMO and professional speaker, he served in the 19th Special Forces and as a US Army Ranger. Kirk resides in Arizona with his wife and six children.

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Olympic-Hopeful-Sable-Otey.pngSable Otey has spent most of her adult life clearing hurdles -- usually the type that are lined up single file on a running track -- but there have been a few that life has dropped in her way. When the world is your stage, you want to be at your best when Olympic gold is hanging in the balance.
She's challenged herself to earn a spot on the United States bobsled team that competed in the Winter Olympics in South Korea. In some ways, it's a major transition from track and field, her sport of choice in high school, college and one year beyond, but in other ways, her role on the bobsled team is very similar. Either way, Otey is convinced she had the athleticism, work ethic and support and made her latest dream reality.
After her pregnancy ended hopes of participating in the 2012 Olympic track and field trials, Otey figured she'd transition into life as a wife, mother and schoolteacher in her hometown of Memphis, Tenn., but then a relative suggested she give bobsledding a try. After all, the rear member of the bobsled team, known as the brakeman, often has track and field experience since a strong push with good speed is needed at the start. There are two- and four-man teams, and Otey is on the two-man team.
Otey had never even considered the sport, however. She didn't care much for cold weather and wasn't a fan of rollercoasters, but that just elevated the challenge. Having a track and field background certainly didn't hurt.
"Having that technical background in track and field. ... that has played a major role," she said. "You find yourself having to use some of those same techniques while trying to push the sled."
Otey grew up in the Memphis neighborhood of Binghampton, one of two children to Tamara Otey, a single mother who's now an Assistant Professor at Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College in St. Louis. Otey ran track at Memphis East High School and, shortly after graduating, married her high school sweetheart, Reuben, who had joined the Navy.

Reuben was transferred west to San Diego, where Otey continued competing in track and field, first at Mesa Community College in 2007, then at Cal State San Marcos in 2008, where she became an NAIA All-American while specializing in the seven-event heptathlon.
Otey was so good she earned a partial scholarship to George Mason University in Virginia, where she won a Colonial Athletic Association title in the heptathlon in 2010, thanks to wins in the 400 meters, 800 and 100 hurdles.
Her track and field career continued to spike even after graduation. Running unattached in 2011 at the nationally renown Mt. SAC Relays in Walnut, Calif., she posted a lifetime-best score in the heptathlon of 4,953 points, aided by a personal-best wind-legal time of 14.08 seconds in the 100 hurdles (she ran a wind-aided time of 13.82 the following month at the Occidental Invitational in Eagle Rock).
Otey was well on her way to earning a spot in the Summer Olympic trials the following year, but then learned she was pregnant and was forced to curtail her training.
Otey couldn't bear to watch the 2012 Olympics in London, instead turning her attention to training other athletes, as well as furthering her education by earning a master's degree in education at National University in 2013.
Otey and her husband also headed back to Memphis with their baby boy, Amar'e, where she landed a job as a health and physical education teacher at a local elementary school. Otey figured that would be her life moving forward, but then the chance to be a bobsledder reinvigorated her Olympic hopes.

Olympic Bobsled Training

Then there's the soothing ice baths a couple times a week.
"After you do all that, all the pounding and things like that, you need to make sure that you're doing recovery," she said. Dr. Patrick Kolwaite, owner and practitioner of two The Joint Chiropractic locations in Memphis (Wolfchase and Collierville), has also become an important part of Otey's recovery.
"I was going there a couple times a week to get adjusted, and that really helps," Otey said. "When my tailbone gets kicked out, or anything gets out of whack, I can feel it. When you're used to getting good therapy, you can feel when something's out of place."
Fortunately for Otey, there’s not a lot that’s out of place.
Flexibility is a key to remaining injury-free, and performing to, literally, the gold standard.
And that would be bad when you’re going for gold.
Currently she and her husband Reuben Otey are the owners and operators of the Triple M Agency located in Cordova Tenn where they help families, especially African-American families to learn about wealth building and entrepreneurial financial fitness tools. Both are Life Insurance entrepreneurs helping both their community and Memphis become more fiscally secure.


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So long as there are products and services offered by an organization, there will be the existence of a sales force.

The basic fundamentals of selling are simple: a customer expresses a desire for something and, in turn, someone sells them a product or service to address that desire. Essentially, sales are how an organization converts a “want” into a “need.” While these fundamentals are timeless, they are rooted in a reactive process.

When an organization focuses solely on sales in a reactionary way, they can be quite limiting. So, instead of waiting for a customer to have a need, where a plethora of competitors stack up with their own products or services to fulfill that need, you can actually help a customer discover a need they never knew they had.

Pre-Solve A Problem With A Pre-Mortem

In most cases, the customer thinks they know all the solutions to their problem, and only inquire about something with which they’re already familiar, and too often, a business or organization delivers on exactly what they want, rather than solving a problem the customer doesn’t realize they have.

In my Anticipatory Leader System, I teach about a competency called the Hard Trend Methodology. With the Hard Trend Methodology, a business leader learns to identify Hard Trends, which are future certainties that will happen, and use those Hard Trends to pre-solve a problem before it becomes a problem.

The key in this case is pre-solving a problem, or identifying a problem that a customer will always have, and a solution they don’t realize they need. A simple example of a Hard Trend could be a cyclist who will need new tires eventually. As long as bicycles have tires, cyclists will need new ones periodically. So, how can a bicycle manufacturer pre-solve the problem of a blown inner tube in a bicycle tire, rather than merely selling a customer a replacement inner tube after their tire is blown?

The best way to implement this methodology is by conducting what I call a pre-mortem, asking the customer questions and peeling back the layers of their need to discover why they may need a product or service. In doing so, you will uncover that there is far more information available than you initially realize.

When it comes to our cyclist example, a pre-mortem question could be: what is the most inconvenient part about a flat tire? Most will say that a flat tire doesn’t happen when the bicycle is sitting still; it is when they are out riding. Therefore, pre-solving the problem is not necessarily selling them new tires, but a better solution for if and when a flat tire happens.

A pre-mortem is a far more consultative approach than an agile, reactionary post-mortem, where you wait and see what a customer will need.

Is Their Problem Real?

Another facet of using a pre-mortem to determine what a customer needs is to establish whether the problem they have is actually the real problem they need solved.

Continuing to explore our cyclist example, the real problem in their case is likely not the flat tire and having to buy a new one; it is the inconvenience of being stranded on their ride, especially if they do not have someone to call for a ride back home. That reveals a layer to this sales onion that many bicycle manufacturers or even smaller bicycle shops have never considered.

Now, my Hard Trend Methodology also teaches Anticipatory Leaders to identify Soft Trends, or future maybes that are open to influence. How you solve this newfound problem is a variable, and leveraging digital technology in an exponential way will also facilitate your ability to pre-solve their problem. As a bicycle manufacturer, perhaps you create an app that operates similarly to Uber, but for roadside assistance for cyclists.

Instead of selling customers on simply stocking up on new tires, something they can do through any bicycle shop, you create a new product that solves a problem they didn’t think they needed to have solved, through identifying what their actual problem is.  

Anticipation Unlocks Unlimited Sales Possibilities

All of these aforementioned competencies are practiced exclusively by Anticipatory Leaders and Anticipatory Organizations, especially in their sales departments. Limiting your sales of whatever product or service your organization offers to a reactionary mindset, where you wait until a customer has a problem to scramble and provide them a solution, is archaic.

An agile and reactionary sales team would be like a cyclist having to call your manufacturing firm while sitting on the side of a rural road with a flat tire, and for you to essentially reply by saying “that’s unfortunate, we’ll be sure to bring you a tire as soon as we can.” Sure, that solves a problem, but not before your valued customer goes through stress and, thanks to the immediacy of our digitally connected world, contacts your competitor to see what they can do sooner.

When you simply put out fires for your customers, you will always be at the starting line. Anticipation gives you an advantage over your competitors and removes the need for you to benchmark your sales of anything against their numbers. 

And remember, sales are not always business-to-customer. A business executive “sells” his or her idea for a new business model to their colleagues. In any sales setting, the more you can use anticipation to pre-solve problems before they occur, the more beneficial the outcome for everyone involved.

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Nicolas Manetta-“Those who don’t think outside the box are easily contained.”

“We have reached a tipping point,” real estate market experts are saying.   They point out that more homes are being listed for sale, and the prices are still rising, but not at the double-digit frenzy we have seen over the last year.

Homebuyers are stepping back into action and making offers on homes now that there may be only five competing offers on the house they want instead of twenty-five offers.

Buyers want to lock in a fixed mortgage rate in high two’s or three’s to give themselves an affordable house payment and a design on building their personal wealth.  

Home sellers sitting on the fence are now staking the “For Sale” sign out in the yard.     While home prices are high and demand is red hot, sellers want to realize the highest profit and not regret later that they did not sell high when they had the chance. 

Home prices and borrowing costs that continue to climb crimps affordability on homes for sale.  Homebuyers who are committed to get the life they want have to think outside the box.  If the home that fits their design is too high for their budget, they look for a home that they can convert to their desired design.   

Some homebuyers find a lower-priced fixer-upper home. We put together the special loan programs it requires to finance the purchase and the fix-ups.  

Others find homes that have not been refurbished in 30 years. If that house is surrounded by homes that have been remodeled and updated, then the chances are good they can buy it at a lower price and remodel gradually over time to get the home looking like they like it.

Then there are people like Charlie and his wife who were budget-conscious.  Charlie was in his 30’s with a wife and a young child and another baby on the way.  “The house we are in is a little cramped now, but when the baby is born, this house won’t work for us at all.”  He talked about a neighborhood where he and his wife were looking at houses.  

When I asked him questions about the price ranges of the homes in the neighborhood he was describing, his voice sort of trailed off. He didn’t finish his sentence. Then, without any warning, he just blurted out, “I don’t really want to buy an existing home anywhere.  What I really  want to do is build the house the way we want to live in it.”

When he asked which financing program would be best for him, my answer was the one he already knew to be true before he ever asked. The real question was, “Where will you be happiest—in an already built home or the new construction home you design yourself?”

So many times, the best deal ever is the one where you follow your heart and figure out for yourself how to make it work.   Charlie and I started working on the money down and the payments per month if a builder built the house he wanted out in the country.  Unfortunately, the home they wanted was just too pricey for their current budget. 

After looking at a few ideas, he finally decided that he could afford to build the house they wanted if he didn’t finish the attic and left the bonus room unfinished.  Charlie and his wife could finish that part later 

“With small children, I wouldn’t want them trying to navigate stairs anyway. Then, when the children are a little older, and I have a little more saved back, we can finish out the upstairs, and it will be like having a brand new house.” He planned to consult with a realtor who knew the values in the area. He was going to get with a builder and then come back to me with some prices and terms we could compare on putting together his mortgage terms. 

As real estate and financing professionals, we have to open up the box and encourage customers to find ways to get the home they want with the financing they can afford. To help remember the most clever ideas, consider keeping a digital notebook of methods former clients and other pros have used to break through affordability barriers.  

Jo Garner, Mortgage Loan Officer  NMLS#757309 Sierra Pacific Mortgage Cordova, TN NMLS #1788 (an equal housing lender.)  Host of iHeart radio show Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe. Author of “Choosing the Best Mortgage-The Quickest Way to the Life You Want” available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on 

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Now is an important time in our industry to pay attention to the numbers, the charts, and especially the political rhetoric on all sides. I don’t remember a series of potential market movers and known events all happening in the next week, but any or all of these could dramatically move the markets.

First, lets look at where we are to see where the mortgage markets sit as of 6am 10-7-21 when I am writing this: UMBS 30yr 2.5% is 103.05 – 10yr T is 1.52. In the past year the High was 105.63 on 1/4/21 and a low of 102.20 on 3/19/21 and the 10yr T was 1.71 on 3/31/21 and .709 on 10/14/20 Just a point of reference and charts you can have available to share with your clients. We also saw refinances drop 10% week over week and down 16% year over year with rates only being about .125% higher this year. Market certainly volatile and the trend is for rates to go higher. Case-Schiller nails home values up over 19% year over year.

Events that can move the markets. 

  • Today 10-7-21 initial jobless claims
  • Friday 10-8-21 September 2021 Jobs Report
  • Next week – 10-13-21 – CPI report & 10-14-21 PPI

Ongoing movers can include:

  • New conforming loan limits for 1-1-22 $625,000
  • Debt Ceiling
  • Is $3.5 TRILLION DOLLARS really ZERO?
  • Will “Infrastructure” Bill ever get passed?
  • Supply chain getting better or worse?
  • Southern Boarder/COVID/Vaccines/Boosters/CRT/FBI targeting parents…


There is a lot to talk about. Questions or comments: Mike@IMTcoaching

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As a writer, I continue to look for new stories. So, when I saw the above three letters (LFG) I did some research to discover their meaning. There’s more than one. In gaming, LFG is widely used in chat form for online communication with the meaning “looking for group” to indicate that a user or subscriber is seeking to join an already established group. In text messaging, LFG probably indicates impatience or enthusiasm on the part of the sender to start doing something. The “F” is a word that I will omit here, but we certainly hear it all too often.

Tom Brady, quarterback of the NFL champion Tampa Bay Bucs, has used LFG in “firing-up” his teammates. Megan Rapinoe has used LFG with the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, who clinched victory in the 2019 World Cup. While I would argue that both Brady and Rapinoe could have used a more acceptable adjective to spark enthusiasm, the use of that “F” word is (unfortunately) more popular in today’s youthful vocabulary. Right or wrong, it does get attention.

After that 2019 World Cup, the hue and cry was “equal pay!” “equal pay!” “equal pay!” not only from Rapinoe and other women on that T*E*A*M, but from voices heard round-the-world. The U.S. World Cup team headed by Rapinoe has won four World Cup titles and four Olympic gold medals thereby being the most accomplished and successful team in the history of international sports. It is reported that players on the women’s team earn 89 cents on the dollar compared to the $1 earned by the men’s team. Plus, the men’s team players earn almost double in bonuses. “Not fair” is a cry from the women.

I would argue for the women but change the “F” word to “F A I R” as in fair pay for the women’s team, win or lose — but not equal. I have often believed: “There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.” While some may argue that the size of women’s and men’s soccer fields, and soccer balls as well as number of players on each are the same, it still doesn’t make them equal. The level of play and intensity is different. That’s not to say there is less intensity in the women’s game, it’s just different.  Not so incidentally, the U.S. Open tennis played in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York, last month awarded both the women’s and men’s champions each $2.5 million for their wins!

Will you log in with your thoughts about equal pay?

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