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Here we go again! As if we didn’t learn from past mistakes, with the stroke of a pen, a vast majority of people who have done things the right way will be forced to pay for those who have made specific choices that have put them in a poor position. Let’s be honest, nobody with below average credit doesn’t know why they do. It isn’t a surprise when they don’t pay back the money they owe or are late making payments. People have below average credit because of their actions. So why now is it the mortgage industry the ONLY industry that the government has chosen to reward bad behavior at the expense of those who have done as they were supposed to?

Have we not seen this story before? Remember the “mortgage meltdown”? It wasn’t that long ago the entire world suffered because standards were relaxed and those who should never have been able to borrow huge sums of money were just given loans, they would never be able to repay. So why are we going back to a failed belief? You have below average credit scores for a reason!

Now IF we wanted to assist those with below average credit, why not make below average credit people attend financial literacy classes and pass a test? Why not enroll them in a program that helps them create a budget and manage money over six months or a year to PROVE they understand how money and credit work? This new TAX on those who did nothing wrong may only lower payments on those with credit challenges by less than $50 a month. How does that get someone into a home? You didn’t target car loan rates? You didn’t target cell phone rates? You didn’t go after payday lenders, credit cards, or pay as you go places, streaming services? So why attack the mortgage industry? Don’t we already have many options for people to make that purchase?

First time home buyers are NOT the issue with the housing market. Mortgages aren’t the issue with the housing market. Supply and demand is the issue with the housing market. It isn’t the money or the programs or even the rates; it’s an issue that we have to many people chasing too few homes.

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amy 47 ppAmy Stoehr – CEO of Real Estate Masters Guild

Encouraging and supporting like-minded real estate professionals who want success, profitability, balance and significance as their operating model.

I've been training with, teaching for, and learning from the real estate industry's brightest and best since 1993!

My mission since 1998 has been to have a profound impact on improving the quality of people's business and personal lives.

I spent nearly 12 years with one of the real estate industry's most influential trainers, Howard Brinton STAR POWER Systems. Their foundation of best practices from best agents simply made sense. And the synergy and family atmosphere nurtured there is one I continue to seek out when I attend conferences and create in our live event environments.

On the personal side, I love to hike, and I put this to the ultimate test in September 2019 by summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. That adventure became a life-altering experience that led to the creation of Kilimanjaro Kidz Education Foundation - I hope you take a few minutes to check it out! A portion of every single coaching package is contributed to better education for the children of the incredible people working on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Oh, and some of you may appreciate that I'm married since 1994 to an excellent guy who tolerates my craziness - and super proud of the two sons we were blessed to raise.

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