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The Masters Tournament is coming up next week, played where it only can be played at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, from April 7 through Sunday, April 10. This golf tournament announced by the voice of CBS Sports, Jim Nantz, is as he says, “unlike any other.” From personal experience I can truly say it is, indeed, unlike any other, and beyond. I have had the privilege of playing courses worldwide, and, without demeaning other wonderful golf courses — Augusta National is truly unlike any other. There are dozens of wonderful stories that come out of  Augusta.

Here’s one that I like: “Are you crying? Are you crying? There’s no crying in baseball” shouts Manager Jimmy Dugan (played by Tom Hanks in the movie “A League of Their Own”) to player Evelyn Gardner’s (played by Bitty Schram) outpouring. But there can be crying in sports as evidenced by Bubba Watson’s outpouring when he won the 2012 Masters — some 10 years ago.

Bubba hit an awesome shot from the deepest rough about 164 yards to land within 10 feet of the pin on the 10th green during the second playoff hole in the 76th playing of that 2012 Masters. He then two-putted to win! Bubba had lost his father to throat cancer 18 months earlier. And just two weeks before that tournament, he and his wife Angie had adopted their first child, Caleb. His emotions were sky-high.

With tears streaming down his face, Bubba avoided the customary handshakes and proceeded to hug everyone allowed on that 10th green starting with his mom, Molly. Bubba loves the game of golf and plays it at the professional level just for that reason — for fun! Sure, he plays to win — as he will this April but treats his competition as fellow competitors, not enemies. Track that scene with this, plus one of Sergio Garcia, a Spaniard, walking off the 18th green with fellow competitor, Rory McIlroy, an Irishman, arms around each other. Garcia ended up with a 286, 8 strokes behind Bubba, and McIlroy — an early tournament favorite — at 293, 15 strokes back.

Were Garcia and McIlory disappointed in their 2012 Masters performance? Of course, but they were able to keep their competitiveness in perspective. Bubba’s celebration continued with a 400-mile drive from Augusta that night to be with his wife and baby. He got three hours of sleep and got up early Monday morning to feed Caleb. Bubba typifies that golf is just a four-letter word G*A*M*E and needs to be kept in that context. But crying — well, crying is OK.

Will you keep your game or anything else you do in perspective of your life’s real goal?

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We are all aware that a person’s credit score impacts their ability to obtain a mortgage; it dictates the cost of that loan if they qualify. However, very few people focus on all the factors involved in a credit score. Further, while many people think that they are “good” if their score is over 620; most people are unaware that according to Experian®, the average credit score in the United States as of 2/22/2022 was a record high of 714! Why is this important? Because anything below 714 is BELOW AVERAGE! So, if you put it into perspective, that client with that 620 score, is 93 points BELOW AVERAGE! 

The reason this is important is that the borrower’s credit score impacts not only the interest rate on the loan, but it also can impact:

  1. Loan program
  2. LTV
  3. Ability and cost of PMI
  4. Ability and cost of homeowner’s insurance


The point I want to make here is simple; we can’t control the interest rate market, but we can do something about the costs by improving credit scores!

Now would be a good time to put together short video with your:

  • Self, explaining the pricing differences between 620 to 800
  • Your PMI rep showing the impact on those payments
  • Your Insurance Professional show the impact of credit score on different types of home insurance policies.

This kind of information can help you help your clients by reducing costs that they can control!

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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