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Whether we ask Amazon’s Alexa to play our favorite song or shout “Hey, Google” before asking the device a question to help our child with their homework, artificial intelligence (A.I.) has been in the spotlight more frequently in the past few years in consumer applications. In past articles, I have identified the implementation of artificial intelligence (A.I.) as being “helpfully cool”; however, its application in industries of all sorts is exponentially revolutionizing how we both think and work. Coupled with the disruptive nature of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, A.I. is now far beyond the novelty it was originally considered to be. Because of the versatility of A.I. applications and how quickly they are becoming applicable in everyday life without us even realizing it, the business disruption that comes with them is speeding up as well. Organizations that implement my Anticipatory Organization Model will have tremendous advantage in leveraging the…
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I’ve been hearing from my clients and have read some comments by others that people are saying they are going to “wait” until home prices come back down and it’s more of a “buyers’ market” before buying their next home. That is an interesting thought, but it begs the questions: • When will those prices come back down, and from what level and to what level will they go to?• Will the come back down price be lower than it is today?• What is the cost of your current housing doing?• What will the cost to borrow be IF, and it’s a big if for a reason, if the cost to you to borrow LESS MONEY is higher than the cost of borrowing MORE MONEY is today  You see, I am not sure who it is that is guaranteeing that home prices will fall below where they are today, and by how much they are guaranteeing those…
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“Put people around you who are the best at what they do, then let them do what they do best.”  Jo Garner  Former baseball player Steven Kanborg finds it fascinating to watch people operate in high-pressure situations. He tells of the big college baseball playoff game. Everyone was playing as usual until two teammates, under stress, stepped out of character.  They forced throws, tried to do too much at the plate, and handed the opposing team the advantage.  It was a long bus ride home.  As a homeowner, when you are trying to sell a home, buy another home, pack up, move, and unpack, it can feel like a high-stakes game.  A lot of transition and a lot of money on the line can add to the pressure.  If you are not a real estate professional yourself, it's time to consider the advantages of having a reputable real estate professional…
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Cathy Droz, Founder/CEO is an accomplished automotive journalist, author, speaker and radio host with a passion for the automobile industry. A native of New York, she was just 17 when she purchased the family sedan, which evolved into a 40-year career including opening a full-service automotive advertising agency, and, most recently, publishing her first book, “A Woman’s Guide to Buying a Car with Confidence and Street Smarts – Don’t Let These High Heels Fool You.” Highly respected by industry influencers, Cathy has test driven more than 500 vehicles, giving her insight and knowledge on virtually every make and model on the market to effectively educate the car buying consumer and make the search for the perfect automobile a pleasant and rewarding experience. Cathy is currently Founder and CEO of HER Certified® — which stands for Honesty, Excellence and Respect — the industry’s first comprehensive certified dealer program aimed to help…
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Can the words civility and sports fans be used in the same sentence? If the simple definition of civility is courtesy and the word fan is abbreviated from fanatic (excessively enthusiastic), can fans be courteous? We recently observed that fans have thrown objects at NBA players as well as shouting vulgar and obscene names at them during and after games. We’ve also noticed that some fans, wanting to cheer on their T*E*A*M by standing up thereby blocking the view of other fans, who were cheering the same team, but seated. All of these fans were in seats near the playing floor. The seated fans asked those standing to please sit down since those seated couldn’t see. Those standing refused to sit. If you were one of those standing, what would you do? It was observed that those standing were younger (20s-30s), while those seated were older (50s-60s). Older fans intend to sit more than stand,…
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Michael Krisa - Vice President of YLE Consulting Group is a real estate broker and has been a practicing since 1989.In that time he has won numerous awards for outstanding sales achievement and has managed a number of top producing offices.Commonly known as "That Interview Guy", he is famous for getting up close and personal with the movers and shakers in the Real Estate Industry. His audio and video interviews let you go behind the scenes and learn from the greatest minds in the business.In addition to his interviews with the leading names in real estate, Michael is also a consultant, coach, and VP of YLE Consulting Group
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