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Whilst being a mom is one of the most fantastic jobs in the world, it is also one of the most challenging. Being organised, making time for activities, cleaning and feeding everyone can be extremely difficult, especially when you are trying to juggle it with your career. Finding time to keep everything in order and be on time can be testing, however there are a few things you can do to help get ahead as a mom and in your career!

Share Roles With Other Parents

Every parent will understand the pressure you feel when you can’t quite get on top of things, so speaking to other parents and sharing roles is a great option to make your life easier. Organise for your children to go to the same after school sports club or weekend dance class and take it in turns to take them and pick them up. This will save you a good few hours a week to help you take back some control and get organised. 

Another great idea is to speak to family or friends and see if they’d be happy to take your kids for one afternoon a week for a play date. This will give you time to clean up where you need to, batch cook a few meals or have a well deserved break with a cup of tea and a book. You can return the favour on another day in the week to give other parents the same space. Sometimes all you need is a few hours to yourself to regroup and your kids will benefit from having a more energised and happy parent when they get home!

Speed Up Meal Times

Something that takes up a lot of time as a parent is meal times. Deciding what to eat, going shopping, cooking and clearing up can take up hours of the day. So, here are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

Firstly, plan your meals, get home food deliveries and cook in advance where possible. Over the weekend, decide exactly what you’ll be making for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the week and only buy the things you need for those dishes. See which days will be busiest and plan to have meals that can be cooked in bulk and frozen in advance, such as spaghetti bolognaise, chilli, soups or curries. This will save you so much time each day. 

Next, reduce the clean up time as much as possible by covering yourself and your little one! How many times have you had to try and find a new outfit after your child has been sick or thrown a bit of food at you by accident? When it comes to breakfast, get yourself a specific towel or sheet that you can quickly pop over your clothes to protect them before work. Also, avoid needing to do another clothes change for your kids by investing in some weaning bibs or sleeved bibs that protect your child’s clothes. These simple things should save you lots of time and effort. 

Be Present In Your Role

In order to be successful as a mom and in your career, it is important to be present and focus in both of your roles separately. Rather than trying to juggle emails with getting your kids ready, focus on getting them up, dressed, fed and dropped off at school/nursery. Now, you can focus on your job role for the day, whatever that might be. Then, after you’ve finished work and you’re home with your kids, leave your work worries in the office and enjoy your valuable time with your children. 

You won’t be able to thrive in either environment if you let them cross over. As a professional, you will get so much more out of the day if you wait until you’re in the office or at your desk to focus on your tasks in hand, rather than starting them in the morning and not knowing where you are up to. When you’re at home, focus on being a mom, and when you’re in the office, focus on your career. Your children and your company will benefit greatly if you effectively separate your home and work life

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HS18 RachelWayte FullRes 3She is a formerly trained classical & opera singer, who for many years hid her healing and spiritual gifts for fear of being seem, being heard and fear of her own light. Back in March 2018 she felt stuck ,weighed down by the feelings that she wasn’t fulfilled and that there was more she should be doing with her life. She knew things had to change and she made the brave decision to stop hiding and really step into her power and capabilities as a healer. She now uses her powerful singing voice for what it was meant for - helping others to heal.

Rachel uses sound, energy & intuition to help purpose-driven women get unstuck so they can fulfil their deepest desires & make a lasting impact She works with clients from across the globe to help them free themselves from their past, release heavy emotions & deep pains so they too can find the strength to step into their truth & power.

Rachel lives in the Manchester UK with her composer husband Gavin and their 8 year old daughter Annie.

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Karyn Buxman headshot 4 copyKaryn Buxman is a TEDx speaker, successful author, brain-based high-performance coach—and a neurohumorist (she lives at the intersection of humor and the brain.) As The Global Expert in Strategic Humor for Business Karyn helps high performers go from great to world class. From the Mayo Clinic to the Million Dollar Round Table, organizations around the world hire Karyn to educate, inspire, and entertain their audiences again and again. She’s one of 254 people (and only 53 women) in the world to be inducted into the National Speakers Association's Speaker Hall of Fame. Her latest book, Funny Means Money: Strategic Humor for Influence & World Domination will be published by ForbesBooks in 2021. Karyn is serious about humor!

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JasonHewlett HeadShot1Jason Hewlett's speaking career began following the performance of his popular One-Man Show at a corporate event. The client was so impressed with the powerful messaging Jason included in his act that he was asked to be the keynote speaker for their Management & Leadership Conference the following year. Jason's customized presentation and content, combined with music and comedy, was so well received it has turned into multiple speeches for nationwide clients.

While Jason has received awards in the arts and entertainment industry, he has been hired for some of the largest corporate events in the world. His reputation has transformed from someone who delivers an incredible, standing ovation show worthy of Las Vegas praise, AND a keynote speaker sharing practical business principles applicable for leadership, entrepreneurship, and cultural impact.

Having delivered thousands of corporate presentations for front-line motivation and management instruction, Jason's talks combine message, authenticity, humor, music, and impersonations. His talks feel like a show with a message, or a keynote speech with entertainment, while remaining a G-rated, family-friendly, corporate ready experience. Few performers can match the level of laughs, energy, and appropriate material for any audience. Jason Hewlett is constantly brought back again and again by his clients.

In addition, combining his ability as a seasoned speaker, entertainer, and behind-the-scenes event advisor, Jason has become one of America's top Master of Ceremonies/Emcees for the largest corporate and charity events. Whether a 3-day convention or an awards gala, Jason keeps the energy, laughs, and excitement going throughout, while allowing executives to take a back seat and enjoy the conference rather than stress about running it.

With over 2,000 presentations for Fortune 500 companies and clients such as American Express, Delta Airlines, the Salt Lake Olympics, Experian, NuSkin, Younique, Coca~Cola and Wells Fargo, Jason Hewlett is your go-to solution for a keynote, entertainment and emcee.

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 Cleve002Cleve Gaddis is a Master Coach, speaker, and trainer with Workman Success Systems who works with some of America's most-profitable teams. He specializes in helping family-owned brokerages and teams navigate the challenges unique to family businesses. Cleve hosts "Your Move Atlanta," a weekly radio show on 640 AM, a Fox News station on iHeartRadio.  He learned to sales the hard way, by selling vacuum cleaners door to door.  To have Cleve speak live to your company, team, or group, connect with him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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I’ve been looking for a really powerful theme for the month of December, and the word “RELEVANCE” came to mind. 

It’s been a heck of a year, hasn’t it? As we roll into the final month of 2020, I note that the one singular need that continues to show up is the need for authentic “connection”.  

In my conversations with friends, many people are yearning to go beyond superficial “chit-chat” and seek a deeper level of connection.  There are wistful, quick comments that emerges from these conversations that note a quiet depression, even from those we perceive as the  “rocks” of our circle of influence.  

The uncertainty most people are feeling is real. Month-to-month, the world as we know it has changed, and along with it, how we interact with others. From shelter-in-place, work from home, online classrooms for our kids, to cautiously re-opening our economy, every month has brought us a new challenge to navigate. As we wrap up 2020, there is the ambiguity of what’s next. How long will social distancing continue? What impacts will this have long-term on our lives, our kids, our social interactions, and our economy?  It’s natural that many people are feeling isolated, concerned, and worn out by the constant barrage of worry that is dragging us down. 

Even though we have an enormously comfortable quality of life, for which we should be endlessly grateful, this theme recently creeped into conversation at a very posh, small gathering I attended.

At this intimate birthday dinner, , I was stunned to hear this person (who is beyond wealthy) admit that they felt this “new normal caused them to suffer from ‘depression’.” While the lavishly poured, exquisitely fine wines may have impacted the discussion to some degree, I think in the safety of that small gathering, this person felt brave enough to admit they were struggling. 

Feeling a sense of depression from social isolation is easy to understand. From our very birth, we are socially connected. In fact, it has been proven that babies who are ignored and deprived of touch suffer and die without physical connection. 

We’ve been denied this “social” component in our lives since early in 2020. Even the universal sign of friendliness in the form of a smile has been concealed. Times of joy, as people celebrate new births or weddings, and sadness, as people mourn those who have departed, are being shared via technology. Times when only a hug or a tender touch can convey the depth of your feelings are being replaced using platforms like Zoom, Facetime and video.  

It is wonderful that we live in a time where we do have these technologies available to allow us to stay in “touch” virtually, but in the end, we crave real physical togetherness, like hugs and handshakes that engage real energy, with eye-to-eye, face-to-face,  in the same room kind of contact.

This distancing has made us aware that in the absence of face-to-face connection, we seek deeper emotional connection.  It is apparent that intentional RELEVANT connection has become a prominent key to real emotional exchange. 

So, let’s start with us. I want to call this a START Over instead of a Do-Over. This experience with the pandemic and the resulting social distancing has given us an opportunity to reboot. We now so clearly see just how precious, and sometimes fleeting, our human connections really are.  These are challenging times. When you think about it, people do the best they can at the moment, and we all need some grace right now.

Tami Bonnell posts such great finds, and today she posted a quote from Yung Pueblo: 

“…Be gentle with your words because hearts are fragile”.

As you head into the New Year, vow to be kinder, gentler and more accepting of yourself. That will allow you to be gentler, more accepting of others who may be silently struggling with depression or inner conflict that is wearing them done. 

As the saying goes: 

“Be Kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. “

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2020 has presented more than its share of challenges for our industry, our country, and our families. While we in the mortgage and real estate industries have had recorded setting years, many people that surround us have set the kinds of records nobody wanted to achieve. Unemployment, business closings, and shutdowns have taken a serious toll. 

None of the volume or unit records in mortgage and real estate stands alone. The markets led the way with declining rates the desire for homeownership pressured the entry level market, the virus made us all take a look at our housing situation in a completely different light. For the first time the housing market wasn’t all about “Location, Location, Location!” The market has become all about “Function, Function, Function!”

We need to be sure we are aware of the things we can do to help as well as prepare ourselves for the coming year.

• We should look locally to support food banks and other areas to assist those in need.
• My wife and I always work through our Vet to pay for a procedure for someone who can’t afford medical care for a cherished pet.
• Support local hospitals or first responder unit in your area with a lunch.
• My favorite is to find children who are in need of a hand and fill their Christmas list.
• Find a way to support those who have challenges you can help with.

The other area you need to prepare for is that refinances and purchase business aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Millions of loans in the market still above 4%! FHA loans with permanent MI that can be converted into a conventional product with either no, or less expensive and vanishing insurance. We haven’t even begun to talk about those who would benefit from selling their current home and buying their “Forever Home” now!

There is still much we can do before this year is done. We need to look both personally and professionally at what we can do to make a difference because we are all in a position to do just that!

Next Tuesday, 11/24/2020 will be the November coaching call. I will cover the Three Key Things you need to know to starting 2021 effectively. That will begin at 1pm eastern and will be up on the website on Wednesday the 25th!

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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