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There are plenty of people around who have a lot to say about why things in the mortgage and real estate markets are a challenge. Many seem to spend more time looking to complain about why they aren’t doing better or how “hard” the job has become, then to spend time looking to see how much opportunity there is.

Yes, it is likely that for originators who depend on 50 – 60 – 70% or more of their business last year, that 2021 is looking a bit scary as we roll into the second quarter. However, purchase business remains very strong, so strong in fact that people are complaining about how many people want to buy homes!

The issue now is how to we continue to thrive as refinances shrink? First of all, refinances aren’t completely going away, they just aren’t as easy to sell since rates have come up from the bottom. It is important to remember that there are still millions of loans out there that would benefit from refinancing if you know where to look.

The next strategy has to be about mastering the purchase transaction so you are setting the proper expectations and preparing your clients and your referral partners on how to WIN in your market! The answers are right in front of you if you just look! Go back over your last 25 purchase deals and see why those offers were accepted. In many cases, those weren’t the only offers made on the properties, but they were the offers that were accepted! Knowing why they were accepted will help you better prepare your borrower to be a winner as well.

Now I know there will be challenges with some buyers. Some may have to alter their expectations and change strategies. Some may have to work on their credit profile, pay off debt, or just put together more money. The good news is, if you know what is winning, you can help your people focus on how to win in your specific market.

You can except excuses as to why you can’t; or you can share the strategies on how to win! Winning can be as simple as making a choice to do the work and follow a winning plan!

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Rick DeLucaRick began his career as a part-time agent in 1976, quickly becoming full-time and eventually buying the company in his fifth year.  He grew it from 34 to 193 agents and lead the U.S. in agent productivity.  His personal sales production saw him sell 200+ homes per year during his sales career.  He was honored to be both Renos Salesperson of the Year, as well as the Nevadas Realtor of the Year.  Upon selling his company, Rick has shared his successful strategies worldwide ever since.  He has spoken in all 50 states, for every real estate franchise and has been recognized as one of the most popular trainers within the real estate industry. In 2014 Rick became the Regional Director for an Australian based franchise and grew it to 7 offices with 125 agents in Oregon and Washington.

With over 40 years of experience Ive seen every real estate model offered to this industry.  When I was first introduced to Exit Realty, I was intrigued with a business model I had never seen.  The culture of we help our people grow immediately impressed me. While providing state of the art technology, Exit Realty continues to emphasize the importance of relationships.  The combination of providing incredible tools, exceptional service to owners, agents and staff, a strong emphasis on strengthening relationships and a compensation plan that rewards growth has created a culture that is truly unique in this industry.  I believe my 40+ years in this business has prepared me for this journey and by joining the Exit Realty family I will create a legacy I will be proud to claim.

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