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Housing prices continue to rise. While maybe not as rapidly as a few months ago, still moving up at a rapid pace. When you add into it rising interest rates, the pressure on housing costs is a struggle to explain and even harder for some to understand. The cost of living is higher across the board, from food and energy, to just about everything we consume or use. Nobody is happier about paying more for the “same thing”, home ownership still represents a significant value compared to almost everything else. Let me share with you, my thoughts.

Everyone must live somewhere, and there is a cost to either renting or owning where you live. While housing prices and financing costs of buying a home have risen significantly, so have rents! In many cases, the net costs of renting are rising just as fast or faster in most markets as property appreciation and those financing costs associated with purchasing are. The big difference is, when purchasing a home, you stop the rising costs of that home and take advantage of the rising market as a participant in the rise while you have frozen the cost of the debt incurred with that purchase. Yes, taxes and insurance can increase your total obligation, and maintenance and repairs also have a place in this discussion; but those costs pale in comparison to the total rise in net rent, not to mention the tax advantages of ownership and the ability to control and modify the property.

Now each market is different, and it is certainly worth it to take a few minutes and calculate a specific set of numbers based on your market. So, lets do the math. YOU select an appropriate property in your area that recently sold. Look at the cost of the home and the approximate monthly payment on that home. Then go back and look at your appreciation rate of your area for the past year and calculation what that payment might have been a year ago. Once that is done, find a rental unit that is similar in size, location, and quality and compare what is currently available in your market. Then go back and look at the rental increases in your area for the past year and compare payments. In most areas, owning works out better than renting and the P&I never goes higher, and all the property value increases are the owners to enjoy. And before you go crazy about possible repairs; they can easily be budgeted for, or you could just purchase a home warranty if that makes you more comfortable! Nobody likes higher costs; but owning almost always produces greater VALUE!

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All-pro quarterback Tom Brady has retired from the National Football League after 22 years of leading the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Super Bowl victories. He led those two teams to seven Super Bowl championships while earning five (MVP) Most Valuable Player awards. Most likely both records will stand for a long time, perhaps forever! Records, they say, are there to be broken and perhaps Brady’s will. 

There is one NFL record that the TunneySide guarantees will always stand. That is the one head coach Don Shula formerly of the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins achieved. Shula had 347 victories in his 31-year career. It seems impossible for any head coach to last that long in the NFL today or in the future. 

Brady vacillated, perhaps with some sleepless nights, in making his final decision. Almost every NFL player, coach, and or game official has that tough decision to make. I know I did after 31 NFL seasons. The opportunity to be on the field with some of the finest athletes in the world is something beyond special that one wants to maintain. So many players I have known have that difficulty in deciding when to retire and, in fact, may move to another team to continue playing.

Joe Namath of the New York Jets moved on the Los Angeles Rams. Johnny Unitas, after an illustrious career with the Baltimore Colts, was traded to the San Diego Chargers. Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Jerry Rice, and many, many more – all Hall of Famers – could have just retired but wanted to remain in the NFL. Will Tom Brady follow in those footsteps? It doesn’t seem he likely will. Other players have been recruited by television to serve as game analyses to explain the game to the viewers. Brady may well be interested in that. However, in today’s NFL salary cap the enormous amount of money that players and coaches can retain is enough to sustain a financial lifestyle. Stay tuned.

One more note about the title G.O.A.T. The TunneySide does not accept that title in a T*E*A*M sport. No QB or running back can achieve that level of success without a strong protective offensive line of seven blockers/protective linemen. If you want to use that G.O.A.T. term for competitive swimmer Michael Phelps or gymnast Simone Biles, then we can accept that.

Will you log in with your thought about the G.O.A.T. theory?

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