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“The higher the climb, the better the view.” 

Dayo Dekker began buying rental homes close to streets where houses were being revitalized and renovated.  He did not buy on the same street where revitalization was actively taking place, but he bought ahead of the path where the revitalization was headed so he could still buy at a low enough price to get a good profit from his tenants, and yet he could see his values pop up quickly as more and more other investors started buying around him and fixing up houses.  Dayo positioned himself with a rooftop view of his local real estate market and bought ahead of the curve for a quicker return on income and value. 

Rent vs. Buy Decision

If you are a renter in Memphis, TN, rents have gone up 13.5% year over year. That means if you were paying $1,000/month in 2020, you are now paying $1,135/month to live in a place that belongs to someone else. If rents continue to trend upward at this pace, you will be paying almost $1,300 per month for the same space next year.  If inflation continues to increase, food and gas, and other goods will be costing you more too. The advantage to buying your own home is so you can lock in a low fixed-rate mortgage. Your principal and interest portion of your mortgage payment will never increase. 

Buying more investment real estate

Where are the neighborhoods that are starting to be revitalized?  Where can you buy in established areas that have continued to go up in value with rents that have been steadily moving upward? When you lock in a fixed mortgage rate with a principal and interest payment that never increases, you give yourself a raise in pay every year when you raise the rents. 

Refinance to Restructure For A Better Life

More homeowners are refinancing to lower their interest costs, get rid of their mortgage sooner, or combine other debt into one low fixed rate.  Others are using a cash-out refinance to remodel their homes.

Telling Trends: 

1. Home values will hit new highs and continue going up in 2021 and 2022 but at a slower pace.
2. Rents will continue to increase. However, builders completing newly built homes will ease housing inventory woes as labor comes back and lumber prices come down.
3. Millennials and Gen Z will continue to be the biggest number of homebuyers.  People working from home will head for the suburbs.
4. Rents will continue to increase year over year. 


As real estate and financial professionals, we have a rooftop view of the trends that affect our customers.   Subscribe to more than one reliable real estate news source. Learn from other people in the industry. Build customer loyalty as a trusted advisor.  

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First week of August and we get the July jobs report on Friday. Not likely to be a great number, but the FED has dismissed all the jobs misses so it shouldn’t be a surprise, unless the FED sees something new. I do think the inflation report next week is also likely to be a terrible number, but once again, the FED will just dismiss it with its new favorite word, “transitory” and keep right on ignoring the inflation we all see.

Housing is another issue, prices continue to rise across the country and in many areas, it’s more than double digit increases year over year. While activity has slowed down a little in some areas, volume of both home sales and demand remains strong. Fueling much of that is the insane rise in rents. Last month we saw a 2% increase in rents, leading to more than a 10% increase year over year. With some markets seeing rental availability challenges at, or worse than listing inventory!

Yes, mortgage applications were down last week for both purchases and refinances, but levels are still strong, and opportunities are plentiful if you know where to look. While some companies are panicking to low origination volume, many I work with are well ahead of last year’s numbers and still managing 70% purchase to refinance balance for the year!

With many across the country beginning the trek back to school, we may see a brief lag in activity but be prepared for a spike in the action within two to three weeks of the kids going back to school and functional obsolescence of current homes forces a change! Staying committed to your plan and the focus of relational business practices will continue to help you out pace your competition!

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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What if I told you, many businesses use the same, old marketing methods from 1450 AD?!
Believe it or not, it’s true. And it might be what’s keeping YOU from growing your business…
See, back in the day, the printing press was the hot new thing. Businesses finally had a way to promote their enterprise through mass printing. You know the drill, pamphlets, newspapers, etc. In the 1730s, magazines took on popularity. 1839 brought with it the poster, and less than thirty years later, billboards were on the scene!
All through the era of modern technology, as radios, TVs, and telephones began to increase in popularity, businesses took advantage of these mass trends, and the result was BIG profits. From 1950-1972, television ad-spend skyrocketed from 5% to 15%, decreasing the length of programs. Then, the telemarketing phase began, which, despite the financial success, has exacerbated the marketplace ever since.
And the Ad World continued to snowball throughout the ages of digital, mobile, email, and internet technologies, until… “The Dot-Com Bubble.” You may have witnessed this for yourself. The expansion of the digital age through SEO, email marketing, and yes, even blogging reached its peak. Then the bubble popped!
Now, don’t hear what I’m not saying. These forms of marketing are not dead.
But crafting your marketing plan solely around the method of shoving your PSI (product service or idea) in front of an audience is NOT staying up with the times.
You’ve probably heard it said that “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”
The more I think about this quote, the more I realize it’s dead wrong! After years of running ads, building funnels, writing emails, and helping grow our clients' companies, I can tell you with all certainty, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will get LESS than you previously got. We must keep growing! Nothing is constant in this continually updating world.
Have you noticed the pattern yet? All these methods, pre-bubble, used a form of advertisement called Outbound Marketing also known by the modern-day term, “Interruption Marketing. This is any method that forces your PSI into the marketplace. And in times like these, small businesses find great difficulty in competing with the massive ad budgets of bigger companies.
Again, there is a time and place for this type of attention-getting, and we know this by the continued, marginal effectiveness of billboards, phone calls, and social media ads.
Now, as we focus on today’s options, outbound marketing is not the only or even the most effective method of bringing in new business.
Inbound Marketing Arises! The internet brought with it the massive use of search engines, and one statistic, from, shows that, on average, people around the globe spend 145 minutes online daily! This is a trend that can’t be ignored. But the approach to attention-getting has been altered drastically.
Instead of trying to force your way to the front of the line, when the people in front of you are giants, we now know that you can bring the front of the line closer to you.
Forget Competition, and Embrace Collaboration and Creativity. The marketplace is tired of being duped by spam and unsolicited messaging! So, we do the opposite. You don’t have to manipulate the market; you must simply adapt to it. If you only remember one thing from this newsletter, it’s the difference between manipulation and adaptability:

• Manipulation is doing something to someone else, for your gain.

(Pull their strings!)

Adaptability is doing something to yourself, for someone else’s gain.

(Show others you have made the effort to understand and serve them!)
Be an enthusiastic student of marketing options! New ones keep appearing and broaden our horizon of possibilities. Try new tactics and monitor results & progress. And from time to time, you'll find a diamond on the beach.
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Imagine you’re the G.O.A.T. of your sport.  

You’ve already won gold medals, and expected to win a few more.

Pressure beyond reason mounts as you are supposed to be perfect in your performance.

And then everything goes wrong.

And it’s at The Olympics in front of a Billion viewers! 

As opposed to pushing forward, possibly risking physical injury, taking the team down with you, instead you decide to pull yourself from competition.

This is where The Promise as a topic of importance becomes essential for your own foundational belief system.

This story will be talked about for years to come, but it is an important one to discuss right now.

Simone Biles, one of the greatest athletes of all-time, found herself in last place after she missed a vault routine that was fairly second-nature to her, but this time didn’t come together.


Everyone can relate to this – when our performance is on the line, we are expected to deliver, especially when that’s what we’re known for having done our entire careers…

It’s our SIGNATURE MOVE to perform under pressure and nail it every time!

And then she came up short when the bright lights were on – even after having succeeding in the past.

Her pride could have kept her fighting to stay in it, and claw her way back into contention.

But she made a PROMISE to herself, deep down inside, that if she wasn’t OK in her heart and mind she would do what had to be done:

Pull Herself from Competition.


“The Promise To The One” is the promise to yourself. 

If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend checking it out, as it may help you form your own best opinion about what we’ve just witnessed, and more importantly ask yourself: What would I do? 

I present here a few sides of the discussion – 


Have you ever said, “Enough is enough, I’m done!”

If so, then you can relate to Simone Biles doing what is best for her.

She is the greatest gymnast of all-time, pressured to heights unfelt by a majority of athletes who have ever lived, and been expected to win every time.

She knows her body, heart, mind, and what going too far means, especially when it comes to the dynamics of her profession and demands it requires of mental stability while flying through the air.

She decided to take her life and future into her own hands and yes…step away.

This takes courage, strength, and a strong sense of self.

It is with sights set on the future, to not play through the pain, to not risk one more down that could put you down for life.

It is the equivalent of watching the 2018 Golden State Warriors’ All-Stars go down one after the other with career threatening injuries, Kevin Durrant and then Klay Thompson, in an effort to push through one more play, even knowing they were injured.

Would they have stepped on the court if they knew what was coming?  Would they sacrifice such for the team and their future?

Remember “Rocky IV” when the towel isn’t thrown and Appollo dies?

Anyone else cry watching “Gladiator”?

Watch these movies again and convince yourself it’s worth the glory of sport to make the ultimate sacrifice, either in the moment or in the future.

Or just go look at what’s happened to 8x Mr. Olympia Body Building Champion Ronnie Coleman.  Dang.

What is The Promise to Yourself?

I once turned away the opportunity of a lifetime to have my career dream fulfilled at 25 years old.  When I walked from it, everyone told me I was wrong for having done so.  Now it has become somewhat glorified, even a story for which I am known, yet at the time, those closest to me, with little exception, and especially those who were famous and rooting for me, thought I had lost my mind and given up!

Is there a right answer?  

Only to the person who lives with the decision.

Only The Promise To Self.


It has been written by many that Simone Biles has just proven we are raising a generation of quitters. 

She has now set the standard for even the greatest to whither under the pressure of competition.  Accusing her of bailing just because something was difficult.

Is this the role model we want our children to have?

They write, “Imagine Tom Brady saying he doesn’t want to play in the Superbowl because he feels too much pressure…”  

Others argue, “Keri Strugg snapped her leg upon landing her vault in order to Keep The Promise to her team, and will forever live in glory.  Simone has just given up on not only her team, but her whole country!”

One wrote, “How selfish can one person be?  There are other gymnasts sitting at home, wishing they could have been in that roster spot, and now are seeing the athlete they lost out to quitting!” 

The comments are strong, and are valid from the perspective of someone looking from the outside, as a fan, and under the premise of The Promise To Do Whatever It Takes. 

Had Michael Jordan decided to skip out on a certain “Flu Game”, my Utah Jazz might have a ring.

Had Serena Williams wilted under the pressure of being the 2nd best in a tennis family where older sister Venus reigned for years, we would have never seen the dominance and magnitude of the greatest tennis champion of all-time.

Had Jesse Owens shrunk in the face of the Nazi regime for fear of race discrimination and defeat in the most important Olympic moment ever, perhaps the future of the world changes…

There is much to be said for an athlete, or any performer, to push through and say, “The Show Must Go On!”  

You learn this is true when you’re a Dad who is a professional speaker, family of 6 with a mortgage, March 2020 pandemic hits and your career drops off the face of the earth.  Suddenly you’re scrambling to figure out Virtual presentations from your house as your bank account is drained and every appliance in the house decides to crap out, including the computer you needed to run everything, and a washing machine that floods the home.

The Show Must Go On!

There is no bailing that situation.

And if you do, you’re a delinquent Dad and a terrible Motivational Speaker.

Just because there’s pressure, demand, and no chance for tomorrow, there is the present moment: today – so you’d better face the music and press on!

Ever seen the true story that is “Cinderella Man”?  Cry with me as we watch together a man being pummeled in the name of providing for his family during the Depression.

Are you the one who Breaks The Promise when the going gets tough?

Are you a quitter?

Are you in it to win it?

These are tough questions to answer on behalf of someone else, but for the person watching from the sidelines the answer is clear: If you’re going to quit, don’t lead us on to think you’re in it to win it and then bail.

That is a Broken Promise to Self, Team, and Audience.


From the perspective of The Promise To The TEAM:

Simone Biles made a PROMISE to her TEAM that this would be their moment, their Gold, their Olympics.

And then she had a mental and medical injury.

In that moment, Simone Biles made a PROMISE to her TEAM that she had to do WHAT WAS BEST FOR THE TEAM, even if it was a HUGE HIT to her PRIDE and capability: She withdrew from the Team competition in order to not drag them down.

She had confidence enough in this team that they would go on to succeed without her.

The TEAM went on to win Silver, and most likely wouldn’t have, had Biles been too prideful to step down, and let them carry on without her.

While she was on the sidelines she did not hide – she screamed, cheered, and willed them on from the bench.

To me, this is THE STORY of The Promise to The Team in these Olympics.  

Some may argue she should have stuck it out, “never abandon the team!”  

I agree.  There are few times, if ever, that we should abandon our team.

However, if you’ve ever been rock climbing and one of your climbing partners fall, there is an unwritten, unspoken, and sacred rule among climbers:

If the climber who fell is going to pull everyone else down to their demise with them, and the fallen climber knows this is the case, that person is to reach into their pocket and cut their own rope, falling to their death, sacrificing themselves for the salvation of the others. 

Simone Biles ‘cut the rope’ at the Olympics when she realized she was the weak link on the TEAM in that moment.

This is extremely rare for any Leader to do – especially with the world watching and counting on you – yet she showed the very essence of the Legendary Leader who keeps The Promise.  

This may go down as her greatest achievement, and greatest sacrifice, even with all of her success in winning, in that she opens a greater door to the conversation around mental health being a physical injury.

Had this been understood or acknowledged earlier in the last century, yes, we would have missed out on some great athletic moments and achievements, but we also could have saved many lives in the grand scheme of mental health awareness.

Simone Biles did what had to be done to help her TEAM after she had failed to perform in such a moment.

Not a “medical issue” of the body in terms of a physical injury, although it could have easily led to that; but rather a “medical issue” of the mind, health, and well-being. 

This is important and essential to consider this conversation right now, as we are ALL in a state of compromised well-being after what’s just happened since 2020.

Whether you agree or not with her decision – and it’s really not for any of us to agree with it or not – we must self-assess where we stand when it comes to What Is Our Promise to Self, Team, and Audience.

Simone just summed up “The Promise To The One”, which is the promise to self, which affects The Promise To The Team and everyone else!

She may go down as vilified, hated, and despised by many; to others she may be raised up, applauded, and credited for having saved many future mental health related moments in countless lives.

Whatever her legacy becomes, I applaud her bravery and acknowledgement that all was not ok, and that she had the courage enough to step down, even when I’ve been the kind of guy who says, “Hey, no matter what: The Show Must Go On!”  And I can honestly say, that’s not always the best choice.

Just go watch “The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke.

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COVID-19 was certainly not the only virus to sweep both the nation and the world in the past year. Virtual viruses descended on a few major industries, generating a level of panic that created shortages of gas and beef while spreading misinformation like wildfire.

In a world where digital exponential change accelerates tremendously, cyber threats are no longer a frustrating obstacle that only individuals face. While the ease of large-scale connectivity is appealing, our vital systems in place are now more delicate than we realize.

Through my Anticipatory Leader System, I teach competencies to train C-suite executives and business leaders how to think exponentially as a way to see disruption and plan ahead before it occurs, especially in the world of cybersecurity.

Record Year For Ransomware

Around the early nineties, our usage of the personal computer accelerated and, right alongside it, computer viruses and cyber threats evolved.

During these early years, worms, Trojan horses, and other types of Malware found their way into computer systems and replicated themselves, replacing code within fully functional programs with duplicates of themselves. This is child’s play compared to what we have now: Ransomware.

When DarkSide, a group of Russian hackers, brought the Colonial Pipeline to its knees using Ransomware, the term became a 2021 buzzword. While a new wave of panic buying occurred, causing gas shortages in nearly all southeastern states, most panicked individuals misunderstood what Ransomware is and how it shut down a whole industry.

Essentially, Ransomware encrypts, or locks, vital information at an organization or within software that a company operates on. Thereafter, hackers demand a ransom payment to unencrypt the files and let business carry on as usual.

A Ransomware Attack Every Hour

The Colonial Pipeline hack certainly brought to light the importance of cybersecurity; however, most were unaware of the colossal number of Ransomware attacks happening over the year prior. There were roughly 65,000 Ransomware attacks that didn’t make headlines throughout the already tumultuous year of 2020; an attack every hour!

These Ransomware attacks were not directly on personal computers and individual bank accounts; these were companies with employees relying on them for their livelihoods and small businesses already struggling through the coronavirus pandemic.

During the shift to a remote workforce because of COVID-19, companies were in no way prepared to enforce new cybersecurity measures as employees used their own modems and connectivity to access remote servers, which opened them up to breaches in cybersecurity.

Pandemic unpreparedness aside, a cyberattack of any size should not be taken lightly. For example, a hack of the sensitive personal data found in healthcare costs organizations $28 million in annual fines for these security breaches! Imagine the ripple effect that has on all employees.

Anticipation Improves Cybersecurity

A Hard Trend to Ransomware and cybercrime is that it is only going to get worse. So long as technology gets more advanced, cybercriminals will get more savvy. Even worse, cybercrime occurs around the clock, all year long. How can you possibly defend against a criminal that is nearly fully autonomous and artificially intelligent?

The truth is, you can’t. As I stress in my Anticipatory Leader System, being reactionary and agile is only half the battle. When you only operate with agility, you are constantly leading from behind, trying to put out a fire while another three are started behind your back.

Instead of trying to extinguish the fires a cybercriminal sets, take away their matches by shifting your mindset to one of anticipation!

An Anticipatory mindset allows you to see issues in your cybersecurity before they become issues. If cybercriminals ping business systems over a thousand times a day, you may need an external IT company to keep your software up-to-date at all hours of the night, as the cost of a 24-hour internal IT department may be too much.

Thoroughly Train Your Staff To Be Anticipatory

Outside of your network administrators and IT professionals, the best way to improve cybersecurity at your business or organization is to teach your entire staff how to implement an Anticipatory mindset toward technology.

Having a unified understanding of best practices when using digital technology trains your staff of all career levels to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. In a way, having a team of Anticipatory thinkers toward cybersecurity is like having a company-wide IT department in itself!

In working with many IT organizations globally each year, I have identified a best-in-class cyber testing company that will provide a perimeter test of your systems, along with recommending immediate actions to stop any uncovered leaks.

If you would like a free perimeter test to check for vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity defense system, please contact us.

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