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What is your default uniform? You know, that one pair of slacks that is your “go to” first choice, or that favorite sweater that looked really good a few years back and well today…not so much! It’s really a challenge to get out of a comfort rut when it comes to what we choose to wear every day. But what if you could get a little help to re-imagine how to use what you already have to pump up your look, to feel more confident, and look great?

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It’s hard to believe we’re heading into the final quarter of the year! Your focus needs to be all about rocking your numbers as you cross the finish line. This is the time to maximize your efforts to meet or exceed those goals you set many months ago. 

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Transitioning a principal residence is an emotional, financial and physical challenge. While the journey is different for everyone, the home transition process is the same and needs to be anchored in hope, humility and humor.

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