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One of the great writers of his time was James Allen (1864-1912) He was a British philosopher and pioneer of the self-help movement. His book, As a Man Thinketh, is one of the most read books of that era. His brilliant approach to creating the best of life’s possibilities impacted the lives of many.  If life is, at any given time a prison in which to labor or a garden in which to bloom, Allen eloquently moved his readers steadily toward the garden. I hope you enjoy these excerpts from his book, The Life Triumphant!

Every being lives in his own mental world. His joys and sorrows are the creations of his own mind, and are dependent upon the mind for their existence. In the midst of the world, darkened with many sins and sorrows, in which the majority live, there abides another world, lighted up with shining virtues and unpolluted joy, in which the perfect ones live.

This world can be found and entered, and the way to it is by self-control and moral excellence. It is the world of the perfect life, and it rightly belongs to man, who is not complete until crowned with perfection. The perfect life is not the faraway impossible think that men who are in darkness imagine it to be; it is supremely possible, and very near and real. Man remains a craving, weeping, sinning, repenting creature just so long as he wills to do so by clinging to those weak conditions. But when he wills to shake off his dark dreams and to rise, he arises and achieves.

For those who will fight bravely and not yield, there is a triumphant victory over all the dark things of life. There is no uncertainty about it. In the course of this book I shall show what are the elements, in character and conduct, which go to build up the life of calm strength and superlative victory.

To stand face to face with truth; to arrive, after innumerable wanderings and pains, at wisdom and bliss; not to be finally defeated and cast out , but ultimately to triumph over every inward foe – such is man’s divine destiny, such his glorious goal. And this, every saint, sage, and savior has declared.

In the present stage of the life of humanity, comparatively few reach this place of triumph – though all will reach it at last – yet there is a glorious company of perfect ones who have attained in the past, and their number is being added to with succeeding age. Men are as yet learners in the school of life, and most men die learners. But are some who, in the life, through fixity of purpose and strenuous fighting against darkness, pain, and ignorance, acquire a right knowledge of life and pass joyfully beyond the pupil stage 

Faith is the gray dawn which precedes the full and perfect day of knowledge. Without it there can be no attainment of strength, no permanent security of heart. The man of faith does not succumb when difficulties present themselves; he does not despair when troubles overtake him. However steep and dark his path may seem, he looks forward to a brighter pathway ahead. He sees a destination of rest and light beyond. They who have no faith in the triumph of good ignominiously succumb to the elements of evil. And this must be so; for he who does not elevate good, elevates evil, and, seeing evil as the master of life, he receives the wages of evil. Faith bestows that sublime courage that rises superior to the petty and selfish disappointments and trouble of life, that acknowledges no defeat except as step to victory!

I truly hope these excerpts from the works of James Allen have been meaningful to you.

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Photo Greg JugglingBooks copyGreg Godek

Sure, you could buy some roses.
Yes, you could cook an elegant romantic dinner.
Of course, you could give a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

But sometimes you want to do more than that. Sometimes you want to show just how much you really care, how much passion you really feel, and how much more your partner means to you than absolutely anything else.

Packed with unique suggestions, easy gestures, and thoughtful gift ideas, 1001 Ways to Be Romantic is a romance kit “worth memorizing” (Boston Herald). It’s a must-have for anyone, in any relationship (whether dating, engaged, or married for 50+ years!) who wants to spark some more love in their lives.

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Several of us likely remember the Bitcoin boom around the end of 2017, when thousands of individuals bought Bitcoin, seeing the value of their dollar skyrocket for a brief period. This sent the banking industry into a tailspin, desperately trying to understand this new concept of a digital currency system, and areas of the government even began to prepare a way to legislate this unfamiliar system. The fact of the matter is that many people did not fully understand the mechanics behind Bitcoin. they may have listened to a friend of a friend who told them to buy Bitcoin, almost as if it was a fast-rising stock, in hopes that it would make them wealthy overnight. If you asked those same individuals to explain what blockchain technology is, they would meet your gaze with a blank stare.

Blockchain: A Whole New Financial Frontier

For those interested in digital disruption and technological advancements, Bitcoin represented so much more than a way to allegedly make money fast like some type of digital wolf of Wall Street. Bitcoin was the first widely accepted, mainstream iteration of decentralized and completely secure financial ledger systems, without the need for a middleman.

The real reason the banking industry and even our government panicked in the wake of Bitcoin taking off so suddenly was not entirely a knee-jerk reaction to the possibility that decentralized currency can facilitate off-the-books bad behavior; rather, it was that the software behind Bitcoin could scale so rapidly that several industries and careers would be turned on their heads.

Blockchain is the software behind digital currency like Bitcoin. How it functions is rather simple: It is a giant ledger system that facilitates peer-to-peer execution of a transaction without the need for a third party to be involved, and once said transaction is executed, it is fully traceable and secure. You cannot modify the transaction; it is set in stone.

You can see how this poses a concern for companies that function as a middleman, so to speak. From title companies and notaries in the real estate industry to high-powered lawyers who execute contracts, blockchain technology and its fully transparent peer-to-peer ledger system effectively renders some of those services useless, putting them out of business.

So in regard to the banking industry: As Bitcoin is rooted in decentralized finance, how do banks stay in the game as blockchain technology becomes more widely adapted?

Anticipation Is Key for Survival

Implementing my Anticipatory Organization® Model is crucial for banks and the several other industries that will be disrupted by blockchain technology to get ahead of this wave before they find themselves submerged beneath it.

Recognizing what I call Hard Trends, or future certainties that will happen, and understanding the difference between those and Soft Trends, or future maybes that are open to influence, is where anticipation begins.

An example of a Hard Trend that is shaping the world, both inside and outside of the banking and financial industry, is the growth of the low-latency digital connectivity of 5G. The speed afforded to us by 5G is astounding, making advancements like edge computing and machine learning even more efficient than ever before, which appears as a threat to some in certain careers.

Identifying that connection speeds will only continue to increase as a linear change is a huge step in finding ways to pre-solve predictable problems that come with such a disruption. So in banking, the most identifiable Hard Trend in blockchain technology is people’s response to buying Bitcoin. The concept of decentralized currency will only continue to grow, so organizations must start to adapt.

Moving Beyond Crisis Management

We are all good at reacting and responding, putting out fires, and managing crises. Banks and the financial industry viewed Bitcoin as a crisis that needed managing and nothing more. This couldn’t be more wrong!

To thrive in this new age of hyper-change and growing uncertainty, it is now imperative to learn how to accurately anticipate the future instead of merely engage in crisis management. When your focus is on agility and reactionary responses, you will always be behind the curve.

Anticipation sets you ahead of the curve by using Hard Trends to your advantage. If the Hard Trend in banking is decentralized currency, you adapt that concept and the technology behind it to better serve your customers and become a positive disruptor within the industry before it disrupts you.

Employees of an Anticipatory Organization understand that those who can see the future most accurately will have the biggest advantage. They know that you cannot change the past, but you can shape the future based on the actions you take in the present. As such, they actively embrace the fact that many future disruptions, problems, and game-changing opportunities are predictable and represent unprecedented ways to gain advantage.

Never Say Never

Every year, I witness businesses and individuals say “That’ll never happen” or “Customers prefer to do things this way.”

A cliche that has withstood the test of time is the phrase “Never say never,” and it remains true because of exponential digital transformation in our world. Without a doubt, if you asked a bank teller in 1975 if they thought their job was in jeopardy because we would eventually see virtual teller systems that implement artificial intelligence (AI), they would chuckle at your vivid imagination.

And yet, here we are. Several banks have implemented virtual teller systems, commonly rooted in their desire to operate in a lean and agile way to save money, just in case blockchain technology goes speeding by them like a bullet train, taking up residence in the industry and disrupting even the biggest players in the game.

Much like that teller laughing about the concept of AI doing their job, many banking executives wrongfully use a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as their frame of reference for understanding what blockchain is or is capable of doing to their industry. Trust me when I say it will be far more disruptive than Bitcoin ever had the chance to be.

To succeed in business these days, whether you’re in banking or manufacturing, simply being lean and agile and executing well is no longer enough. You and your team need to harness the ability to anticipate the future. In fact, I see this as being the most important missing competency that we’ve seen for decades!

How much time do you spend trying to keep up, putting out fires, managing crises, and reacting to change? Learning to be anticipatory can change that and provide you with a new way to actively shape your future.



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Question Dear Reader – What makes you Stand Out in this world?

We could talk about your business, even your product, but this is about YOU.

What makes YOU unique?

Speaking in front of 500 Leaders recently I posed the question,

“What is your Signature Move and how are you using it daily in your business as a LEADER?”

The blank stares concerned me.

Digging deeper, and even asking for their hands to go up, searching for ideas of what makes them unique, no one could even offer one unique characteristic about themselves as leaders, let alone as human beings.

These are leaders of businesses, government, education, communities…and yet identifying their differentiators was nearly impossible for them.  

How are Leaders supposed to lead anyone if they don’t know what sets them apart?

The essence of leadership is knowledge of our strengths, clarifying skillsets, and keeping our promise to utilize what we have!

…and in turn, empowering those we serve as leaders to identify theirs as well. 

So how are you keeping that promise to those you lead as the LEADER?

Not sure?

Want to discover yours?

(As a side note, Dear Reader, as a Speaker I am hired because I’m entertaining with a message, and then event planners are surprised because it’s inspiring, but attendees are only moved because I am really there to provoke you, your thinking and initiate actual change to drive sales, profit, and success.  So let’s do this)

HERE’S AN EXERCISE you can do for yourself to begin The Process:

1. If I were to ask you to identify 1 or 2 traits that set you apart in this world it will cripple your thinking.  Instead, write 100 things that you are good at as fast as you can.
2. Upon completion begin circling the words that really resonate with you, which identify your passions and help you see who you really are.  (for example, mine would be words like: “funny”, “creative”, “writer”, “thoughtful”, “worker”, etc)
3. Of the circled words, narrow it down and only write the Top 10 you believe tell the story of you, which have helped define your life.

Look at these words for a minute.

Own them!

Now consider your job, your career path, where you landed.

What is the distance between what you thought you’d be as a kid, compared to what you worked on in college, and the desk in the office where you now sit?  

Don’t be alarmed, there’s a reason for all of it.

After you IDENTIFY (Step 1) a certain amount of talents, gifts, traits naturally born within you, in your DNA, which make you who you are, the process begins.

The next steps in the process are what I teach in my presentations in a hilarious and entertaining way to the leaders among us, and it involves the clarifying process through collaboration with those you trust, and finally magnifying our findings.

In other words, we CLARIFY (Step 2) when we ask those we trust in our families, work, as well as clients we’ve worked and even those we’ve lost, to help us refine our differentiation.  This is the ultimate level of engagement when we are willing to embrace what we really bring to the table of business, relationships and life.

And then we MAGNIFY (Step 3) our Signature Move through leverage in each interaction, connection, and transaction for the rest of our lives, and in turn, keep The Promise as Leaders.

What’s your Signature Move?  Here’s your process:

1. Identify = Discover
2. Clarify = Refine
3. Magnify = Leverage

We call this “Creating Legendary Leaders”, because legends keep promises, and this all comes together when we realize it is up to us to own our amazing talents, strengthen them, help others find theirs, and bless the world with what we’ve got that is uniquely ours.

That is your differentiator.

That is what makes you invaluable and indispensable.

That is your Signature Move!

That is what makes you Legendary as both a Leader and a Performer.

When you discover, and ultimately share, your uniquely YOU Signature Move, you make a difference in this world and live the life you were intended to live.

So let’s return to the beginning – What makes you Stand Out in this world?

It’s your Signature Move.  Are you using it?

Enjoy this video of my comedy routine, showcasing this incredibly funny identifying metaphor using my face, as to how we can all clarify our Signature Moves and keep our Promise to share it with the world as an incredible differentiator, your gift of Leverage in Leadership.

I look forward to us finding more clarity about your uniqueness together next week.



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We have about a week to reach out and make our connections with our accountant referral partners before they start getting tied up with tax returns. Accountants are excellent referral partners and very easy to connect with if you follow a simple plan like the one we have laid out on the website or in my e-book. The important starting point is to NEVER cold call or direct mail an accountant for business that you don’t know! So what are good ways to engage accountants?

• Verify your client’s tax returns! The simple task of calling an accountant to verify that the tax returns your client gave you are the returns that were filed is a great starting point and likely not being done by other people in your market! Not only is this a great ice breaker, it can save you lots of time and surprises down the road!
• Follow-up with each accountant with a Thank You card after a closing to thank them for their help. So few people send cards in the mail that they really stand out!
• Make them part of your “Collecting 9’s & 10’s” process and see how you can refer them your clients that need help.
• Have a strategic plan on how you can provide exceptional value to the accountant’s current clients, as well as ways of incorporating that accountant into you seminars and videos as a local expert.

Once you have connected with the accountant, be sure you are sharing important information they and their clients need to be aware of. Changes in rates, programs, property values, and other considerations can really help that accountant serve their clients. Just the ability to provide a simple “Annual Mortgage Fitness Check-up” for their clients can be an exceptional value added service for that accountant. This works especially well in early September when accountants are getting ready to work with those clients that filed for tax filing extensions! You can read more about this on the website.

Accountants are really great referral partners! You just have to get in front of them and provide exceptional value through a few very simple strategies. If you don’t have a list of accountants already; start collecting them now and they will be available for you in early September. Remember, once the second week of February hits, accountants will be working on their tax preparations and likely to involved to spend much time with you, so don’t be a pest!

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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As the National Football League concludes its 100th season in this disastrous Pandemic year with rescheduling and postponements due to COVID -19, we approach Super Bowl LV to be played February 7,  2021, with some uncertainty. Note: The two combatants were determined after this article was written.) This is my 60th year of association with the NFL of which 31 of those years was as an on-field official. From the get-go, I have always considered it an honor and a privilege.

My belief is that every player, some 1700-2000, hired each year, consider it likewise. Yet only eleven players from each team get to play each play in the game. Those other players sitting on the bench but under some variance of a contract, are their substitutes. How important is each play to them? Are they ready and able to play when needed? Let’s look at some important and vital-position players, who are there but only when needed.

Aaron Rodgers is the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and is considered for MVP honors this 2020 season. Tim Boyle, Rodgers back-up, played at Eastern Kentucky and is now in his third year, as a Packer yet, hasn’t played much since Rodgers has been healthy. Rodgers is 37 years old and still able to play every down. It’s an interesting comparison since Rodgers sat on the Packers bench for 3 years behind Brett Farve who played 16 years for the Packers. However, when Farve was traded, Rodgers has kept the Packers alive and well.

Tom Brady is the starting QB for the Tampa Bay Bucs who played against the Packers in the NFC championship battle. Brady has been healthy most of the 2020 season but is 43. His backup is 31-year old Blaine Gabbert who was a first-round pick out of Missouri and now in his 11th-year.

Josh Allen is the starting QB for the Buffalo Bills from Wyoming University and was drafted in the 10th round in 2018. His backup QB is 6th-year veteran Matt Barkley from Southern California.

The Kansas City Chiefs who played the Bills in the AFC championship game suffered its most devastating injury to former Super Bowl MVP and starting QB, 25-year-old Patrick Mahomes who left that divisional game in the 3rd quarter against Baltimore with a concussion. Entering the game was Mahomes back-up, Chad Henne, a 13-year veteran from the University of Michigan.

The challenge for 35-year old Henne was to maintain the Chiefs lead (22-15) throughout the 4th quarter. And he did! – with a 3rd down scramble and a 4th down completion for a first down. As one of his teammates commented after the game: “He comes to work every day!”

Will you follow Henne’s example and be prepared to go to work every day?

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 Tami Bonnell HeadshotEXIT Realty Corp International’s CEO TAMI BONNELL is an internationally renowned leader in the real estate industry and was instrumental in building three major brands. Among her many achievements, she was recognized by Real Estate trend watcher, Stephan Swanepoel, three years consecutively as one of the 200 most Powerful and influential   people in residential real estate, among the top 20 corporate executives and among the top 10 women leaders.

 Ms. Bonnell has been a featured speaker at the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTOR’S® convention to the Top 500 power brokers, The National Women’s Council REALTORS®, Inman News Connect Conference and the RIS Media’s Leadership Conference.  

She was named to the National Association of Women in Housing & Real Estate Ecosystem ( NAWRB) Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council (NDLIC).

Ms. Bonnell was honored by STEM connector as one of it’s 100 Corporate Women Leaders in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Ms. Bonnell is a 30 plus year veteran of the real estate industry and joined EXIT Realty in 1999. She was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2012.

She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of three. In her spare time she is a martial artist, coach and referee.

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Dr. Nido Qubein, President of High Point University empowers leaders through his extraordinary insights with exceptional strategies to overcome adversity in this time of challenge. His message shares how to discover the opportunities in a challenge, inspiring leaders to take charge of their organizations even during a pandemic.

A bit about Nido: 

nido qubeinDr. Nido Qubein came to the United States as a teenager with little knowledge of English and only $50 in his pocket. His journey has been an amazing success story. The Biography Channel and CNBC aired his life story titled "A Life of Success and Significance."

As an educator, he is president of High Point University, an undergraduate and graduate institution with 5,200 students from 40 countries and 50 states. He has authored two dozen multilingual books and audio programs distributed worldwide.

As a business leader, he is executive chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Company with 220 stores in 43 states. He serves on the boards of several national organizations including BB&T (a Fortune 500 company with $235 billion in assets), the La-Z-Boy Corporation (one of the largest and most recognized furniture brands worldwide), and nThrive (a healthcare industry organization).

As a professional speaker, Dr. Qubein has received many distinctions including the Golden Gavel Medal, induction into the International Speaker Hall of Fame, and the Cavett (considered to be the Oscar of professional speaking).

He has been the recipient of many honors including The Ellis Island Medal of Honor (along with four U.S. presidents), The Horatio Alger Award for Distinguished Americans (along with Oprah Winfrey and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), the DAR Americanism Medal, the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, Sales and Marketing International's Ambassador of Free Enterprise, Leadership North Carolina Governor's Award, and Citizen of the Year and Philanthropist of the Year in his home city of High Point, North Carolina.

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Between fact-checkers and Yelpers, the Information Age is laden with a visual archive of how customers and clients perceive products, services, or even your organizational culture. Navigating how to keep your customers happy is already an insurmountable task some days, and now we must factor in their very public display of their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with you.

In years past, you might have been able to overcome a bad review of your customer service department by simply reassuring your client that they were correct, or that you would remedy the situation in the future. That is certainly no longer the case, as every customer has their own digital megaphone in their front pocket or purse, just waiting in the wings to weaponize it at will.

I’m here to tell you that this is not a good or bad thing; it merely exists. Technological changes and access to information are only going to accelerate, especially given the emergence of 5G connectivity. That means customers will be satisfied or dissatisfied with what you have to offer as an organization much quicker than in years gone by.

1. Equity in Customer Relationships

Because of this, we must not just focus on customer satisfaction and the quality of our products and services alone; we must shift our focus to our customer relationships. No matter what kind of customer our organization has, your relationship with them and understanding their intricate needs have become integral to your success.

Every industry has a variety of options when it comes to products and services. So many companies focus both their attention and finances on how to stand out in the way of their products and services, boasting that they care about their customers almost as if they’re merely checking that box off the list.

However, customers aren’t naive! They know when you really mean it, and to many, their allegiance with a brand, product, or service hinges solely on their relationship either with the staff at said company, or the company culture.

The brick-and-mortar example many can likely relate to in recent years is the younger generations attending their favorite coffee shop, whether it be Starbucks or a local small bistro. I’ve heard more often than not that individuals personally connect with the staff and culture at their favorite coffee shop, where their preference of coffee might very well follow their connection to the business.

2. Customer Relationships Rooted in Culture

In the coffee shop example, culture is what several customers identify with. Whether culture is corporate culture or the individual personalities of the staff, the relationship between a company and a customer is directly rooted in culture. Consider the image your organization portrays to the general public and, also, the significance of your products and services in the world.

Recently, I discussed the importance of understanding how customers perceive you and how you and your team perceive yourselves. This directly correlates to the relationship you have with both your regular customers and potential new ones. Do you give off an image of innovation, progression, and forward thinking, or are you archaic, outdated, and protecting and defending your status quo?

Most customers want a bit of both. They come to you because your relationship with them has never faltered and you understand “their usual”; however, they want to be dazzled and for their evolving needs to be met, even when they don’t know exactly what those needs are. As an Anticipatory Organization, you must understand those evolving needs even when your customer does not. This is a corporate culture a customer gravitates towards, whether you’re a technology firm designing an app or a coffee shop.

Your significance is another integral part of your culture being what a customer relationship is rooted in. A focus on success is usually a focus only on the bottom line, no matter who makes us that money. Longevity in business comes from a focus on significance over success, where your impact in the world or your industry and being a positive disruptor is what strengthens your relationships, both new and old.

3. Trust Holds It All Together

In a world filled with uncertainty, you have to ask yourself what you are certain about. The number one thing I’m certain about is that the future is all about relationships.

If you want a positive future, then you need to have positive relationships with your customers. And if you want positive relationships, you have to focus on the glue that holds a positive relationship together: trust.

Previously, I mentioned that customers prefer you to both stay the same and evolve and innovate. The part of them that prefers you to maintain the status quo actually translates to their trust in your products and services, not for you to resist change. When they have a positive relationship with you, it means they trust you and, likewise, trust where your company is heading.

Anytime you disregard their trust when you innovate, you run the risk of turning that relationship into a negative one, which, in the Information Age, not only means you lose them as a customer, word of that broken trust will spread like wildfire on all social media platforms, causing you to lose new customers before you’ve ever had a chance to build a relationship with them.

4. Always Consider the Customer

So how do you win this constant battle between maintaining a customer’s trust and innovating? 

Before you implement any new product, service, or change in policy or procedure, ask yourself, “How will this impact our relationships with old and new customers?” If it proves to damage your existing customer relationships, then don’t do it in that way. Find a way to implement change that does not tarnish your customer’s trust, which would thus damage the relationship.

My Anticipatory Organization Model brings focus to Hard Trends, which are future certainties that will happen and the problems those disruptions may cause. Every customer you have a relationship with has a problem that needs solving. Be the one that solves it to further their trust in your company, product, or service and maintain your quality relationship with them.



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The swivel chair of 2020 continues even in 2021.

Whether we call it The Pivot, the Bounce, or the “fight your way out of a corner”, we have all had to adjust, rearrange, and adapt to what now is.

The Christmas and New Years break came to a welcome end as the children returned to school to give Mommy and Daddy a first day of quiet in some time…only to immediately be sent home as the whole school became quarantined;

The meetings set to fly to, as Speaker in-person, in March have now been pushed to September and eventually will become virtual;

The families who thought things were fine are suddenly now faced with health challenges, as the world stops around them and fight for their lives.

Time to adapt!

2020 got the ball rolling – 2021 will see how gritty we really are.  

The Promise is in full effect!  

What is your Promise to show up every day, rain, snow or drought?

You thought things would “go back to normal” with a new 2021?

Back to the office, back to eating out with friends, back to the way it used to be?

It may, in some ways, but there has never been a more essential time to live your promise in business, to hang in there, to deliver as only you can –

to continue creating systems that eventually lessen your daily work;

to trust your co-workers will come through, and you for them;

to engage with customers, clients and members in a personal way, albeit Zoom, text, or phone call.

This is LIFE people!

This is our situation.

I hear so many lamenting ‘yesterday’ and how they await for it all to return as it was.

It is the equivalent of the mediocre mountaineer, pack full of gear and provisions, who sighs, “Ahhh, loved getting to the top of that peak.  Those were the days.  Not sure I’ll ever get up another one.” 

MOVE!  GO!!!  2021 is here and this is your year!

What are you waiting for?

Write that book.  Start that podcast.  Type that contract.  Hire that employee.

Update your web site.  Start your YouTube channel.  Write a positive review.

Reach out to your enemy and become friends.

Stay up until the work is done.

Call your Mother back.

Get enough rest.

Do the Facebook LIVE you’re terrified to do.

Teach your kid the ICM Process to help them discover their gifts.

And then teach your co-workers, too (by telling them they are awesome)!

There is no time like 2021.  

People are shouting from the rooftops that the world is coming to an end.  And if it is, what are you waiting for?

This week we celebrate a man, THE MAN, Martin Luther King, Jr., who stood for something and changed the world!

This week we await a great change in power in the U.S.

This week may very well be the beginning, or the end, of many things – we don’t know!

Over that which we have power, control, or a say, I say DO SOMETHING GOOD!

So, what are you going to do about what you can do?

Keep The Promise you’ve always meant to keep.  But do it NOW!

And when you say, “I don’t know how”, or “It’s not like it used to be”…

Then Keep The Promise and Adapt!



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Business is booming and a large number of first time buyers are entering or coming back to the market. It’s a great time to make that commitment to buy that first house, but in many cases, the buyers don’t get the full story or know ALL of their options. See if any of these sound familiar:

• You are going to need a seller’s contribution to get into a house.
• You can only borrow a certain amount of money.
• You only qualify for this type of program.

People are told these things but are never actually given all of their options or a plan to improve their opportunities! We all know it’s almost impossible to get a seller’s contribution in most markets across the country. So why set that client and the referral partner up for frustration and failure? Was it ever suggested that that client and likely co-borrower entertain taking a part time job to generate additional funds? Two people working a job that even paid $10 an hour could easily generate an extra thousand or two a month. Instead of being frustrated, empower them to solve the problem. It may take a few months or longer to get the cash needed to not needing help from the seller, but isn’t that better than not making any progress at all?

Sometimes credit scores or DTI steps in and becomes a challenge. Instead of just giving the borrowers a smaller loan at a higher rate, what if we used the extra money earned to pay down or pay off debt? That $300 a month car loan with two years left to go can be paid down or off so that $300 can easily become about $70K in additional borrowing power!

What if we are stuck with a limited down payment and need FHA or USDA in order to buy? A couple of thousand dollars a month can quickly grow down payments to 5% or 10% or more! Lower rates, lower or zero MI costs, all possible IF the clients knew they had options!

Think about it. Look back at your preapprovals that are three or more months old and ask yourself; would these people be in a better position to buy if they were banking an additional thousand or two in the bank every month and had a real plan on how to use that money to get their house and under significantly better conditions?

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