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We have covered the first three elements of business planning; Assessment, Destination, and How we get there; now we have to pull it all together and create the SCHEDULE by which we actually implement and accomplish the things we have set out for ourselves to do.

Much of this can be found on the website in the Personal Development section. You can use the basic “Referral Triangle” information and the “Schedule Advantage” to put together the task list, focus, day and time you are going to execute and track your activities and your results! Questions you will need to ask yourself are:

  • Is my Referral Triangle in balance?
  • Have I created the task list for each section?
  • Do I have specific focus for each day of the week?
  • Do I have a preference as to when I do what I do?
  • Have I put tasks in order?
  • When do I prefer to manage the three areas of activity, I am to do each day: Prospect, Process, & Managing communications?
  • Now that we have covered working “IN your business”, have we scheduled our “Personal Development”, working “ON” your business?
  • Have we committed to two hours each day of “Prospecting?”
  • Do we have one hour each week scheduled to measure and track our business?
  • Do I have an accountability partner to keep me focused?


Completing these four sections should get you to a point where you have a viable, practical, and specific plan of action to build your business around. Don’t worry if things don’t mesh right away, it may take a few weeks to get the rhythm going. Once it does, it will help you adjust and grow. If you need help, you can reach out to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will be happy to help!

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Jack Kemp and I were strangely connected during his lifetime. He died on May 2, 2009, some 23 years ago. “Strangely” is an interesting word to use in our relationship. Kemp attended Fairfax High School in West Hollywood playing football as well as being the student body president. When he graduated, he attended Occidental College, located in northeast Los Angeles. He was a physical education major. But he was much more than that.

Jack was an excellent quarterback at Oxy and was drafted by the Los Angeles Chargers of the American Football League – yes, the San Diego Chargers, which is now the Los Angeles Chargers. In 1960 he was selected as All-Pro. That same year I was invited to join the National Football League -as an official. My brother, Peter, was a freshman running back at OXY when Jack was a senior. Kemp once told me that Pete would have been on the same team, but freshmen were not eligible to play on the varsity in those days.

Years later I  was appointed principal at Fairfax which was several years after I had graduated from Occidental College – as a physical education major. In 1985 OXY, as it is known,  presented me with their Gold Seal Award. The keynote speaker at that event was – Jack Kemp.  Kemp had served in the City of Buffalo as a House of Representatives for 18 years. Further, he was the HUD secretary under George Bush (#41) and ran for vice president under Bob Dole.

Kemp has always been a T*E*A*M player. He said you don’t step into the huddle to call a play and look around to see who is white or black or Samoan or where they grew up. You know your players for what they can do to help your T*E*A*M be successful on that play, and you count on that. Kemp sent me this story as an example: “When I was quarterback and captain of the Chargers, we were scheduled to play the Houston Oilers in Houston for the Championship. Traditionally, the night before the game, the coach took us to a movie. As we sat down, I looked around and wondered where our black players were and was told they had to sit in the ‘black-only balcony’. I went to our coach and said, ‘Get all the guys, we’re outa here’. In that silent, powerful demonstration of our belief  in equality, living and working as a team, we walked out as a team.” We could use Kemp today – both on and off the field.

Will you use the huddle as an inspiration for all you do to work together?

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