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April 2020
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I Am Selling! Why Would I Put Money into a House I am Leaving?

I would say this is the most frequently occurring questions professional stagers field every day! On the surface you can certainly understand why the question is raised repeatedly. There are many reasons to support the process of staging a property prior to bringing it to the public for review. Let’s look at a few of them.


What It Means When Your Loan Goes Into ‘Processing’

At the very early stages of your loan application, you’ve likely spent most if not all of your time speaking with your loan officer. It’s your loan officer that prequalifies you, reviews your basic information such as income, credit and employment, among other items, and presents a list of loan options for your review. Your loan officer will also accept your loan application and can run a preliminary credit report including credit scores. Different lenders have different processes during this stage. Your loan officer may be the one that requests all your documentation upfront. Or, your loan officer may run an initial automated underwriting request which will list items needed both initially and at your closing. 


5 Home Projects to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space all Year Round

For the last several years, homeowners have been putting a priority on creating outdoor living spaces for their homes. This has led to an increase in the building of outdoor spaces such as decks and patios. 


How to Buy a House Right Now

As we navigate the (hopefully temporary) new-world order in an attempt to control and contain the global coronavirus pandemic, the real estate industry is making its own constantly evolving set of adjustments. The industry over the past few weeks has centered around two major themes: 1) Super-low mortgage rates that have created a refinancing boom; 2) And the possibility that the coronavirus will force a widespread pause of mortgage payments. 


Mortgage Rates
Averages as of April 2020:

1 yr. closed: 2.69%
3 yr. closed: 2.64%
5 yr. closed: 2.24%
10 yr. closed: 3.24%


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