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March 2019

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How to Find a Living Space That Works for Your Disability

The most important place to feel comfortable is at home. After all, it’s where you spend most of your time and where you have a safe haven. When living with a disability, it’s important to not only feel comfortable but to also feel safe and independent. Finding a home in your price range can be tough enough as is, but looking for an accessible home to accommodate your disability can throw another wrench into the process. If you’ve ever searched for a new apartment or home, this situation might sound familiar.


HELOC or Home Equity Loan: Which One Is Right for You?

If your home has increased in value and you are short on cash or have a large upcoming expense, you may be thinking about tapping your home equity. Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOC) are two easy ways to turn your appreciation into cash in hand, but how do you know which way to go—or if you should go at all?


Self-Employed? What to Know About Buying a Home.

Jammie pants and slippers. Dog curled up at your feet. Your favorite TV show playing in the background. Sound like a quality weekend day? Not so fast. For a growing number of Americans, it’s what a regular ‘ole workday looks like.


Financing a Home in a Rural Area? Here’s How

Homes that are located in rural or semi-rural areas can be more difficult to find financing for when researching conventional loans. Homes in these areas by nature are somewhat isolated as well as remote. This is important as it relates to identifying comparable sales in the area. When lenders evaluate a loan application there are actually two separate approvals going on- one for the applicant and one for the property. The applicant will provide income and employment documentation as well as copies of bank statements and more. A credit report will be pulled and reviewed.


How to Beat Sellers' Stress

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes ... and undue stress caused by moving. Whether or not you use the services of a Realtor® to help you wade through the uncertain waters of the buy-and-sell process, moving is stressful, period. And there's not much you can do to avoid it. And we're not just talking about packing and paperwork. Moving is an emotional process. If your'e not calming down your nervous children, you're trying to reassure yourself that you'll meet people in your FULL STORY->

Why Home Buyers Should Hire a Professional

Getting a purchase closed in today's market is complex. The real estate market has changed greatly from only a few years ago. Buyers face many more hurdles including stricter financing, low housing supplies, higher mortgage rates, and rising prices.

To negotiate today's challenges, you need a real estate sales professional to help you close the deal. A good real estate professional understands current market conditions. He or she has house-by-house neighborhood experience and can FULL STORY->

Wanted: Affordable Housing Near Work

Living closer to work is so desired many people would pay more for housing and make a lateral job move for find more affordable housing closer to work.

The Urban Land Institute's "Lack of Affordable Housing Near Jobs" study revealed an acute awareness of the jobs/affordable housing imbalance and how both homeowners and employers are coping.

"What we're seeing from employers and lower to moderate-income workers signals a need for more housing to be built closer to jobs," said FULL STORY->

FHA High Balance Home Loans

It’s probably no secret, at least in the housing and finance industries, that the FHA mortgage is the number one pick by first time home buyers. Why is that? FHA loans are one of three government-backed mortgage programs designed to finance a primary residence.

FHA loans are easier to save up for because the minimum down payment is only 3.5% of the sales price. Credit requirements are lower for FHA loans. The minimum credit score for an FHA loan is 580 whereas a minimum credit FULL STORY->

Septic or Sewer: What's the Difference?

Septic systems or sewer systems: what's better? What's the difference? Homeowners flush their toilets, run their sinks and take showers without putting a second thought into the sewer systems that allow for this luxury.

All of these functions rely on one of two things:

1. Sewer system

2. Septic system

Sewer systems are different than a septic system because one relies on the local government, while the other relies on the FULL STORY->

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U.S. averages as of March 2019:

30 yr. fixed: 4.35%
15 yr. fixed: 4%
5/1 yr. adj: 4%

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