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July 2019

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The Refi Boom Goes Bombastic

This was supposed to be the time when mortgage rates were climbing over five percent. All anyone was talking about going into 2019 was how the higher rates were going to put a wrench in the market. And now, halfway through the year, rates have dropped to a two-year low and, not surprisingly, refinances are soaring.


What Happens When Your Sales Contract and Appraisal Don’t Agree

It might surprise some to know that the sales contract isn’t the final value of the home, at least in the lender’s eyes. When negotiating the price of a home market forces shape a price based upon the most the buyers are willing to pay with the least amount the sellers will accept. This assuming there are no external influences that may affect the seller’s list price.


7 Reasons to Keep Your Credit Good After You’ve Bought a House

You worked hard to save for a down payment and get your credit score to a place where you were able to qualify for a mortgage. Now that you’re in your home, you can relax a little, right? Who cares if your credit score drops; you’re a homeowner!


How to Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Resort

Once summer arrives, we all go into vacation mode, right? But why should we only get to enjoy that feeling for a few weeks every year?! With a few simple updates to your outdoor space, you can be living that resort life all season long—and maybe even extend your summer well into the fall!


Three Needless Seller Worries

Starting with the initial decision to sell, worry is often a major issue for sellers; however, once a listing agreement is signed, sellers are no longer alone with their worries. PJ Wade explains Three Needless Worries and how real estate professionals remove stress and worry for sellers.

As if there isn’t enough for sellers to worry about when they decide to sell their home, some of them needlessly worry about things that their real estate professional FULL STORY->

Skip the Pool and Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis With a Beach-Style Pond

To pool or not to pool? That’s the question a lot of us start asking ourselves this time of year. Escaping the heat, having a built-in recreation and play zone for the family…it all sounds very inviting, no?

But have you ever thought about turning your backyard into a beach instead? You might now.

There are a number of companies that will design and build backyard ponds for homeowners all over the country, but Zydeco Construction’s ponds go a step beyond the FULL STORY->

7 Packing Mistakes You’re Making

Moving is a drag—there’s no way getting around it. But there are ways to make your move a whole lot easier, and it starts with packing. 

Here are ten moving mistakes you may be making—and how to avoid them. 

1. You figure you can pack everything in a few days

Begin with a plan—and start packing weeks in advance, especially if you have a lot of stuff. But before you just start piling things into boxes, spend the time up FULL STORY->

VA Closing Costs: Seller Paid or Buyer Paid?

For those who are eligible for a VA home loan, it’s really quite the program. It’s one of the few home loans that do not require a down payment, probably its biggest feature. But in addition to no down payment, there is no monthly mortgage insurance payment. This increases buying power. Other loan programs with a low down payment ask for monthly mortgage insurance, both for government-backed programs like FHA and USDA but also for conventional loans.

Those who are FULL STORY->

Can I Put Cameras in My Vacation Rental? Keeping Your Property Safe Without Violating Guest Privacy

The use of hidden surveillance cameras inside vacation rentals has been in the news lately. No one wants to show up to a luxury home rental and worry that they are being spied-upon. Some Airbnb hosts have even been removed from the for violating the company’s policy, and TurnKey has a very strict policy in place as well. While I understand the desire of owners to protect their properties, the importance of guest privacy is not only the law, but also common sense. Is there a FULL STORY->

Mortgage Rates
Averages as of July 2019:

30 yr. fixed: 3.73%
15 yr. fixed: 3.16%
5/1 yr. adj: 3.39%

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