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Three Needless Seller Worries

Starting with the initial decision to sell, worry is often a major issue for sellers; however, once a listing agreement is signed, sellers are no longer alone with their worries. PJ Wade explains Three Needless Worries and how real estate professionals remove stress and worry for sellers.


Where Are the Best Places to Own an Airbnb? It Depends on the Revenue, and the Rules

Count Los Angeles as the latest city to impose new restrictions on Airbnb rentals. Owners must now register their property with the city and also pay a fee of $89.

In addition, “Hosts can only register one property with the city at a time and the property must be their primary residence (where they live at least six months out of the year),” said Curbed. “Rentals are limited to a 120-day annual cap, and rent-stabilized units are no longer allowed to be used for home-sharing—even if the host owns the unit.”


Six Creative Ways to Drum up Interest in Your Home

A perfectly updated home at the right price in a highly coveted neighborhood may sell right away, but what about the rest of the homes that hit the market? You should be able to depend on a well-connected, experienced real estate agent to create a solid marketing plan, network with fellow agents, and hold open houses. But is there something you might be able to do to help get your home sold? There sure is.


Smart Tips to Pay Your Mortgage off Early

New data shows that nearly 40 percent of all homes in the United States are owned free and clear, with “the highest share” in West Virginia at 54%,” said Bloomberg. “Maryland and the District of Columbia were on the other end of the spectrum with rates of 27% and 24%, respectively.”


How to Calculate Your Average Moving Costs

According to a Dallas moving company, moving can be one of the most joyous and stressful things that you take part in. You are either one of those types of people who love being in a new place and redecorating spaces. Or, you utterly despise the moving process and avoid doing it as much as possible. Moving is not just about packing up all your belongings and choosing the right place to live. It’s also about budgeting and ensuring you are prepared to handle all the costs FULL STORY->

Developing Real Estate by Realizing Health and Wellness

To develop real estate is to realize an idea, to strive toward an ideal. Be it breaking land or building houses, be it housing the homeless or helping families turn houses into homes, be it creating a community for families or strengthening a family of communities, the real estate developer is a person of a vision. 

A man of resilience, a woman of courage, a real estate developer sees opportunities. He or she seizes the opportunity to personalize the skyline—to FULL STORY->

How Technology Can Give You the Edge in Real Estate & Mortgages

Technology touches every part of our lives, and there is virtually no industry that hasn't been touched by changes in technology the last 20 or 30 years. Real estate is no exception, and that goes for both sides of the transaction! From how a buyer can shop for mortgages to seeing how real estate is researched, bought, and sold on the realtor side. This offers more options than ever for finding the best deal on the best property for your specific needs, but it can also be a touch FULL STORY->

Startup 'Rent the Backyard' Is Here to Make You Some Money and Solve the Affordability Issue

Your backyard. It’s just sitting there. Doing nothing. Sooooo lazy.

Wouldn’t you love a backyard that actually did something? How about one that can make money for you? That’s the idea behind Rent the Backyard. Or, part of the idea anyway. The other, much more important part is how this new company can help address a lack of affordability in the real estate market, especially since the company is located in the Bay Area, home to some of the most expensive FULL STORY->

Why This Might Be the Time to Buy a Condo

Is a condo in the cards for you? Or have you crossed it off your list because it’s too hard to get a decent loan? We have some good news. 

New guidelines from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) means more homebuyers may be eligible for a government-backed mortgage. That could mean a lower down payment and easier qualifying than what is required for conventional loans for condos. 

“The federal agency released new guidelines Wednesday for FULL STORY->

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