February 2024
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5 Steps For An Easy And Impactful Kitchen Makeover

Renovating a kitchen can be a huge expense, and a huge hassle, but you can get a brand-new feel at a fraction of the average cost. That means forgoing major structural, plumbing, or electrical changes and concentrating on fixtures, finishes, and fanciful details.

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If you just don't have the money for quartz but you want a sleeker look, The Spruce has several ideas for covering over your existing countertops with everything from paint to paper. We love this concrete look that was achieved for just $200 by pouring Level Quick Concrete right over tile counters!


One word: Paint. A dingy, dark, or outdated kitchen can be transformed with this one task. You can read a thousand different articles that discuss DIY versus hiring a pro, but all you really need to ask yourself is this: Are you up for the challenge?

The truth is, painting your kitchen cabinets is tedious and will test your patience. You will want to give up - more than once - and you will question your sanity a few times, too. But if you can get through it while maintaining a good technique and resisting the urge to cut corners, you'll have cabinets that will make you proud every day you live in the home, and that will also add value. If you do choose to hire someone to do the painting (and we can't say we blame you), be prepared to pay a premium. You can always find a deal, but when it comes to something as important as kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure you get someone who really knows what they're doing.


Does your kitchen lighting fade into the background or stand out for all the wrong reasons? That's easy to fix. A new chandelier over your kitchen table will freshen up the whole space. Add pendants over your island or sink to bring in a modern touch that will also add function.


Cabinet hardware is highly underrated and requires only a small dollar commitment to make a big impact. Gold tones have made their way back into style and kitchen cabinet hardware is a great way to express this trend because when you tire of it, you can just unscrew and replace! If you're worried about the gold or brass hardware clashing with your silver-tone faucet and stainless steel appliances, don't be. Mixed metals are all the rage now.


The good thing about kitchen flooring is that, even if you don't have the money to redo it, you can just cover it with a decorative rug. But, if you are looking to use a little sweat equity to create a floor you can more than stand to look at, we love this painted stencil technique. "In order to avoid the hassle of ripping out existing floor and the high cost of real tiles, you CAN achieve a similar look by painting your tile floors that only LOOK expensive," said Royal Design Studio Stencils. For a couple hundred dollars, you can get the look of a pricey Moroccan tiled floor and create a showstopper instead of an eyesore.

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