Tony Camarra
June 2024

Rules for Halloween Décor When Selling Your House

Come the first of October, we start pulling all the ghosts and goblins and bats and skeletons out of storage and stocking up on pumpkins and gourds. Who’s with us?

After a long, hot summer, the arrival of fall and everyone’s favorite candy-hoarding holiday is a welcome gift.

But if you’re getting ready to sell your home, all that décor could get in the way, and be a distraction for buyers instead of a delight. Taking a more measured approach is key; these tips will help.

Don't overdo it

You’re excited about Halloween. We get it. And you’re not alone. Last year, Americans spent $9 billion on Halloween, of which $2.7 billion was spent on decorations. This year, you don’t have to put out every one of your Halloween-themed items. “You don’t want the decorations to detract from features of the house,” Kevin Lawton, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Schiavone & Associates in Bordentown, New Jersey, told Homelight.

Consider your existing décor style and color story

If you’re planning to extend your Halloween décor into the interior of your home, be mindful of the colors you bring in. Yes, you could load up on orange pumpkins, or you can purchase faux pumpkins in navy blue and emerald green velvet to match what you already have going on. 

Keep safety in mind

If people are going to be walking from the street to your home, you want to make sure it’s clear of hazards. Safety first. Always. Keep the walk in front of and to your home clean and debris-free. Make sure the walkway is well lighted to avoid accidents.

Limit the inflatables

Yes, your giant Halloween-themed Snoopy inflatable is adorable. But it might be best to keep it packed away in the garage this year. Unless you live in a neighborhood where most or all of the houses go all out for Halloween and your place will stand out for all the wrong reasons if you DON’T cover the lawn with blow-up stuff, it’s probably best to go a little tamer this year. (And if you do happen to live in that exuberant neighborhood that warrants a parade of inflatables, be sure to keep them inflated all day. You don't want people driving by or coming for showings with a limp Snoopy spread out on the lawn.) You also want to make sure that your “For Sale” sign is still easily visible no matter what kind of decorations you use. 

Do a day-after check

That perfect curb appeal may take a hit on Halloween, so be sure to take a few minutes to look around the perimeter of your home before you leave for work on November 1. 

“The day after the decorations go down, check your property for trash, trampled flowers and stray candy,” said Revival Property Group. “Freshen your landscape again by trimming bushes, raking leaves, washing the driveway and adding a beautiful autumn wreath on your front door.”

Keep an eye on those pumpkins

Like we said, there are so many ways to decorate with faux pumpkins these days. But if you insist on the real deal, make sure you check them every couple of days to make sure they aren’t going bad and haven’t turned into critter food. 


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