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How To Find A Work-Life Balance As A Real Estate Agent

In the real estate industry, it seems to be a given that you work long and unsociable hours, and people seem to just accept it. With modern technology enabling constant communication, it can be hard to get away from persistent bombardment from clients and other agents. Yet, there is more to life than work. Whilst you have chosen a demanding career path, it is important to know how to set boundaries in order to live your life as you want to outside of work. So, here are a few things you can do to create a clearer distinction between your work and home lives. 

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Set Clear Working Hours Each Week 

The best way to give yourself valuable time outside of work is to set yourself clear working hours each week. Although you might have to swap a few things around in order to fit in showings or meetings, going into the week with an idea of the hours you will be working will help you to stick to a reasonable schedule. 

Start by setting yourself office hours that you can give out on business cards for potential clients and make sure you stick to them each week. This will mean you will have a chance to catch up on any admin work that needs doing and it will also prevent random people calling you whenever they want! 

Then, you might need to give out another number to colleagues and clients. I would recommend having a work phone as well as your personal phone to help keep things separate. You could tell your clients they can call you whenever they need, or you could tell them that it is best to reach you between 8am and 7pm, although you are happy to accept their call for something urgent outside of those hours. This will provide a boundary that is suitable for the industry, as unfortunately you may need to accept calls at unsociable times! 

Prioritise Your Time 

There will always be something more you could be doing when it comes to real estate, so a good way to know how to draw the line is by prioritising the tasks you need to do. When you start work each day, write down the tasks that are urgent, the tasks that are important and ongoing tasks that can wait. This is a good excuse to do a bit of colour coding, too...

This way, you will make sure you are getting the important stuff done and you may also have a chance to complete a few additional things, but you will have a better idea of where to draw the line. You can go home feeling pleased that all the essential things are finished, helping you to relax.

Give Yourself Some ‘Me’ Time

Just as you will plan important meetings or viewings in advance, you should be planning your ‘me’ time. It is crucial that you take time to do things you enjoy in your week in order to protect your wellbeing, which will help you to perform better at work. 

Maybe you love exercising so you go to a running club or yoga class two mornings a week. Perhaps you like to spend time researching something that interests you, like finding out the newest fashion trends of the season or the vital role that women played in the development of things like telescopes, multivitamins or life rafts hundreds of years ago. If you’re an art lover, book sessions once or twice a week at your local craft or art centre. For those of you who love travelling, plan a few trips at the start of the year that you can look forward to. Whatever it is that you enjoy, make sure it is regularly implemented into your life. 

Plan Family and Friends Time In Advance

Just like you will plan some time for yourself, you must make a conscious effort to see family and friends. Although your loved ones say they don’t mind when you have to cancel at the last minute for work commitments, it will get draining for them.

So, each week contact your friends and family and organise to see them. If anything comes up for work, you simply say ‘I can’t make that I’m afraid’ or ‘I know I can’t do that time, but I am available at…’. There is no need to say why you aren’t free, and if someone is nosey enough to ask, tell them it is a personal matter. Putting the needs of your family and friends above your clients is important sometimes. 

Final Thoughts

Work is obviously a big part of your life, especially as an estate agent, yet you must prioritise your personal life sometimes. Set yourself clear working hours, prioritise your work, get used to setting aside time for yourself and show your loved ones what they mean to you. It is possible to find a good balance, even in the real estate industry! 

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