Tony Camarra
December 2023

Pulling Off Granny Chic Décor Style

Granny chic décor style isn’t necessarily new, but it does remain incredibly popular right now. You probably never thought you’d be trying to make your house look like your grandma’s, but here we are. Sometimes also called grandmillennial, what this style is all about is combining old and new.

It’s sometimes a tricky design style because it can be too overdone or not done enough.

The following are some tips and things to know about this particular style of décor and interior design.

The Core Features

When you want a grandmillennial or granny chic home, think about that unique juxtaposition that can happen between old and new.

Some of the things to remember are patterns, light, texture, and memories. That might mean stacks of old books, family photos or vacation photos in mismatched frames, or floral prints on the wall.

Chintz fabric, cane and rattan furniture, pink tile, and fringe are all some favorites.

Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback in a significant way. With peel and stick options, it’s easy to apply and change out if you want to. Wallpaper is one of the best ways to create granny chic style. Think bold floral patterns or chinoiserie, for example.

Combining Patterns

In the past few years, interior design was very simple. It was more inspired by Scandinavian elements, with minimal color or patterns involved.

Granny chic turns that all on its head.

Patterns are perfect here. You can use plaid, again florals, and toile. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, but if you’re worried about it being too busy, then maybe you coordinate the color palette to avoid that.

Go All Out With the Accessories

Again, granny chic certainly doesn’t borrow from minimalism design. Instead, your surfaces, like tabletops and shelves, should be covered with knick-knacks, accessories, vases, and fresh flowers. You might use candles, silver or brass frames, and plenty of art too.

If you have heirlooms that have meaning to you from your family or your life, even better.

Vintage Pieces

One of the many compelling things that you can enjoy with a granny chic design style is the combination of old and new that we mentioned above, meaning that you can shop for vintage items, go through your own garage, or ask relatives if they have things they want to get rid of. Have fun spending time at flea markets and yard sales as you curate your perfect space.

Re-using items rather than buying new isn’t just going to make your grandma design dreams come true—it’s also more sustainable.

There’s a spirit to grandma chic design that can separate it from other types of vintage design. For example, some people feel that having their home reflect this style is an homage to old Americana or classic pastimes. There’s a sense of revelry in the past, even as the world changes around us. That can be comforting to many people.

A grandma design style is quaint, cozy, and homey, but you don’t want to over-decorate or do too much to the point that it becomes tacky or overwhelming.

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