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April 2024

Seven Ways to Ace a Minimalist Home Décor

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of minimalism. What started in the early 1960s as an art movement has since become a popular lifestyle choice.  

Minimalism in interior design is all about emphasizing utility. A minimalist home is intentional, with muted colors and limited objects. The end goal is to showcase the essentials in a chic and organized atmosphere. 

Does this sound easy enough? Think again. Acing the minimalist décor isn’t a cakewalk. You’ll need quite a bit of brainwork to pick items that are both eye-catching and functional. Add to that the stress of decluttering your entire home, and you have yourself a redecorating nightmare.  

That said, creating a minimalist home isn’t impossible. If a minimalist space has been on your wishlist for long, here are seven ways you can do it justice.  

1. Starting with Furniture  

Choosing minimalist furniture is tricky because you have fewer pieces to work with. So, you need to weigh your options carefully before adding anything to your living space. 

As a rule of thumb, look for items that are timeless and interesting. Simplistic furniture with clean, hard lines is ideal for minimalist homes.  

While we’re on the subject, cabinets are a must-have in minimalist décor. They provide more concealed space for you to stow away stuff, ensuring clutter control. Think pristine white Shaker cabinets with little to no design.  

The choices don’t end there. In case you want something with a little more character, you can always opt for customized cabinet arrangements tailored to your requirements. 

2. Experimenting with Negative Space 

Not every inch of your home needs furnishing. Leaving empty spaces in a room can make it breathable, airy, and light, generating an overall sense of tranquility.  

Try this on for size by starting with one large clear flat surface (such as your kitchen countertop), one bare wall, and clean floors. Sit in the space and see how it feels. Remember that the more you experiment, the easier it’ll be for you to find the right look for your home. 

If you feel the need to decorate your negative space, add simple touches like indoor plants or framed artwork. This should amplify the coziness while still maintaining an understated aesthetic.  

3. Adding Accent Decorations 

Switching to a minimalist décor does not mean you cannot have fun with colors. Using accent shades, furniture, or artwork can help you keep the place dynamic without overwhelming your home. 

As the name implies, an accent is anything that stands out against the rest of the décor. For example, a brightly colored table in the middle of an all-white living room is an accent piece. Likewise, a large portrait on a bare wall serves as an accent. 

When picking accents for your home, try sticking to one or two pieces per room. You want to draw attention to the space without jeopardizing its serenity. From a minimalist point of view, a single large item is far better than multiple smaller pieces.  

4. Playing with Neutral Colors 

Although you may have a splash of color in a minimalist room, a major part of the space should still be plain and muted. But why are minimalists so obsessed with light colors? 

For starters, pastel/neutral hues can make any space look bigger. They also reflect more light, creating a brighter environment.  

While white is by far the color of choice for most minimalists, you also have shades like grey and beige to pick from. 

A smart way to make the colors in your room flow is to pick a solid base color and build on it. Make sure that all other colors complement the base shade. For example, for elegant white walls, you can go with marble countertops and pearl-white upholstery, among other things.  

5. Minding the Lighting  

There’s a fine line between an elegant minimalist home and a bleak, uncharacteristic one. You can avoid falling into the second category by paying attention to your lighting choices.  

Fortunately, modern light fixtures come in a ton of fun shapes and sizes. Get hold of a statement chandelier or pendant lamp to jazz up the place. Don’t be afraid to select something a little more out-of-the-ordinary for your dining room or kitchen area. 

For concrete ceilings, use drop-down lighting panels for that all-around soft, natural glow. LED cover lights should do the trick just as well.  

6. Adding Patterns Wisely 

Most minimalists do away with patterns altogether. In case you decide on keeping them, go with something that’s tone-to-tone, unobtrusive, and simple. Also, try to use patterns on a smaller scale.  

A few patterned throw pillows and curtains can break the monotony of your room, but be sure to balance them out with a lot of empty space. Moreover, you can hardly go wrong with a patterned carpet for the center of your room.  

7. Committing to Decluttering 

Decluttering is probably the most important step to achieving a minimalist home. Since minimalism advocates the ‘less is more’ mindset, you need to get rid of items that don’t serve a purpose. If you have two of the same things, toss one out. If there’s an outfit you haven’t worn in years, give it away. Sure, it’s tough to let go of stuff, but the whole point of minimalism is to live with less.  

Once you’re done cleaning out your home, it’s time to think about storage. In this regard, everything can act as storage space if you’re creative enough. Invest in an ottoman for your dresser to hide smaller items. Install some tasteful shelves on a bare wall to display a few books. The possibilities are endless! 

Wrapping Up 

Minimalist décor can work wonders for your mental well-being. It’s the easiest way to create a stress-free space to help you unwind after a hard day. Hopefully, these seven tips will help you bring your dream minimalist home alive in no time! 

Riley Swanson is a lifestyle blogger, passionate about food, fashion, home improvement, and traveling. She is also an avid traveler and shares her traveling experiences in her blog Riley+Christian Travel.

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