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Styling the Most Welcoming Guest Room

Your guest room is a part of your home you want to be a welcoming oasis for everyone who comes to visit, for a night or even longer. A hotel-like guestroom experience will ensure your friends and family feel comfy, cozy, and like they’re important and special to you.

The following are tips to get that perfect guest room design in your home.

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It’s All About the Bedding

If you splurge on anything in your guestroom, make it the bedding. Think about what makes a hotel visit feel so special for you, and try to replicate those things.  

One big one is probably how comfy the bed is.

When you’re away from home, there's nothing better than sinking into fresh, sumptuous sheets and bedding that makes you feel like you’re on a cloud, so why not create an oasis for your guests?

Dress the bed in layers. This looks decadent and inviting, but it lets your guests customize the number of covers they want to use, depending on whether they sleep hot or cold.

Lighter colors for your bedding feel freshest, so think about neutrals like whites and creams, or perhaps light gray.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your major pieces neutral in your guestroom.

The guestroom bedding isn’t getting as much use as the items in your other bedrooms, so you might be able to splurge a bit, knowing you can get years of potential use out of it.

Provide not only pillows on the bed but a few different other sleeping pillow options stashed away. Some guests like a full pillow, while others prefer something that’s a bit flatter.

While a few decorative pillows are a nice touch, especially for layering, don’t go overboard because it can start to feel cluttered, particularly if your guest room is small. If the pillows are on the floor while your guests are sleeping, they may have to navigate around them.

Put the Essentials in Reach

Think about some of the things you need as essentials when traveling. For example, a clock, some tissues, and a USB cord or outlet are all things you should keep handy and within reach of the bed. You don’t want your guests to feel like they’re doing acrobatics by plugging in their phones to charge for the night.

Lamps with built-in USB outlets are a great option too.

It’s also a nice touch to stock a guestroom with toiletries. For example, packets of Tylenol or Advil, shampoo and conditioner, body wash and toothpaste, and a toothbrush are all nice when staying at someone else’s house.

You can also add a little basket of snacks or hot tea so your guests don’t have to feel like they’re bothering you if they’d like a treat at night.

Go for Symmetry

Sometimes, it can make more sense in a guestroom to do two smaller beds rather than a bigger bed, depending on who typically comes to stay with you. Two small beds create a visually symmetrical space that’s appealing, and it’s going to give you more versatility in how you host people overnight.

Avoid Clutter

One deterrent to getting a restful night’s sleep is clutter. You want to make your guestroom clean and simple, without clutter. You don’t have to add clutter to create feelings of warmth.

Plus, you want your guests to feel like they have space to unpack and spread out when they’re staying with you.

Finally, if someone’s coming to stay with you, never underestimate the value of fresh flowers in the room. It’s an instant mood-lifting, and having fresh flowers shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to welcome your guests.

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