Vickie Gallimore
March 2024

6 of the Most Popular Interior Design Styles

There are so many different interior design styles that it can quickly become overwhelming to figure out what’s right for you. Whether you’re redesigning your current home or planning to buy a new one, how do you know what your style is?

For some people, there isn’t one particular design style that fits their lifestyle and aesthetic, but at least by understanding some of the basics, you’re prepared to start designing your home.

The following are six of the most popular and loved design styles for interiors right now.

1. Transitional

Transitional interior design is arguably the most popular because it brings together things people love about traditional and modern styles. It doesn’t go too far in either direction. Transitional style can give a homeowner a sense of elegance that we tend to associate with traditional style, but you can also combine more modern, contemporary lines and textures.

The primary focus of transitional design is on the furniture itself and your textiles, rather than having a lot of accessories.

There’s also a good balance between masculine and feminine in transitional design.

2. Modern

Modern is not the same as contemporary. Modern design is a particular time period, but when we’re talking about contemporary design, it’s always evolving.

Modern design first rose to significance in the mid-20th century.

In modern design, the furnishings have clean lines, and the surfaces are smooth and sleek. The décor is minimal, and if you are going to accessorize, it’s typically through art. For example, a bold piece of art might hang in an otherwise neutral room.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary design style is a term that can refer to anything that’s current. As a result, this design style is very fluid, and it‘s always changing and evolving.

Typically, in contemporary design, the spaces are simple and sleek. The rooms are light, and airy and usually have neutral color palettes.

4. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century interiors came from post-war America in the 1950s and 60s. The design industry was moving beyond the traditional at this time and forging ahead into a new modern era. The design style remains popular today.

Mid-century modern design focuses on flow and the use of rich natural woods like teak and walnut.

Color palettes include greens and yellows in many cases.

There’s also seamlessness between indoor and outdoor living in the mid-century modern design we see today.

5. Modern Farmhouse

Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame might be the person to credit with the massive popularity of the modern farmhouse style right now. Modern farmhouse style takes traditional farm style and mixes it with modern, unexpected elements.

There’s often a focus on using mixed metals, raw wood elements, and greenery. The color palettes are usually neutral, and when color is introduced, it’s often inspired by nature. For example, you might see shades of navy or sage green in modern farmhouse designs.

6. Scandinavian

Finally, the Scandinavian design is airy, organic, and light. The wood tones are ashy, the spaces are relaxed and inviting, and fairly minimal.

You feel cozy in a Scandinavian space, which is one of the things that can set it apart a bit from other modern or minimalist design concepts.

The walls are often white, and the textiles and inviting.

There’s also the Danish concept of hygge that’s important. That includes layered fabrics, clean lines, and, again, wonderful textures.

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