Vickie Gallimore
December 2023

How To Pick Out a Great Loan Officer

There are lots of loan officers out there. Lots of them. So if you have so many from which to choose, how do you identify the best ones? Not all of them will be first class. Some are good, some are simply competent and some are really, really great. How do you make sure you get one of those really, really great loan officers?

One way is to pick from one of the loan officers referred to you by your real estate agent. Mortgage loan officers know that real estate agents are a gold mine when it comes to referrals. After all, they're into the buying and selling of homes every single day. 

One main thing these agents want out of their loan officers is trust. They trust that the loan officer will close their deal on time, every time. They also appreciate the times when told upfront that a particular potential buyer might have a few bumps in the road and is not quite yet in a position to buy. Loan officers referred to you by your agent have earned that trust by making sure their deals make it across the finish line.

Another way is to find out how long an individual has been in the mortgage business. The thing about the mortgage business is that if you're not very good at it, eventually you'll have to find some other type of work. This isn't to say that newer loan officers aren't any good, it's just that they've yet to prove  they're value over time. Heck, I thought I was good when I first started in the business but frankly understood that other loan officers who have been working the loan business for 10-20 years have been able to weather multiple storms. 

You might also want to check with family and friends for some referrals. If they get great reviews, it's a good place to start.

Finally, the loan officer who touts the absolute best rates may not be the best pick if the loan officer can't get the deal to the closing table. Low rates are great but if the loan officer can't close the loan, the rate quote is meaningless. Rates are certainly a factor but not the only one. The experienced loan officer can know what to do if a deal is about to go sideways. Experience matters.

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