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December 2023
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Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2023

With a new year comes new plans for your home. People are increasingly thinking about ways to stay in their homes because of high interest rates but make them more livable and in line with their needs.

A kitchen redesign is one of the most desirable home projects for many people.

With that in mind, the following are some of the biggest kitchen design trends to keep an eye on right now.

Smart Technology

The evolution of smart technology is impressive, and the integration of this technology in kitchens is likely to increase and expand in 2023. For example, appliances connected to Wi-Fi that are voice-activated will be a big trend, and smart faucets that are touchless will be as well.

The benefit of smart kitchens includes not only convenience but also the fact that they can save energy. Most smart appliances are more energy-efficient than their traditional predecessors.

The Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry isn’t a new concept, but it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity. You’ll also hear these called a functional or working pantry, and they’re a place where you can add more storage or have a space dedicated to food prep. Creative homeowners also opt to use them as hidden coffee or beverage bars.

Homeowners can conceal their butler’s pantry between a hidden sliding wall.

Using a Slab Backsplash

For years, tile backsplashes, especially the subway tile backsplash, were incredibly popular with homeowners, but now what’s more in favor is the slab backsplash, which is large-scale and sleek.

Using a slab backsplash means making it from one big piece of continuous material. You can opt to match it to your countertops or use something that contrasts in design or color if you want your backsplash to be a statement piece and focal point.

You can use materials like quartz, marble, or granite for a slab backsplash, but you’re certainly not limited to those materials.

Designers report that some homeowners are requesting a slab backsplash that will go all the way up to their ceiling and around their range hood. If you go with this style, you might avoid having upper cabinets altogether so that the stone takes center stage.

The concept of a slab backsplash is rooted in functionality as much as style. If you carry your countertop up, it’s seamless and easy to clean since you don’t have grout lines.

Islands for Dining

Your kitchen island can become a place for entertaining and dining; you might use it instead of a formal dining room.

A double kitchen island can make for a perfect entertaining space, so it’s incredibly popular now.

Another kitchen trend related to the island is reimagining it altogether and using a large vintage table. Table islands are being integrated at table height and counter height.

Warm and Organic Elements

Finally, white will probably never go out of style entirely for a kitchen. Still, some people also use more and significantly warmer colors instead of white or gray. Organic colors with warmth are popular, such as earth tones.

Even when someone is using white and gray in their kitchen, they are warming up the tones of those as well.

There’s some return to dark stained wood cabinetry in the current kitchen design with an organic, earthy feel.

Other colors are popular in kitchens, especially cabinetry, including blues and greens, saffron and shades of mauve.

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