Tony Camarra
December 2023

The Newest TikTok Trend is “Dopamine Décor”

TikTok is known as the birthplace of most trends that have become popular, and one of the newest relates to home décor. It’s called dopamine décor or decorating, meant to spark joy and boost your mood. It makes sense because our surroundings can play a big role in our mental health and how we feel at any given time.

So what exactly does dopamine décor entail?

The dopamine interior design style contrasts starkly with minimalist styles that are often sought-after.

Dopamine décor, which seeks to boost your production of the feel-good neurotransmitter, is about creating spaces that are joyful and fun and also full of color, even if they don’t match or wouldn’t traditionally be combined. Dopamine décor can break design rules because it’s about how you feel individually in space.

Key features of this design style include bright colors that fill every interior surface, wallpapers with bold patterns, vintage furniture, and, overall, lots of visual interest and excitement.

Thousands of people have been liking and sharing videos on TikTok of their own approach to dopamine décor.

If it sounds a little wacky, it’s worth considering how you feel when you walk into a room and feel it shift your energy. That might be a pleasant shift that you experience, but some environments can dampen our mood and energy, like bland, fluorescent-illuminated office spaces.

The concept of dopamine decorating rose to popularity in response to the pandemic. People were trying to escape and found that thinking outside the box with their design was helping them do that when they were at home, perhaps more than ever.

Around six million people have used the #dopaminedecor hashtag on TikTok, so how can you achieve a mood-boosting design in your home?

You can put your spin on it, but some of the key features that we see on social media with dopamine décor include:

  • Lots of curved lines. Straight lines are characteristic of minimalism, so it makes sense that on the very opposite end of the spectrum are the use of curvy or wavy lines that evoke a sense of whimsy and fun.
  • Bright colors are a staple in dopamine décor, and you don’t have to worry about them coordinating, because anything goes as long as it makes you feel good.
  • Statement seating, like fuzzy sherpa chairs, is great for dopamine décor.
  • Make your floors a place to showcase your style. Rugs with distinctive patterns and colors are a way to put art on your floor so it’s all around you.
  • The joy we experience stems from all our senses being stimulated, so you want to create spaces that feel good, smell good and sound good, and look bright and cheery.


The idea of designing a space that makes you feel good isn’t necessarily new, but this is the first time it’s been given a name thanks to its TikTok popularity.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with this trend, remember that your dopamine-creating décor doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s. If you have a collection of items that you love, showcase them. Use it in your home design if your favorite color is loud and out-of-the-ordinary. Have favorite patterns that you wouldn’t necessarily think to use in your décor? Use them anyway.

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