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November 2019
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Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Are you kidding me?!

Another “what’s my home worth” website.  Put me to sleep already.

If you’ve been following me for any time, you know I keep on the cutting edge of real estate tech so that you benefit by becoming a more powerful buyer, seller or just well informed homeowner.  So, what can I do that no other algorithm can do?  How about this!?  Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know just how many buyers are searching for homes right now matching your home’s characteristics?  And imagine this … since I can accomplish this service for you, do you think maybe I might know who those buyers are?  [Hint: The answer is yes]  So when it comes time to sell, who are you going to hire?  That agent that is flailing away randomly advertising in magazines or social media or whatever the heck they’re doing not knowing who or what they’re targeting, or a broker, like me, that will focus marketing on exactly the right audience thus increasing demand making your home sell with less stress to you and for more money for you?  Let’s talk about it.  Contact me so that I can send you the link so you can find out right now how many buyers are searching for a home like yours today.  Click the image below to start the process it will take just a few secconds




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