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5 Reasons Renting Through A Letting Agent Makes Perfect Sense For Landlords

Written by Posted On Monday, 17 July 2017 10:13
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Many landlords would not rent any other way, and yet some prefer to go it alone, so we take a look at just why using a letting agent does make perfect sense for most landlords.

We spoke to Gloucestershire Letting Agent Alex Clark, to look at the main reasons why using a letting agent, such as themselves, for their landlords is simply the only thing to do. After working in the area for many years, they have established themselves as one of the key property management companies in the county, working with hundreds of landlords and tenants in both Gloucester and Cheltenham.

During the interview, we covered 5 key reasons why renting through a letting agent is the only way to go, and we cover in these in more detail below.

Local Knowledge

Using a local letting agent that is not only established but also recommended means you will be tapping into a wealth of local knowledge, from knowing the best areas to invest in, through to knowing the likely income your property is going to receive. This knowledge is so important on so many fronts, but from an investors point of view it makes perfect sense to consult a letting agent prior to buying a property, or, if you already own it, to find out what more you can do to receive an improved rental income for the rental.

Industry Expertise

Alongside location information, your chosen letting agent should be experienced, successful and know their industry inside out, and as such, you will have access to a wealth of information and guidance, something that is so important even for the most experienced landlord. From knowing what to do if things go wrong, through to dealing with any legal or insurance issues, a decent letting agent will be on your side to make sure everything is ok.

Time And Money Savers

Whilst you will be paying a monthly or yearly management fee, using a local letting agent seriously is the best thing you can do in terms of actually saving money, and not only this, but also time. Yes, you might be paying a fee, but think about how much time you save, how much work you won’t have to do and therefore, this lets you get on with what you need to do. No worry, no problems, your letting agent should save you a wealth of time and when you think about it, this will save you money as well, even things like getting repairs completed much cheaper than if you were to source your own people.

Tenant And Landlord Support

Even though a letting agency is of course a business, it is in their interests to keep you, the landlord happy, and to also make sure the tenant is happy and supported, as the longer the tenant stays in your property, the easier life is for everyone. Therefore, they will act as the middle person in any problems, will handle the payments and will sort pretty much everything you need them to, offering the perfect level of support for both tenants and landlords, aiming to keep everyone happy and working well together.

Marketing Power

And finally, if you need a tenant and try to hunt around locally, with adverts in the newspapers, cards in supermarket windows and asking everyone you know, this is not only a complete nuisance in terms of the time it takes, but you will never really know your tenant that well. A letting agent will have a list of people waiting, and also can make use of the marketing power of both online and offline platforms to make sure your property is tenanted quickly, efficiently, and of course, correctly.

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