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Finding a Commercial Roofing Contractor in Dallas

Written by Posted On Friday, 21 July 2017 14:53

Are you trying to locate a commercial roofing contractor in the Dallas area?

The information below will help you make sure you find the right one without a massive headache or spending precious hours looking for information.


Why you should hire a commercial roofing contractor for your business?

Residential and business roofs use the same materials for the most part; the business or commercial building roof can be slanted or flat, and it is best to have someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to working on the roof of your business.

Your company provides you income; you must maintain it just like your home roof to keep it structurally sound.


Signs your roof needs a commercial contractor

What are some signs that your business roof needs attention?

- When you can see a storm or hail damage

- Shingles are loose or gone

- You notice brown spots or stains on your ceiling tiles or walls

- You hear dripping on ceiling during rain, especially if you have a flat roof

- If you go to the roof and see standing water or puddles

Any of those signs signal it is time for a roof inspection; although, you should have the roof checked at least once a year if not twice depending on the climate you live. Winter climate where you have a lot of snow can be hard on commercial building roofs.


Types of Commercial roofs we work on

We work on commercial roofs both flat and sloped systems;

- Asphalt

- Tar

- Gravel

- Rubber

- Tile


What our company offers you in a commercial roofing contractor?

Current Roofing offers you 15 years of professional experience in roofing with one goal in mind “Do it right and provide excellent customer service when it comes to our work.”

We have nine roofing crews, so you never have to worry that you will not see your team for weeks on end once they start the job.

We are local; we are licensed, and have proper insurance and are certainly willing to show you our credentials.

You also have our warranty on artistry.

Another benefit of our company is we will work with your insurance adjuster to help maximize the amount your claim pays for storm damage, fire, or types of insurance claims on your building’s roof.

If you are searching for a local commercial roofing contractor act now; contact us today to set up a free inspection.

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