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Right Functions for The Right Kitchen

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 08 August 2017 14:36

Well, usually kitchen is the best and the most requiring room in the house to invest in. and the owners of the apartment start looking for proper information about upgrades, what to spend money for, which product is eco-friendly, etc.


That’s why we have prepared some tips for you about features for custom kitchens.

So, first of all kitchen is impossible without a countertop.




Cement  countertops

(or concrete ones) are quite light, durable, and the best option if you are within budget. Concrete countertops (as it is shown on Concrete Counter Top website demand low maintenance, it is very easy to clean them. Concrete is water and high temperature resistant.


Marble countertops

lots of patterns and colors beauty. Non-porous material, it is stain, chips and mildew resistant. Not as expensive as granite, it is still a bit more expensive than laminate.


Granite countertops

a natural stone, various colors and patterns. Resistant to almost all chemicals, stains, hot temperatures if sealed properly. But, at the same time, it is the most expensive material.




White color

if speak about appliances has always been for traditional homes. But if a designer who works for you keeps a clear head on his shoulders, then white appliances will be chosen correctly and never go out-of-date.


Always stylish, both classic and modern black color. It perfectly hides stains and spills, and for a contemporary apartment it is an ideal color. But don’t push it too hard. Too much black color in your kitchen or bathroom with black countertops and cabinets will make space dark and not comfortable to be in.


Stainless steel is a one-style-suits-all option. As far as it is incredibly durable, you don’t have to worry about damaging your appliances. The same as with black color, don’t overplay with it, because it may result in too much dark apartment, unless the room is designed in a proper way. There is one “against” about stainless steel – fingerprints are clearly seen on its surface. Of course, soap and water will fix everything, but it’s up to your choice whether to watch and wash constantly, or choose another color.




Green materials


Wood (recycled or reclaimed)

Village or rusty style is easily reached if your furniture is made of reclaimed wood. It looks warm, cozy, stylish because of vintage look and very eco-friendly. If you have more contemporary apartment we’d recommend buying recycled wood furniture. Don’t worry about it being processed in order to look like new. Still such furniture is safe and sustainable.

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