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Safety Rules For Every Woodworker When Making use of the Router

Written by Posted On Thursday, 17 August 2017 11:12

Woodworking can be one of the most amazing and pleasurable experiences. Nevertheless, managing improperly some tools such as a router can have some severe implications. In order to manage woodworking tools safely, you should always abide by all the rules that come with the customer manual. Your workshop should not be a location where you are in a hurry and you should never have the "It will never occur to me" perspective.

Don't Forget to Use Safety Gear Always

One of the most crucial woodworking regulation is to put on the right safety gear in all times. Always put on hearing security for some loud devices such as the router and surface planers. You should also put on latex gloves for the safety of your hands and shatterproof glass for eye defense. Put on the safety equipment when getting in the workshop and do not remove them up until you leave the store. Wear your safety equipment, regardless of how little the task could be. You should also put on proper clothes and prevent anything dangling such as chains, arm bands, and other precious jewelry.

Prevent any kind of intoxication such as alcohol and drugs

Never mix anything intoxicating with routing. If under impact of anything intoxicating, steer clear of from the wood store. It may appear instead safe and typical for the weekend woodworker to take a beer or more while working on a job. Nonetheless, you should prevent the temptation till you are done with your task. You are much safer being sober and tidy when routing than when intoxicated.

Separate the power prior to changing blades or bits

Whenever you intend to alter bits or blades guarantee the electrical power is disconnected. Do not just inspect if the switch is off but you should ensure it is separated because a switch can be activated mistakenly or it might even be non-functional.

Use one extension cable

It is wise to utilize one durable extension code for all your devices in your workshop. By doing this you are constantly forced to switch the cord from one device to the other prior to taking advantage of the device. By so doing, you will always be obliged to connect and disconnect the power when changing between devices. You will also be able to detach power when changing bits and blades

Use sharp little bits and blades.

This could appear noticeable however a blunt reducing tool is dangerous. If a tool is not as sharp as it should be, the woodworker and the tool have to work harder in order to complete a task. This may require the tool to unwind or bind. In addition, a sharp tool delivers a cleaner cut hence there are more advantages with collaborating with a sharp tool.


The woodworking router can be a very helpful device in your workshop yet if you cannot adhere to the safety precautions you could end up incurring damages to oneself and the tool. Follow the safety measures above and you can be secure when doing your routing jobs.

Article source : Nutty DIY

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