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4 Things to Consider in Shower Speakers

Written by Posted On Saturday, 09 September 2017 20:50

Shower speakers are the new trend that is frequently used by people where speakers are installed in the bathrooms and people enjoy music during shower time. These shower speakers come in different ranges and styles. Finding a good and fitting shower is a lot harder to find than it sounds because having an electrical device like shower in the bathroom is a tricky business and the shower speakers need to be waterproof because they are bound to come in contact with water eventually. Also, the speakers need to be sturdy because they are installed mostly in the hand shower and they are bound to fall sometime during the shower.

Factors of good shower speakers:

IPX Rating:

IPX rating is one of the best factor to consider while choosing a shower speaker for the bathroom because they tell the reliability and give a good guarantee for the speakers because in the showers many things can happen to the speakers like the soap getting in it or water falling on it or it may fall.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality of the speakers is the best thing after functionality because if one is not able to enjoy the sound of the speakers then what is the purpose of installing the speakers in the bathroom. The bad sound of a product can make the whole product bad and people would prefer those products that would be functional along with good sound quality.


While buying any waterproof sound speaker, one of the most important things to consider is the battery of the speaker because what is the purpose of the speaker if it has to be charged before every shower. It takes out all the fun of the speakers. The battery of the speakers must be long lasting and should have good standby timing because the main use of the speakers is during the showers and that is only done once or at the most two times a day.


While all other factors are just as important the price of the speakers trumps all because what is the purpose of checking out all the qualities when it is not even affordable. So, looking for an affordable speaker with all the aforementioned qualities is the best choice for bathroom speakers because they turn out the best for everyone.

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